OT: University of Tennessee football players in trouble again

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a quick run down of the story says that several, i've heard the number 7, football players from the university of tennessee were involved in a bar fight last night which ended in the assault on an off-duty knoxville police officer. one player has been charged so far, Da'Rick Rogers a freshman 5* receiver.




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I wasnt the one who negged you, but MSU is less of an embarrassment than most teams that are actually available. Texas isn't coming and ND used to look like a decent option if we could get them but then the ridiculously pasty white bassist came out with that terrible video which pretty much defines the word "embarrassment." Missouri's groveling should be humiliating for them and Rutgers is a worthless school for the most part athletically.

Pitt is virtually the only conceivable option. That said, MSU will never get kicked out of the Big Ten in a million years *derp*.


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I would be horrified if the B10 kicked anyone out and I am sure they never will. That would not be cool, even if it was MSU. But if MSU wants to bolt on their own ...

As for the neg, don't sweat it. It was BlockM. She negs everything I write. She's on auto-neg when it comes to me. Somehow she doesn't get the concept that points don't matter after you get above 20.

Dark Blue

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As for the neg, don't sweat it. It was BlockM. She negs everything I write. She's on auto-neg when it comes to me. Somehow she doesn't get the concept that points don't matter after you get above 20.

Okay so by making this post you have just implied that you REALLY care about points. And how can you hate on Block M, who is usually one of the more humorous, unoffensive posters on this board.


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...which would surprise you more? An offseason event where a bunch of Tennessee players get in trouble? or an offseason where they didn't?


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...are so screwed (especially Rogers).

The release said when authorities arrived they found off-duty Knoxville Police  Department Officer Robert Capouellez lying on the ground unconscious.   Capouellez was transported to UT Medical Center for treatment of a head wound.

"Another individual from inside Bar Knoxville who had been assaulted by multiple individuals was also transported to UT Medical Center with numerous injuries," the release stated.

The owner of the bar described the fight. "It was a regular Thursday night. We always give VIP status to the football players," said Sandy Morton, owner of Bar Knoxville.  "We never had a problem with them in the past. All of a sudden they randomly started beating up a customer, another patron. Security intervened and got it [the fight] outside. They [the football players] proceeded to beat up an off-duty officer that was a customer."

Knock an off duty cop unconscious and kick him him when he's down.  Not such a great choice.

The 5* to the NFL metric just took a hit.


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Used in recruiting, I think it's okay. You can't pay a player, but I don't think there's any rules against a private business owner electing to give them a discount, especially as long as it's not exclusive and other people can get VIP status too.


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Please be gentle if my understanding is wrong, but wasn't Troy Smith suspended for taking money and gifts from a booster, an act illegal for football players.

My understanding was that outside of the benefits provided to them from the university, anything given to them based on their status as football players was taboo. Now, there is certainly a lot of wiggle room to say "oh yeah, I hired him at my car dealership because I thought he could sell cars real good, not because he was the starting QB for the football team I donate millions to..." but it certainly sounds like the bar owner already blew his cover

Lucky for them there weren't any QC officers or assistant coaches in the bar of the Freep would be all over this like no one business


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I doubt if VIP status can be "bought". I'm sure it has no price. Yes, it comes with free things, i.e. - no cover charge, but the VIP status itself is not a gift of any value in and of itself. 

I'm not saying it's totally kosher, but it's no different than another student being starstruck and trying to hang out with the athlete. The bar owner knows that if the players come there, others will want to come, so he simply removes any impediment to  them coming. I really don't think it's impermissible. Otherwise, no female college athlete ever could go to "ladies night" at a bar.


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The fact they apparently kicked an off-duty police officer on the ground and apparently put him in the hospital is the worst part of it.  I know that they didn't have an idea he was a cop, but when 4 pretty big guys are kicking another human being on the ground, any "personal defense" or "emotional brawl" arguments go out the window.  I'm sure a couple of the lesser players will be dismissed from the team and any stars will have to sit out a game or two, but it is kind of depressing that most people were not surprised that this happened at UT.


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I know that working as a part-time bouncer and security detail is common for off-duty officers, so I'm not surprised that he tried to break it up.  My point is more that four guys thought it was a good idea to stomp and kick another human being on the ground.  The fact he was a cop, and I'm sure he identified himself as one at some point, makes it even worse.  But I agree, he probably wasn't some random guy.


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Just checked the college football headlines over at ESPN.com and there's no word of this yet.  I'd put the over/under on when this gets reported at 10:45.  For the sake of journalistic awareness in this day and age, I sure hope they make the under. 


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...own Fulmer Cup qualifying event.

Iowa football player Broderick Binns has been arrested under suspicion of drunken driving, according to a report by Iowa City radio station KCJJ.

"Binns, who lives on Woodside Drive, was pulled over by University Heights Police just before 1 a.m. Friday near the corner of Benton Street and Greenwood Drive. According to arrest records, Binns drove his 2003 Dodge Durango straight through a left turn lane. He was also pulled over due to an equipment violation.

"At first Binns denied drinking, then admitted to having several drinks. He was also wearing a bar wristband indicating that he was of legal age, despite the fact that he is only 20 years old.

"The Saint Paul, Minn., native showed multiple signs of intoxication and had a blood alcohol concentration of .101 — just over the legal limit for driving. He’s charged with operating while intoxicated.

"Binns was listed as a first-team defensive end following spring practice. He started all 13 games at defensive end for the Hawkeyes last season, recording 27 solo tackles, 36 assists and ten tackles for loss."


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I like how the article says he's just over the legal limit for driving. Pretty sure the legal limit is 0.00 for 20 year olds. 

Though I may be wrong here, maybe some states observe no drinking under 21, but you don't get a DUI unless you're over the legal limit for driving. Michigan has pretty strict laws on this with their "body is a container law"


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status to begin with. That creates a huge sense of entitlement in your average 18- or 19-year old, and they no doubt felt that there would be little consequence in a beatdown. After all, they're VIPs.