OT: University of Tennessee hit with NCAA recruiting violations

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It looks like the NCAA is kicking the University of Tennessee while they're already down. With a disgruntled fanbase and the huge rumors of Jon Gruden taking over the coaching job for Derek Dooley after seasons end that almost seem to be going no where, this is going to send their fans into a frenzy.


A former University of Tennessee assistant football coach knowingly worked with a booster to provide impermissible travel and lodging to a prospective student-athlete, according to findings by the Division I Committee on Infractions. The former coach was also cited for unethical conduct for his role in the violations.





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Director of Compliance, Athletics - 12000001FU 




 This position is responsible for the development, implementation, monitoring and reporting of all policies and procedure relative to a comprehensive NCAA Division I compliance program.  This includes but is not limited to: recruiting, eligibility, financial aid, playing and practice seasons, student-athlete employment, monitoring of permissible contacts and phone calls, amateurism, extra benefits, rules education and enforcement, maintaining all required reporting documents. 





Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s preferred.Three to four years of NCAA compliance experience within previous six years required (may include internship experience). Knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations with experience providing legislative interpretations required.
Significant experience at one or more Division I athletic compliance office preferred. Knowledge of the ACS monitoring system, CAi and LSDBI. Financial aid experience preferred. Ability to effectively communicate the application of NCAA regulation across a wide range of situation. Must be able to work well with a diverse population of student-athletes and coaches in a team atmosphere.  Position requires occasional travel; nights and weekend required.





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  Athletics Admin & General 




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How in sam hill could Tenn and Auburn be the other schoosl in the race for D Green.. Unless he was born a die hard fan ( which means he would have committed already) i do not see him at these schools.. I also dont understand how Oregon is in the mix either, since they like small shifty backs. Michigan is the most ideal fit, so lets hope he goes Blue soon 

State Street

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What the fuck could this mean for Oregon?  Similar violations involving the same shady agent guy, but replace assistant coach with Head Coach, i.e. Chip Kelly.  And "money for hotels" with $25,000.  It's gonna look terrible for the NCAA to hammer Oregon right after they make or potentially win the MNC.


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Except this doesn't appear to wish anyone a Happy Easter !!! There needs to be an LOL moderating option, I hadn't seen this before.

Still, I don't know how much Oregon will get; they'll fire Kelly and he'll get hit with a show-cause and probably save Oregon from even a USC-esque punishment.

Perkis-Size Me

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what college job has jon gruden not been linked to? and honestly, as a bucs fan, i wasn't overly impressed with gruden. he won a super bowl, yeah, but that was tony dungy's team. the years after that, they were just too inconsistent, and never made it past the wild card round of the playoffs. i also don't see gruden resonating very well with 18-22 year old kids.


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My cousin from Tenn just said Grudens a done deal... Poor guy actually believes it.. Told him the name was thrown around for Mich, ND, and all other jobs in last 5 yrs


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I just can't see Gruden ending up at UT, when he turned down his "dream job" at Notre Dame.  UT is a good gig, but he could have his pick of just about any NFL opening this off season.  He also has a pretty good thing going with MNF.  


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He's not going to UT. Too much hassle and not enough comp compared to NFL jobs.

My source in their AD (not a decision-maker) says top scenario is college coach plus staff with NFL experience, which narrows the field a fraction.

My guess is Kirby Smart. He keeps Sunseri at DC, adds pro OC, knows SEC recruiting territory, and Saban OKs with UT in East Div of SEC.


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Again, not a decision-maker but he's heard the stance from some key boosters. Athletic Director didn't hire him and local media grinding the situation.

Catch this: Dooley is 15-20, losing ground in-state Vandy, some ugly losses, offense dependent on 1 QB, defense not improving, average recruiting, $2m salary, new athletic director a year ago ... stop me when you've heard this story before.


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Kirby arrives and states the issue isn't necessarily Sunseri but a culture missing discipline and hard work. Sunseri knows the Saban process and wants a chance at DC redemption while Kirby goes hands on with D.

If year 1 is a flop, Kirby pushes out Sunseri. If it works, Kirby is a HC and defensive genius - and Sunseri probably leaves anyway. Plus it gives his OC a little breathing room in year 1 as all eyes on Sunseri.

No Kirby, absolutely no Sunseri.