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My apologies to those of you who think women's sports suck, or soccer sucks, you can kindly go back to a different thread. 

After one of the most amazing, remarkable, unbelievable games in any World Cup ever, the USA advances to the World Cup Semifinals over Brazil, in Penalty Kicks.

USA! USA! USA! America > Referees



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The ref did not call this on Hope Solo.  The call in on the left back for "encroachment" I am looking through replays to determine the player but they entered the box prior to the kick taking place.  By the letter of the law was justified but it is one of the rules that is "never" called the way it was today.

Hope was Yellow carded for then arguing with the official about  the call.


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That Lloyd handball was a red in anything other than a WC elimination and probably still then. It was ten times more a red card than the red card actually handed out, which wasn't a foul at all.

That ref got worked hard by the Brazillians. I agree that none of that happens if Lloyd doesn't reach out for that ball like that. Dear me.

I think that's the upper ceiling on how much I can care about women's sports. It turns out my ceiling for that is quite high.


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Yeah, but they didn't call encroachment on Solo, they called it on the field player who went in early.  I think it was a fine call considering the ball rebounded in the direction of the USA player who had illegally entered the box. If the save went the other way or out of bounds, they may not have called it.

And we can be sure they didn't call it on Solo because the assistant referee (who's responsible for goalie encroachment) did not signal the encroachment and was in fact backing into her normal position after the save to continue with play.


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I watch lots of soccer and seen lots of PKs, but I have not seen encroachment called so closely like that.  You make a good point about the deflection going to the side of the encroachment.  I wonder if it would have been called if the encroachment was on the opposite side.  


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I stopped watching the game when the girl was laying down by the goal.  After the Ghana game years ago I have no interest in watching a team piss away the clock pretending to be hurt.  Needless to say it was a regrettable decision.  USA!!!!

Mr Mackey

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By far the funniest part of the game. If anyone has a video of it, it's hilarious. 

Girl gets taken off on a stretcher, wasting like 3 or 4 minutes. As soon as the stretcher is on the sidelines, she gets up and runs away. Then comes back on the field on the next whistle

MMB 82

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soccer match ever. Despite the referees, despite being at 10 for most of the match, despite the missed offside, and to come back in desperation in the 122+ minute then go on to win.....! Wow.


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just enough to get over the defender and outstretch hands of GK to Wambach.  Just beautiful.


That may be the only good pass that Rapinoe have made all game long.  Her set pieces were terrible, bombed it over players to grass.


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I am a huge soccer fan, but I normally don't watch womens soccer. I am so glad I tuned into this game, it was great. I really have to give a lot of credit to their coach, her relaxed mentality really helped keep the team from getting tense and panicked. I was skeptical of her when I saw ESPN pieces about how she is always calm and upbeat, I now see that she has been what was missing from the team for the last few years.


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The US Men's team made me a believer last year with their spurt of magic against Algeria, but the US Women's team just topped that. I can't believe I didn't see that game from the beginning; in honor of them I will rewatch it tonight at midnight. Also, feel free to cover as much of the remainder of the women's World Cup you want to Brian.


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I shed a few tears of joy after that one (maybe I've just been cutting onions, I'm making a lasagna... for one).

It's not over yet ladies, keep making us proud.


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Just have to say did anybody else see the man repin' the Michigan athletics shirt in the crowd.  Nice to see some rep on the world stage in Germany.  GO BLUE!


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I think this game shows their confidence.  They didn't just play man down for half the match.  They played man down while controlling the game against arguebly the top, or previously thought top, team.  They only allowed a few flashes from Brazil after going a man down, and the American women showed how much better their level of fitness was.  There was no way Brazil deserved to win that game no matter how hard the refs tried to give it to them.  This a superior performance that has to put them as the favorite from here on.  On a side note, i'm very happy for Wambach.  She has been in need of a good goal for the last few games.  Way to go girls absolutely stunning performance.