OT: US Presidents and the sports they played

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Patrick Kiger wrote a nice piece on various US presidents and the sports they played.  Some you probably already know of (President Ford, etc) but others may be surprising.




Dwight Eisenhower

"Long before he achieved acclaim as the leader of the Allied forces who defeated Hitler, Dwight Eisenhower made a name for himself as a halfback and linebacker on the varsity football team at West Point. In November 1912, Eisenhower played in a game against the Carlisle Indian School, whose star was one of the most renowned athletes of all time, Jim Thorpe, who just a few months previously had won the decathlon and pentathlon at the Olympic Games in Stockholm. 

According to Lars Anderson’s book-length account of the game, Eisenhower dreamed of hitting Thorpe hard enough to knock him out of the contest with a hard tackle, and late in the game, took his best shot—only to have Thorpe get up and shake off the hit. Carlyle ended up winning the game, 27-6, and Eisenhower suffered a knee injury that nearly cut short his military career. 

According to Watterson, Eisenhower later become a well-regarded football coach at various Army bases. “He was in great demand,” the sports historian says. “He finally had to stop, because he didn’t want to be known just as a coach.” As President, Eisenhower’s sporting passion was golf, and he actually had a putting green installed on the White House lawn so that he could take a break from working to practice.:

Credit:  History.com, 1/29/2019, Patrick J. Kiger



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Teddy Roosevelt being a boxer is about as Teddy Roosevelt as it gets, I would think. 

As for the thread, please keep it clean, folks. This article was rather interesting. 

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I remember reading a similar story years ago and thought it was awesome. I also remember him saying Thorpe felt like he was made out of steel when he tried to tackle him or something like that. 



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Eisenhower also player minor league baseball for cash under a fake name when he was young.

I read that Ford had the best golf average of any US President - Taft being the first president to publicly golf.


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i think obama was a decent golfer and hoops guy.

JFK was a football player, though that might've been in prep school, not college.

TR roosevelt was a boxer - he was a guy who was physically small and had poor eyesight but by force of will made himself into an outdoorsman, did some cattle round-ups, etc.  read his biography to the kids years back and we all enjoyed it. 


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My college buddy was close friends with Obama from his early Chicago years.  They played hoop together and he said Barack could play.  

They played quite a bit and had some games during his Presidency.  It’s pretty cool to think a President could still run the hardcourt. 

I guess no hard fouls going to the rack though?


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One of the best stories about Presidents throwing out the first pitch was W talking with Derrick Jeter before throwing out the first pitch in Game 3 of the 2001 World Series.  Jeter asks George if he thinks he'll throw from the rubber or the front of the mound.  Bush says he thinks he'll throw from the front of mound.  Jeter tells Bush that he's thinks that's a mistake and he's liable to get booed, so Bush reconsiders and agrees to throw from the rubber.  Jeter turns to walk out to the field, takes a few steps, turns back around and tells Bush, "Don't bounce it, they'll boo ya", then turns and walks out to the field.


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Many don't know that President/General Eisenhower was not branched to a combat arms branch, and yet made the rank of Supreme Allied Commander. In this day in age, that would never happen.


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During WWI he was at Camp Colt training tank crews right on the old battlefield of Gettysburg, which probably started his affinity for the location.  I've read he wanted to go to Europe for the war, but they needed his expertise in continuing on with that camp stateside.


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Eisenhower also had this great sports-related quote:

“When I was a small boy in Kansas, a friend of mine and I went fishing. I told him I wanted to be a real Major League baseball player, a genuine professional like Honus Wagner. My friend said that he'd like to be President of the United States. Neither of us got our wish.”

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What an idiot. Aside from going against the spirit of this thread, it is just plain unintelligible.

Anywho, Gerald Ford remained deeply proud of his Michigan Football background his whole life and he was good friends with Bo. Apparently after his death his body was laid in state in Washington D.C. before being flown back to Grand Rapids for burial. As Air Force 1 flew across Michigan the pilot diverted the path directly over Michigan Stadium and did a wing waggle salute.


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This guy isn't a President, or even a candidate for 2020 yet.  But many think he'll throw his hat in the ring.

But before yesterday, I didn't know that Cory Booker made the USA Today All-American team at Tight End as a High Schooler.  Then had a pretty good career at Stanford.