OT: Urban Meyer issues

Submitted by MGoCooper on November 19th, 2011 at 7:26 PM

As all the Urban Meyer speculation came down today, I couldn't help but actually worry about his physical health.  To step down from a job as good as Florida, he had to have realized that   his health wasn't great. When it comes to problems with the heart, things really don't change that much in a year. I'm no expert, but having watched my Father work for years to improve his heart health, I have seen the work it takes.

The stress the SEC can put on a coach is terrible, that's a certainty. While tsio is not in the SEC, their fan base is equally as demanding, and a great deal more vicious in dealing with a loss. The pressure on him will be the same as it was in Florida, and the added pressure of the sanctions certainly will weigh heavily on him. While it certainly appears that he will eventually take the job, one has to wonder if it's the right decision for him. As a football fan who respects his body of work, I would like to see him take more time off to get his heart right. That has absolutely nothing to do with my fear as a Michigan fan, for him taking the job at tsio. Truth be told, I don't think it would be the match made in heaven most buckeye fans anticipate it being. That being said, I think it would be a disaster, and the toll it would take on Urban wouldn't be worth anything they could offer him.

Don't do it, Urban, it's not worth it.




November 19th, 2011 at 8:12 PM ^

Even in the best of circumstances, I only see him lasting 2-4 years... Too much stress and pressure. He probably coached 2-3 too many years at Florida.

Sione's Flow

November 19th, 2011 at 8:12 PM ^

Meyer said today he hasn't been offered a position and certainly hasn't accepted one.  I know Urban is a competitive guy, but I think he's done coaching.  We all know the next coach of tsiO is going to be Dantonio (I bet he buys his contract out).  And when he leaves there won't be a couch in East Lansing safe from a pack of matches.


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Yeah, he won 2 championships. One with Zook's players and the other with Tebow and a lot of luck. Nobody is out there anointing Chizik for winning with Cam Newton. No coach is unbeatable - Meyer managed to lose to Michigan in the same year as The Horror.

If having Urban Meyer as your head coach guarantees a NC every year, then why the hell isn't every team in the country firing their existing staffs to get him?


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2008 was not lucky, that was a great team.  They completely destroyed every team they played except for Alabama, Oklahoma, and Mississippi (the team they lost to by one after they blew a 10 point lead).  They ended up beating Alabama by 11 and Oklahoma by 10, both of whom were the #1 team in the country at the time when they played Florida.

181 points allowed and 611 scored in 13 games.


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11W said it was 99.7% that it would happen!

And my friend who knows someone who knows something says that he left Florida for a cheating scandal, no wait, I mean an affair, no wait, it was health right?

Or maybe the future will unfold without our help.  I wish Urban Meyer well no matter what he chooses and think he would elevate the competition in the B1G if he joined Ohio or Penn State. With that said, I think it must be flattering for him but I also think if his health was really the reason to step down that he wouldn't last very long as a head coach role reprised.


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he's an idiot and he proves it to more and more people each time he announces a game.  only 2 retards would talk about how putting in gardner breaks the rhythm of denard when gardner hadn't even been put in.  i hope he does go to osu.  he seems about on their intelligence level.

Look Up_See Blue

November 20th, 2011 at 12:31 AM ^

I'm not all that worried even if he did take the ohio job.  At this point, the strides that this team has made are unreal.  I think Michigan had an even bigger victory today in the recruiting world than anything else.  


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Not to rain on your parade, but it was later discovered that Urban Meyer doesn't have heart problems.  He's been diagnosed with Esophagal Spasms.  They made him feel like he was suffering from extreme hypertension, but so far as I know, he doesn't not have any serious heart problems....