OT: University of Cal System drops new logo

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As a follow up to the whole Cal attempt to rebrand itself, the Cal System has dropped the new seal.  The Cal admins though have decided to be butthurt about the entire thing and whine about being misunderstood.  For example:
Dooley defended the contemporary logo...Critics had latched onto "an unfortunate and false narrative, which framed the matter as an either-or choice between a venerated UC seal and a newly designed monogram," he said. 
The article on it is kind of interesting.  Beside the butthurt from people like Dooley, it does show that a harsh public outcry can make the admins put the brakes on things.  In Cal's it was so extreme the intern who handles the Twitter for the governor's dog (really) was riping on the seal.  It also shows how annoying that change for the sake of change mindset can be.  
The graphic would not have replaced the official seal on diplomas or official letterhead, but was meant to bring a more modern look to websites and publications in UC's fundraising, recruiting and public affairs campaigns. The symbol was accompanied by the text "University of California," a fact its critics ignored, officials complained.
Only marketing morons could think that a University seal, where everyone expects to see Latin, some images representing science, knowledge, etc, needs to be updated to look like some tech startup's new logo.   Even better is the attitude of "The fact it looked horrible is irrelevant because we were gonna stick some 12 point text under it!".



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Yes, I misunderstood your intentions to replace the old seal with this new monogram... Oh, that's because in the ad video you literally wiped the old seal away and replaced it with the new logo.


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When virtually everybody without a vested interest in seeing the logo succeed has the immediate, visceral reactions that were recounted in the original MGoBlog post, it's an indication that the designers were working in a closed, cloistered environment. As a designer, it's unfathomable to me how those designers could have proposed that solution without any awareness that its graphic form left it wide open to sexually-oriented satire and scatological lampooning.


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and confused people.

Besides they shouldn't be effing up the blue pantones:


Best logo in the UC system? UC Santa Cruz of course...


Close second best? UC-Irvine Anteaters

(Yes, that anteater is really pissed off. And Navy+Gold>Pastel Blue+Gold).




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except that we're not talking about the school commonly referred to as Cal, we're talking about the whole 8 campus UC system.

To localize things, both the block M and the University of Michigan seal are shared by all three campuses of the UM system. UC doesn't have the equivalent of that block M logo to put on letterheads and crap, so they created the loading symbol to be that. It was a good idea in theory, but that logo in particular was horrible


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looks like the top view of a bidet with the tank lid off, and the yellow-and-blue version looks like a diagram of Viagra that's not doing its job right.


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I love here and the Marketing Director was all defensive just yesterday on a radio show and at the end commented "it's not going away." I was surprised his lack of savvy and thought after that attitude maybe his job is.


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was surprised by the whole thing:

- bad logo from a design perspective
- defensive administration
- apparently no good market testing.