OT Update: Fraternity SAM suspended by UofM

Submitted by StephenRKass on January 22nd, 2015 at 9:53 PM

Many of you have been following the story about the vandalism caused by Sigma Alpha Mu at Tree Tops Resort in Northern Michigan. The News (and Freep, for that matter) are reporting that UofM has suspended the fraternity in light of last weekend's actions.

LINK:  http://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/michigan/2015/01/22/university-michigan-fraternity-members-accused-resort-vandalism/22176615/

In addition, up to five other Greek organizations at UofM may possibly also be suspended. This story has legs, and I'm sure there is more to come.

Besides Sigma Alpha Mu, UM officials said Sigma Delta Tau sorority was involved in the vandalism that occurred at Treetops Resort in Gaylord the weekend of Jan. 16-17.

That same weekend, Pi Kappa Alpha and Chi Psi fraternities along with Alpha Phi and Delta Gamma sororities were involved in reported vandalism at Boyne Highlands, 50 miles northwest in Harbor Springs, UM officials said. The damage involved 12 rooms.

UM officials want all of those groups to be suspended as well, university spokesman Rick Fitzgerald said.



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As an actual Greek (as in my parents were born in Greece), I've never really liked the Greek System. Somehow, I'd mention that I was Greek in a conversation, and instantly people ask "oh, what fraternity are you in?" My response was "no, like My Big Fat Greek Wedding." Which, incidentally, is the best and most accurate representation of Greek-American culture I've seen to date. Go watch it.


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Does the greek system have a good name to begin with?  Honest question.  From my experience, whenever the topic arises, more people seem to be negative on it than positive.

rob f

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despite how much I enjoyed being a "frat boy", I have to disagree with this argument by Otter:

Eric Otter Stratton 

The damage done over the weekend at these two resorts is about as bad as it gets.   Having their chapter being suspended by U of M and by their national organization is probably going to prove to be relatively minor compared to the legal troubles they still face.


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Yeah, there seem to be occasional outliers in which the member demographics, generally speaking, do not line up with how the fraternity or sorority associates themselves on a national level.

I know Kappa Alpha Theta is a nationally Christian sorority, but at U of M they're basically all Jewish. Kinda curious how that came to happen.

I'd imagine the Sammy chapter at Toledo was at least founded by some Jewish guys. However, there probably hasn't been a large enough population of Jewish students at the school for them to easily maintain a big enough house.


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Honest question - when a frat gets suspended by a school, does that just mean they can't claim an affiliation with the school, or does it also mean they have to close the doors and move off campus? 


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Shortly after I graduated my fraternity, Sigma Chi, got suspended and then eventually booted off campus alltogether.  We had to reapply for admission first with our charter and then with the university for reinstatement.  It's NOT an insignificant punishment and it set back our house a decade or more.

We had idiots shooting bb guns at the windows in South & West Quad from our roof amoungst other alcohol related offenses.

This is a big deal.


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Absolutely fucking not.  We, Sigma Chi,  shared a parking lot with the house who tortured/hung the house cat and I actually saw the poor thing hanging from tree in our back lot and called the cops.  I was the guy who reported it to the police and turned them in.

Those sick fucks cut off it's paws, hung it from a tree and then set it on fire.  To this day I've seen very little in my life that compares to that sight in terms of cruelty to another living thing.



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my pledge brother falling off the roof and a lawsuit from someone who was nearly paralyzed doing beer slides....amongst noise violations too numerous to mention and a litany of other offenses going back several years before my time. The line was pushed over and over again.