OT: University of Tennessee hit with NCAA recruiting violations

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It looks like the NCAA is kicking the University of Tennessee while they're already down. With a disgruntled fanbase and the huge rumors of Jon Gruden taking over the coaching job for Derek Dooley after seasons end that almost seem to be going no where, this is going to send their fans into a frenzy.


A former University of Tennessee assistant football coach knowingly worked with a booster to provide impermissible travel and lodging to a prospective student-athlete, according to findings by the Division I Committee on Infractions. The former coach was also cited for unethical conduct for his role in the violations.





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Somewhere in a ramshackle hut decorated with stredded orange and white furniture and tennessee football preview magazines scribbled with obscene and arcade symbols, Phillip Fulmer is into his six glass of whiskey since lunch, somewhere between a maniacle laugh and asobbing, mewling cry.


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Tennessee really, really sucks at hiring coaches.

If they can somehow overcome their massive hiring ineptitude, they would be smart to hire Jon Chavis. The guy bleeds orange. He played there and spent nearly 20 years there as an assistant. He doesn't have any head coaching experience, but that's not a luxury Tennessee can afford to be picky about right now. It's not like they have top shelf candidates lining up at their door. Chavis is probably the only person who would really, really, want the job right about now. 


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With Patterno gone, anyone could jump in and make that program relevant. They just have to beat us and Urban Meyer at recruits. Not sure who I will cheer for next week when we play Pitt. 
Wait, yes I do. Go Blue 

State Street

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Out of all the ridiculous coaching rumors, reading the Arkansas ones are the best.  Somehow each and every Razorback fan thinks Vince Lombardi, Nick Saban, and Bill Belichick are all dying to get to Fayetteville and the AD has set aside $4.5 Billion to do so. 

I guess that's what happens when you spend too much time in Northwest Arkansas.


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I think it's a joke sometimes when I hear another fanbase go "I heard Jon Gruden has already signed the contract to coach ______ football!!". You hear it in literally every big coaching search.

When Gene Chizik is fired, 1,000,000 mgopoints says Gruden will be linked there too


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"For football unofficial visits during the fall of 2013, no complimentary tickets may be provided to visiting prospective student-athletes for the first two conference games of the season."

Those two conference games in Knoxville would be Georgia and South Carolina, so if I read this correctly, this is the humane portion of the punishment.

Although the report seems to indicate that the time intervals during which these violations took place overlap two coaching regimes, I wonder if this is at least one of the final nails in the Derek Dooley coffin at Tennessee regardless. To be fair, however, the Fulmer-Kiffin-Dooley Period Of Constant Transition a few years ago did not do this program any favors, but I don't know how patient Tennessee fans would be. They don't seem to be all that patient. 


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This just adds to their problems even more. Its already bad enough. They really dont have anything going for them right now. And I dont think Gruden will help either.  

Buck Killer

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SEC Special Educated Children promotes Bama, Florida, LSU, and keeps South Carolina relevant for strength of schedule. Heads up Missouri and A&M you are about to get your buttons pushed. Arkansas did not want to fire Bobby. They were told they would behind the scenes. Believe that shit!


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Of course the NCAA is kicking UT while they're down.  That is their MO.  They never kick a program that isn't down.  That is why programs like USC and Alabama come back from "punishments" to win National Championships as soon as they are eligible again, and why Ohio State may do exactly the same thing next year, while programs that don't have the resources to fight back, temporarily or otherwise, get nuked.