OT: Unarmed US Marines stop terrorist attack on French Train

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Pretty amazing story here, proud of our boys in uniform. 


Three people have been hurt after a heavily armed man opened fire on a train in northern France, before being overpowered by two American passengers.

The incident happened on the high-speed Thalys service near Arras, and the attacker was arrested at Arras station.

The interior minister praised the Americans, one of whom was seriously injured, as was another passenger.

The man arrested was a 26-year-old Moroccan. Anti-terrorist officers have taken over the case.

The weapons were said to include a Kalashnikov, a knife, an automatic pistol and cartridges.

One of the two people seriously hurt had a gunshot wound, the other a knife wound.





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Hold the hell up. How is this even? We bailed them out in ww1 & 2. We tried to clean up the mess they caused in Vietnam as well. And had to fight against french supplied weapons in iraq during desert storm. So please explain this even bullshit? They owe the US greatly plus with interest. And guess what? I live in fn Lafayette LA.


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without France. We really need to quit with this "your welcome" B.S. I get the jest in the comment when it's obvious but I know far too many that truly mean it when they say it. They think France should pray at the Alter of America every morning, go on European Vacations acting like THEY singlehandedly won WW1&2 for France, etc. Their History books tend to be much less free of "The Fairytale Police" than ours so they know the actual history of the American Revolution and really loathe that stereotype arrogant and ignorant American. When they visit France they spit in their food, etc. This is direct info, btw lol. No doubt the actions of the Marines should be praised by all (!) and maybe their news will remind the French that we're not all douchebags but historic allies and give tourists a few weeks of snoot-free vacations but we need to stop this "you're welcome!" horseshit.


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of that history where their aid to America during the Revolutionary War was an entirely self-serving gesture aimed at weakening their primary rival in global colonial domination, the British, while at the same time getting a little payback for the Seven Years' War? Sure, the French helped us, and no, they do not need to kiss our ass for WWI or WWII. But acting like the French were some good-hearted buddy during our quest for independence is a bit of a lie...  

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Obviously they acted in what they considered their own interests; all countries do this.  But they basically paid for our entire war effort (and bankrupted themselves in the process), gave us a ton of weapons, blockaded our coast, threatened to invade England (forcing the British to keep troops at home), and sent an army over to Virginia.  You don't look a gift horse in the mouth.



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The left hand takes what the right gives away. We had to invent the Marines to take out the Barbary Coast because Paris wouldn't do it. They figured the pirates - Islamists of their day - hurt the Brits even more so it was a cost they could handle. For centuries the entire Mediterranean coastline was dangerous to live on because due to North African pirates looking for slaves.

So eventually we & the Brits went in and did what the French could and should have done eons earlier; bomb the Islamists into the Stone Age.

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It was a little more complicated than that.  Pretty much all seafaring European nations were allied with the Barbary States at one point or another.  Once a country would make peace with them, they'd encourage them to raid that country's enemies.

Only in the 19th century was there a Europe-wide consensus that Barbary piracy had to be stopped, and they launched a serious of attacks against the states.  France actually ended the piracy for good by capturing Algiers in 1830.





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accurate history. If not on app I'd posbang the shit out of you lol. Actually, I've likely been negged so hard I'm bordering Bolivia but if I could I would. As an unbiased history buff I appreciate that quality on others. I could go on about the Islamic slave trade, the Tripoli bombardment, Jefferson sending the ships without telling Congress until they were too far out (Fuck yeah) but I won't go deeper than to say even that wasn't all America. In this discussion it's purely as simple as: there is no us without them so regardless of motive for helping us we need to quit acting like they owe us something. My opinion of modern France it's politics and it's people are irrelevant. US Marines were there to help BECAUSE of France lol. France is why US Marines exist. It's that simple. I don't know why people can't accept that....


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The Marines were created by an act of the Second Continental Congress in 1775, November 10. They were not invented for the Barbary pirates. However we do remember this conflict in our song..."to the shores of Tripoli".

I spent 6 years in the Marines. I am very proud of these guys efforts.


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I think I do ok. Again, I get the jest when it's obvious. I call them "frogs" and crack jokes about the French like anyone else. As I said above, some people seriously mean it when they say "you're welcome" to them. That needs to stop, IMO. It doesn't matter the reason why they did it. We're a nation because of them. I can (and do) make fun of most nations but I'm not so arrogant as to tell another populace that "they're welcome" lol. I imagine it's as frustrating as having people from other nations talk about our nation's problems as if we're the American ambassador or have a direct line to the President. I hate that! Imagine almost every foreigner on vacation here talking endlessly about what we need to fix or how we're behind every other industrialized nation in everything regarding quality of life. It would get old very fast. I dislike when people seriously tell the French that "they're welcome. That's all. Only a complete dick that deserves to have their food spit in visiting Paris does that. Seems very osu fan-ish lol.


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He wouldn't be on that bombing mission if not for France. End story. Are they perfect as a nation or even pleasant people on the macro? Not important, an opinion and POLITICS. Not for this conversation. History is. I hope everyone is ok, those marines kicked ass and The entire French government can thank those marines (America by proxy). They owe "America" zero thanks that they haven't already given 500x over.

Honk if Ufer M…

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What you meant was your best friend's brother participated in a war crime, a violation of our Geneva convention treaty, a violation of US law and a crime against humanity for the strategic and economic interests of corporations who plunder resources and threaten or bribe dictators to enforce slave labor conditions and no pollution regulation so they can close US factories and plants in favor of the slave labor.

In this case a lot of the problem was Gaddafi's Pan African-ism and plans to form an African currency, and at least to get off the petro dollar and trade in another currency, just like Saddam was planning.

Additionally, like Saddam, like Chavez, like Castro and so many others in Latin America, Africa and elsewhere, using national wealth and resources for the benefit & betterment of their people puts them on the enemies list because we can't let the domino's of democracy, good governance, freedom, self governance, rights and power in the hands of people fall and spread.

Corporate wealth, power, criminality, impunity & immunity must be protected and furthered at all costs.

That means crushing people, their rights, their health, their education, their freedom, freedom of the press, rights to eat, to water, to breath, or to live.

Whatever it takes to make an extra buck for the only group of people that already have more bucks than they will ever possibly spend in 50 lifetimes!!!!!

Do you know what oBomBer's Orwellian, or Bushian quintuplespeak was in order to claim legality in continuing his destruction?

The law is that if you launch a "police action" or military action without a declaration of war or authorization from congress under the claim urgent emergency you can only continue "hostilities" for 60 days without getting that authorization.

So, like the Emperor's new bombs, oBOMBa declared that our bombing and slaughter "Does not rise to the level of hostilities"!!!!!

How many of you remember that? How many of you have ever heard that reported or commented on or talked about by the media outside of briefly at the time, and only reported, not examined or talked about?

Benghazi is the alleged scandal and talked to death without any context when the actual gigantic crime against humanity was the invasion and slaughter and subversion of human rights of the masses, which was also a gigantic breaking of the laws of man and nature, or even god if you believe in that.

Imagine worrying about whether or not Hitler or Mussolini cost 4 of their own men their lives with some mistake, but absolutely refusing to talk about what they were doing to how many innocent victims in the bigger picture! That is the exact analogy!

The only crime in Benghazi was what we were doing there and in talking about that meaningless garbage in face of massive crimes against humanity, massive fraud in selling the war and covering up the true motives, meaning they stole every penny from the tax payers to use it for things other than stated in requesting the money!

If none of the so called "liberal" media lets you understand this, nor any other mainstream media or right wing media, nor do Republican's or Democrat's talk about it, or about any of the real issues and threats that drastically affect peoples lives in terrible ways as a matter of business and govt. policy every single day then how is the whole thing anything other than a conspiracy and a con job?

The wool is thickly over the eyes of this doomed nation.



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France is allies with us cause it's in their best interest. You're truly going back to the revolutionary war to try to say we wouldn't have won without France? It's well known that France only has ever helped us when we already were about to win anyways. Way to rewrite history their Napoleon. #SMH  The fact that there is five idiots on this site who actually liked this post makes me want to puke. France should be glad we along with England didn't just lay down like they did during world war 2. Funny how people claim facts to be facts when making their opinon. A Fact is only a Fact if it can be backed up and in your case it's a matter of what you want to believe.


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I am 100% French in ancestry, have been to France for vacation several times, and can passably speak the language (at least enough for restaurants, bars and stores). I love France and its people. What I don't love, and this is where these "thanks" comments come from, is the French sense of moral, ethnic and intellectual superiority vs. the U.S. Anyone that knows anything about Paris for example, knows that while a typical person there is perfectly civil, the political, business and shopkeeper class has an assumption of superiority that is fed by the french feeling (to be fair this applies to almost all other countries vs France) that they have a superior culture and people. There are all sorts of negative stereotypes about the U.S. that are uncontested by the french media. Hey whatever, that doesn't bother me, and other countries feel that way as well, it's all good. But when that same country that holds itself superior to you also wouldn't exist without your (and allies) efforts, I think some people see that ad like to make jokes about it. Perefectly normal reacion in my book. And I'm not sure why it would rile you up so much.

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August 22nd, 2015 at 12:37 PM ^

I can confirm some of what you say about media stereotypes and such.  The U.S. is portrayed in the French media as the epitome of free-market liberalism (in the international sense) and is regarded as overly extreme, with too many social disparities and an obsession with an individual freedom.  But French people can also be extremely self-deprecating and criticize their own society all the time, complaining about how it's too rigid, the employment laws are too strict, how society is losing its way, and all that.  When there are newspaper stories about the U.S., there often are lots of comments below about how France is behind the times and needs to open up.  

In any event, I was there for a year and I found - especially outside of Paris - that most people I met were very friendly and interested to learn more about the U.S.  Young people particularly don't buy into notions of cultural superiority as for one thing, youth unemployment is awful and it's becoming routine for young graduates to go abroad for at least a short time to beef up their résumé.

In Paris people can be tougher.  I will say in fairness that they have to deal with a lot of first-time tourists who know no French and don't understand French customs, and that's got to wear your patience down.  If you make some effort to fit in, they're generally OK, if not super nice.


East German Judge

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From USA Today story - 3 people injured - the 2 Marines and 1 Frenchmen:

"The newspaper, quoting a prosecutor, reported that one of the soldiers was injured by a gunshot and the other by a knife. The French actor Jean-Hugues Anglade was also reported injured in his hand when he broke a glass to pull an alarm."



August 21st, 2015 at 9:26 PM ^

thanks for this non-relevant response to my post. If you are trying to imply in any way that my post making fun of the french military, which is one of the most common memes I've ever seen, is making light of those that were hurt or perished today then shame on you. I hope it earns you lots of dwight schrute bucks.


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Often overlooked but true, French were fairly vital in us not being a colony. Then again, we almost had to fight a naval war against France the in the 1790s, so who knows. France's military is seen as so bad because they happen to have the misfortune of sharing a border with Germany, who were very, very good at war.


August 21st, 2015 at 7:55 PM ^

Also useful to remember they lost about 1.7 million fighting World War I before we "saved" them. Equivalent loss by % in the US today would be around 13.5 million people. And they lost 50% more people in WW2 and the occupation than the US lost in all of WW2 on both fronts.

Especially considering their role in our own independence, people should give more respect to the French, IMO. They've made sacrifices in the cause of freedom Americans probably can't really understand, sitting over here in our nice ocean-protected bubble.

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August 21st, 2015 at 10:41 PM ^

I lived in France for a year.  The idea that French people hate the rest of the world - and especially the U.S. - is comical.  American music, American movies/TV, American clothes, even American fast food - French people devour it up.  Yeah, you'll meet the occasional person who rails against the influence of U.S. culture in France (and I don't necessarily blame them).  And some people get annoyed with tourists who make zero effort to fit in (which I also don't blame them for).  But in general, when I'd tell people I was American, 90% of the time they would go on about how much they love the U.S. (if they've been there) or how much they want to go (if they haven't) . . . for young people, it was like 99%.

French people might be a little more provincial/nationalistic than say, Germans, but compared to Americans?  We are the last country to lecture anyone on that.





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We didn't lose as many people in the war because of our tactical superiority. The Russians lost millions cause they were fucking stupid and the Germans lost so many cause they had to fight the hoards. The French gave up. People that claim we didn't win the war, the Russians did and shit like that have no military or history background to speak upon.