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Submitted by boliver46 on June 27th, 2013 at 3:11 PM

Oregon has unveiled yet another new look for the upcoming season.

Lime Green Helmets




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I LOVE the yellow paint in the middle of the facemask so that the players more physically resemble an actual duck. BRILLIANT! Keep 'em comin', boys!     


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but why does Nike want to do this?

Buzz ... we're talking about Nike ... mission accomplished.

(I'm not being snarky ... I really think that's the primary point of this -- create some buzz around the Oregon uniforms and helmets and get the name "Nike" injected into the discussion.  It's marketing / publicity / advertising.  Love Nike or hate 'em, they're brilliant at that game.)


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I'm actually not against stuff like this for schools that do not have a long history.  It also makes sense that Oregon is a prime example of this trend.  The trend of wearing loud clothing in sports started way back when I was in high school, in the early 2000's.  Neon shoes were starting to become cool.  Which turned to neon socks, neon gloves, then neon whatever the hell you could neon.  It looks cool, recruits like it, but just don't mess with the USC, Bama, Michigan, or PSU uniforms...


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I also love Alabama's, ND's, Texas's, for their simplicity/tradition. Oregon does have some bad uniforms, but I absolutely love these helmets. Very sleek


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I love their helmets that they have had.  I think the ones though that they had in their last Rose Bowl or even the National Championship game were best.  As a player its gotta be pretty awesome to get a chance to wear all of these difference helmets and jerseys.  That is if I was an Oregon player.  

For us.....would rather keep the jerseys as is except for maybe switching back to Nike and not having all the various alternate jerseys.


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So, from what I've heard players usually get to keep their helmets when they graduate. Does this mean each player gets to keep each helmet they wear after the season? 

Section 1

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Time was, Oregon had some of the dullest and most boring uniforms in all of sports, not simply the world of hidebound college football which featured brilliant and evocative designs like, uh, Penn State.

I gotta hand it to Oregon; they are doing their own thing nowadays, having fun with it, probably making some money off of it, and making news in the process.  Not for everybody, but then again what did Oregon start with?  Why not go in an all-new crazy-assed direction?

Oregon versus Okalahoma, 1972:


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but Oregon's latest era of uniforms are outstanding. The white ones from the USC game were sweet, the Chrome winged helmets were awesome this year...


so many great looks...that I would never want at Michigan. 




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Eventually, it seems Oregon will have stockpiled enough helmets and uniforms that they could almost literally have a player go through all of their college career without having worn the same helmet / uniform combination in any one game. That might very well be the logical conclusion here, if Nike has anything to say about it. 

As for these helmets, I somehow have this vision of Oregon being inspired by the old Coke with lime commercial, "Put the lime on the helmet and you wear them both together....".

According to SBNation, it was a leak from a promotional video for the season, and they did sneak preview these in the Oregon spring game. 

The FannMan

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I am actually expecting Oregon to throw a pick right into the chest of an opposing player because the QB loses track of what color his receivers were wearing that game.