OT: USC sacks Lane Kiffin

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Breaking news: Lane Kiffin has been relieved of his duties as USC's head football coach per AD Pat Haden.

It had to be done. The decline was too much for an alleged historical program like USC. 

Was always wary of the hire, especially when he had only been at Tennessee for one year with mediocre results. 



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Lane Kiffen, next head coach of the New York Jets.

Seriously, I don't know to whom the man sold his soul, but assuming it's the devil, then give the latter his due:  he keeps finding plum coaching positions for this douchebag, no matter how miserable a head coach he proves himself to be.


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Art Briles at Baylor (I think most Texas fans want him to coach and Brown to be let go),

Chris Peterson at Boise State (Maybe, it is time for him to throw his hat into the ring?),

Gary Patterson at TCU (This guys deserves a bigger gig).

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It was only a matter of time. Kiffin is just a guy who's gotten some jobs he had no right to have in the first place, and I'm sure a good chunk of it was due to him coasting off of his daddy's accomplishments.

But assuming they don't go out and hire another jackass like Kiffin, USC will be relevant, and possibly dominant again within 2 years. They've got the money and resources to go out and hire anyone. Next few months should be pretty interesting

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Their twitter feed is must read stuff right now.


Lane Kiffin got pulled off the team bus at Los Angeles International Airport by Pat Haden when he was fired


I'm told Lane Kiffin told the bus to wait but then administrators told it to go back to campus without him


If you want specifics, Lane Kiffin was fired right outside Landmark Aviation terminal at LAX


I heard Lane Kiffin left his bag on team bus because he thought his meeting with Pat Haden would be brief and routine matter


Lane Kiffin had no idea he was getting fired upon return to Los Angeles this morning


I'm told Lane Kiffin might already be cleaning out office at McKay Center


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I keep hearing people say they'll promote "Special" Ed Orgeron to the HC position, which should help with recruiting.  He's been a top guy everywhere he's been, so that should help stem the tide of lost recruits at least.


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Are recruits really going to sign on for an interim head coach, though? And there's no way that Ogreron is named Kiffin's successor, his one HC gig at Ole Miss was a complete and total trainwreck (that's a bad job, in that the fans expect far more success than Ole Miss has ever achieved historically, but even by Ole Miss's normal standards, he was a terrible coach).


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I was at the game last night and was sitting behind the USC bench.  My wife and were commenting on how disconnected from the team Kiffen seemed.  He had his play sheet and headset, but basically just drifted around the sidelines the whole game.  He didnt seem to interact with his players or assistant coaches.  Honestly, if he wasn't wearing a different shirt than everyone else you would have thought he was a graduate assistant or something. This is just my speculation but it seemed like he knew what was comming before this game started and the blow out loss just sped things up a bit.


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I said it when he was hired and I'll say it again. They hired someone to take the fall when the sanctions were done. He was a good recruiter and it puts the next coach in an excellent position to hit the ground running.


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1. Of course, the first one is who will take the job

2. Why now, is it really a fear of losing recruits? Possibly to a resurgent UCLA?

3. Will he get another job - Bobby Petrino continues to get gigs so it isn't impossible given Kifflin's youth. If he gets another major coaching job soon however it is prima facie evidence of the power of the networking process and/or a Faustian bargain.

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There are going to be people lining up for the job. Candidates already being talked about: James Franklin, Kevin Sumlin, Steve Sarkisian, Chris Petersen, Jeff Fisher, Jack Del Rio, Mike Riley, and Pat Fitzgerald. Like Ohio State, now is the perfect time to take this job. They will be coming off sanctions in a year, and expectations are lowered after the Kiffin era.

I think recruiting is the big reason why this is happening now. Kiffin managed to save most of his 2013 class, but top 2014 West Coast recruits are starting to look at other schools like UCLA.

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He has pretty much spent his entire life in the Southeast. I think if Strong were to eventually leave Louisville, it would be for an SEC job. He has no ties to the West Coast, and I think USC will probably look for one that does.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Strong ending up at Florida if Muschamp doesn't turn it around.