OT: UNC Recruiting?

Submitted by Dreisbach1817 on January 28th, 2011 at 3:42 PM

More news today that UNC is making a major push for Savon Huggins.  It's just one more potential success for this UNC class that is pretty solid (#14 on Rivals, #18 Scout). This recent success reminds me of a famous movie quote:

"Doesn't anybody notice this? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! I invented the piano key necktie, I invented it!"

Didn't UNC get into massive trouble with recruiting violations, agent contacts, cheating on exams, and so on?  Didn't that happen in September?  Didn't it?  What the hell happened?

Here are my questions:

1) Has the NCAA made any ruling on this?  If not, what happened?

2) Are they expected to soon and how is UNC deflecting this in recruiting?

3) How can UNC being doing so well considering the severity of these allegations?  This is USC type allegations.  And while USC is able to maintain a very good recruiting class even after sanctions, it's very hard to imagine UNC doing the same.

EDIT:  Huggins to Rutgers.  Big pick up.




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They're "still investigating" and "using it to do a full-scale investigation of the entire program."

In other words, "Taking as much time as is humanly possible so the NCAA will either forget about it and move on, or we can delay whatever punishment needs to be doled out for as long as is humanly possible."


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You would think that recruits would at least be turned off by it though.  Amazing how people think when you know the school will get in trouble, yet you go there anyways.

All I want for my next 10 birthdays is for the NCAA to stand the fuck up and start doing what they're suppose to.  I can see 50 years ago when every little thing wasn't under a microscope, but people know about everything these schools do now, give them the fucking violations.  Ugh, pisses me off sooooo much (I hateeeeeeeed cheating as a kid and I still do now).


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Not to be irritating because people constantly say it, but stretching time limits.  Seriously?  How about they do something?  How about come down on Ohio State with their million self reported, secondary violations.  O yeah, they reported it so we'll reward their guiltiness by doing nothing?

And yes, this wouldn't be as big of a deal if we were winning and all, but our current ways, it gets much more irritating getting back on top when people chose to snap in half the rules.


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I was wondering about this too, but I mean....I guess the NCAA just takes months and months and potentially years to 'fully investigate'. I mean...when did Reggie Bush leave school again?


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Butch Davis is telling everyone that he had NO idea that his DL coach was pimping players to an agent (which isn't true). And he's telling everyone that he had NO idea that a tutor was doing the work for a player (which isn't true).

They have blocked a lot of the reporting about what's going on in Chapel Hill and when it comes out, they are so screwed. But in the mean time, they're putting together a nice recruiting class.


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Recruits have shown in a number of occasions that possible NCAA sanctions don't have a big pull on them. I know it isn't the same situation, but recruits said that the possibility of UM being sanctioned didn't have an effect on them back when we were still in limbo about that.


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From Carolina fans down here, it sounds like some of the initial reports were blown out of proportion. They got rid of Blake, who is a very shady, nasty recruiter, and that helps. Plus, it's like USC- if the NCAA is investigating, and no rules are handed down, you keep recruiting! 


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They're doing a good job, but they have lost recruits because of the investigation, too.  For example it's one of the biggest reasons that one of the top five CBs in the country - Demetrious Nicholson - dropped them and committed to UVA instead.  He was a UNC lean for most of the summer and early fall.


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Actually, the UNC fans are pissed about Cam Newton, the other schools with agent violations, and even the OSU players getting five games. While note quite as publically forthcoming, UNC took (or wants to look like they are taking) the responsible, transparent, and self accountable route like we did. I think they wrapped up the agent portion, and are still working on the tutoring portion. Or maybe they are already in the waiting period where they prepare to go meet the NCAA.