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There is nothing good about having a 100 yard long video screen...the thing is much too wide compared to its height so it doesn't really give a good view (that's what she said).


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Seeking approval from the Nevada Legislature to allow a tax-increment finance district for the project. If the district is approved, the project would be exempt from paying property, sales and live entertainment taxes for an estimated 25 to 30 years. Developers could still collect those fees and keep the money to help pay off the project’s debt. A similar attempt to allow tax dollars to be used to fund a stadium’s construction failed late in the 2011 session

Im sure UNLV is the real reason they want to build this new stadium.  This may help UNLV on the recruting trail, but I doubt it.  Anyone whose lived in Vegas will tell you, the city is great to visit, but after a week or two the cool factor wears off and its no diffrent than any other city, except there are a lot more non-residents that clog the highways and get lost in your neighborhood.  They are just trying to get a free stadium just off the strip in Las Vegas by using UNLV to get the ttax breaks to pay for it.  High Five to UNLV though, Id take a 800 million dollar stadium for free too.

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Look for WrestleMania to go there immediately. They tried it once in 1993 Vegas outdoors at Caesar's Palace and it was an epic disaster. 

The show content, the look, the setup. Probably one of the worst WMs of all-time. And there have been some really bad ones.