OT: USC sacks Lane Kiffin

Submitted by ixcuincle on September 29th, 2013 at 7:50 AM
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Breaking news: Lane Kiffin has been relieved of his duties as USC's head football coach per AD Pat Haden.

It had to be done. The decline was too much for an alleged historical program like USC. 

Was always wary of the hire, especially when he had only been at Tennessee for one year with mediocre results. 



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Guess this means they have a head start on Texas in their official coaching search. It was just a couple years ago those schools had the top teams in the country, now their teams are a shambles.


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I, like most, thoroughly dislike Kiffin but getting pulled off the team bus to get fired seems completely unprofessional on Pat Hayden's part. Call him into your office early Sunday morning and let him go, don't do it at the freaking airport on the way back to campus.


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USC came out the second and shoved a 3 play 60 yard drive down ASU's face when they needed it to retake the lead 21-20 after a first half where turnovers were key in ASU's lead.  ASU then hit a 75 yard pass right over the middle for a TD and two plays later the USC QB threw a pick 6 and it was over. 


USC had little fight, or rather Kiffin had little fight, no emotion, no energy.  Every image of him the rest of the game was of Lane looking down at his gigantic play chart like he was calling a pop warner game.  Literally that is all he did, he looked like he didn't even give a crap


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You know when people on here get all emotional during Live Blog and say "Fire Borges or Funk or this week's goat - don't  let him come out of the locker room after halftime or ban him from campus".  That's a completely irrational overraction in the heat of the moment.  It would never ever happen in real life, right?

Well, the ESPN ticker just stated Haden made the decision to fire Kiffin during the 3rd quarter of last night's game vs ASU.  Then they pull him off the team bus before it left LAX on the way home last night.  

They didn't even let him make it back to campus.  Let that sink in lol....

The forum trolls of the football world just yelled out in unison "that's how you fire a coach!"


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He will not leave Denver for SC or any other job until this NFL season is over. So if SC wants him which they do, they will have to wait until Feb! FYI


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It had to be done. The decline was too much for an alleged historical program like USC.

Why "alleged"? I don't care for USC but they're certainly one of the great historic programs. They've won 38 conference titles and 11 national titles and have won over 70% of their games. I don't blame their fans at all for being unhappy with Kiffin. Sanctions or not, the team just isn't playing well.


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but he seemed to do a damn good job his first season, just holding the team together and in what seems a bit ironic now, lot his top rb to USC.  Think this was one of the many things overlooked in AA when RR was hired with 65 scholarship players and 22 on the defensive side, or about half the norm.