OT - USA Sends Brodeur To The Bench

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Didn't see this posted yet. Given the USA loss Canada decides to turn over the reigns to Luongo in net.

"Take a good look boys, you just sent the world's best goaltender to the bench"

Okay not really the world's best but I thought of that quote from Miracle when I saw the article.

GO USA, screw Canada, they're not even a real country anyways.



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Hey i bleed Maize and Blue and i'm Canadian but i must say alot of u americans are pretty cocky about beating Canada last night thanks to Marty Brodeur's shaky goaltending. I congrat u guys for a good win but to say were not a real country is pretty stupid, i hope to see u guys in the gold medal game and i think u will be disappointed on the outcome. GO CANADA and GO BLUE!


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As a Devils fan I hope this doesn't mess up his mojo when he gets back here.
Quick sidenote. Anyone else hear that the NHL is thinking about not letting their guys go to the 2014 games in Russia? They think the exposure wouldn't be worth shutting the season down again.

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the Sochi games. "Nobody can say to me, 'You can't play for your country in the Olympic Games,'" Ovechkin said.

Bettman's point about the NHL being a business and losing the games for 3 weeks would hurt is valid- but at the same time World exposure for a struggling league financially seems like a good idea. However since all the games will be going on at like 4AM is also something to consider.

I think the NHL will end up being in Sochi, especially if these games currently do decent ratings for CNBC or MSNBC. (what a joke being on those channels is)


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He is definitely the worst thing to happen to the NHL.

When the Canadian dollar was low they moved the demographics of the league from mostly Canadian/US border cities to include the south/southwest and it is costing the league millions (Coyotes) and even more in possible fans/revenues. Bettman can't admit an obvious mistake. Now that the currencies are more comparable and there is a salary cap, teams could be competitive in Hamilton, Winnepeg and Quebec City, where sell outs would be almost automatic... shoot, bring the Hartford Whalers back too!


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why the wings cannot be moved to eastern conference... in every interview i've seen/heard with with him where its been brought up, he always says that if the wings move it will effect EVERY western conference team... when asked what he means by that, he says that when the wings come to town its automatic sellout and the owners of the teams in the west cannot afford to lose those games... i've also heard him say that the wings have better rivalries in the west then they could ever have in the east...


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As I understand it, NHL management does not want the NHL players to participate in the 2014 Olympics, but most of the players do (not just the Russians). Many Russians (someone commented on Ovie, and Malkin has implied the same thing) have said there's no way the NHL will keep them from playing in their home country Olympics.

From a NHL standpoint, there's a number of concerns. One is that to take 2+ weeks off of the season, they have to compress the rest of the schedule. Another is the risk of a player being hurt. Third (and the concern I think is the major one) is how they're being treated by NBC. NBC, as the NHL rights holder in the US, you'd think they would show the US games (especially USA vs. Canada) on NBC instead of one of the cable networks, not only because of the Olympics, but because of the potential boost to NHL ratings. Lastly, I think there's some issues with the transfer agreements and contracts between Russian Continental Hockey League (KHL) and the NHL that the Int. Hockey Fed. (IHF) has not been able to resolve. Part of this could be posturing to get to an agreement.


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Another issue Bettman brought up is the time difference. From a marketing perspective, it's easier to justify making the accommodations when the Olympics are giving the NHL exposure and primetime coverage in domestic markets than when all of games are happening in the middle of the night.

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USA doesn't think they have this in the bag now... it'll be hard to beat the same team twice in the tournament especially when Canada outplayed us the way they did. I would be shocked if Canada didn't make it to the gold medal game. Glad to see a W though. Ryan Miller might be the only Spartan I ever like if we win this...


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this notion that Canada will definetly make the finals is crazy. There are about 4 or 5 teams here that all have a legit shot at the title. Maybe Canada and Russia are the favourites but the US, Slovaks, Czech, Swedes all have top end NHL talent that are perfectly capable of 'upsetting' Canada. Don't fool yourself into thinking Canada will waltz to the finals. One of Canada or Russia will not be there. This is a fact. At this point USA has as good, if not better chance to make the finals and win the gold.

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There are a couple of teams that could win the god and are of similar calibre. However, including the Slovaks and Czechs in that group is a big stretch.

The countries that are a league above the rest are: Canada, USA, Russia, Finland and Sweden. The only reason the Czech Republic was ever in contention in the past was because of Hasek. Since he has been gone they have done nothing. The Slovaks have never been an elite hockey power. The split of Czecheslovakia left one of the two nations with the vast majority of the hockey talent.

I also agree with your sentiment that USA has a better shot at making the finals than Canada does. I am a Canadian, but I thought the USA was going to win the game and I said that on this blog the day before the game. Miller was a wall and if he continues to play like that USA will be the team to beat.

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That is one of the most bizarre and homer statements I have ever seen on this blog.

If by "at the moment" you meant two nights ago when the only two goalies playing were Brodeur and Miller and the contest only consisted of the two, then I agree Miller is the best in the world.

Have you watched any of the NHL season this year? To even hint that Ryan Miller is the best goalie in the world today is an absolute joke.

I am Canadian but can still manage to look at hockey with an objective eye. Maybe it is because I have played hockey at a high level all my life until my CHL days ended, I don't know.

If any avid hockey fan on this blog (and by avid I mean a fan who actually knows something about the sport, not just a casual fan) were to be honest with themselves and this blog, they would tell you that there is no way in this world that Ryan Miller is the best goalie in the world today. Sorry, but it just isn't the case. You guys have a great team with great players. No need to try and make the individuals into to something they're not.


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I am an avid hockey fan too, and I think that if I had the choice to select any goalie for my team RIGHT NOW, it would be Miller. His stats are some of the top in the league, and I think he has shown like the other night the ability to take control of games.

As a previous poster asked, who do you think is the best goalie in the world right now?

Blue in Yarmouth

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that Miller isn't good, I am not even saying that he isn't one of the top 10 in the league. What I am saying is he isn't the best in the world.

If we were talking about this season alone I would say he is likely the 4th or 5th best going soley on hi sperformances in the NHL. However, if I am going by this year alone, I would have to say that Thomas Vokoun is the best in the world (and I am not ready to do that).

I think when you look at the goaltenders as a whole the best in the world could be debated, I just don't see Miller in that debate. When I look at a goalie and try to rank him I look at more than just the numbers, technique has a lot to do with it as well and that is where Miller falls a little short.

I would still put him in the top ten, maybe even top five but he wouldn't be number one. Number one would be between Brodeur, Luongo, Nabokov and Kiprusoff imhe.