OT: Update on UGA student paper situation

Submitted by Jon06 on August 17th, 2012 at 7:45 PM

Since my initial post on this got 6 upvotes to 1 downvote (which was mine), here's an update.

The Board of the Red & Black has folded almost entirely. The person they'd promoted to Editorial Director says he is returning to his role as Editorial Advisor, returning control of what gets published to students. Ed Stamper, who authored the ridiculous memo that prompted the walk out, tendered his resignation to the board.

The victory is not yet complete. The editor-in-chief and another editor will have to reapply for their jobs. Also, the publisher, Harry Montevideo, who last year took home almost 200k from his role at this non-profit 501(c)3 organization, knocked down a journalist attempting to film what had been advertised as an open meeting. The journalist is apparently going to (ask the DA to) press simple assault battery charges, which looks reasonable from the video the journalist himself filmed and various photos, available here if you scroll down far enough. I'll be amazed if the publisher hasn't resigned by Monday.




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But the worst part about that memo might be their demand that they (a) cut down on their typos, and (b) not publish "liable."



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The video doesn't really shed enough light on the altercation, but I'm kinda surprised there hasn't been a whole sale resignation of everyone on the board.


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I live in Athens; however I don't have much to add besides this is front page news in the Athens Banner Herald every day, the student body is pissed, and all the journalism professors are publicly backing the Red and Black writers.

They staff has also been updating a blog-type website, www.redanddead.com


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the money. School oversight had nothing to do with it. The board saw an opportunity to increase, and pocket, more profit with all these format and editorial changes.