OT: UM student starts "Walk of Shame Shuttle"

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Has also received coverage in the Chicago Sun Times and several blogs. The entrepreneur has her own blog: http://gingerambition.tumblr.com/

Personally, I think she should combine this idea with "Taxi Cab Confessions." Make the big bucks. The video is a LOL and marginally NSFW:



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"Pride Stride" Shuttle she could double her clientele!

/gender biases

I thought the BTB Party Bus was a great idea, fixed prices around AA? I know people who would have used this for sure.


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Who would think to search there for this? I threw it in there because I thought it was amusing, but wasn't sure it was worth it's own thread (so some "open entertainment").  Today seems a bit slower...I might have put it up yesterday but there seemed to be a lot more ontopic posts then.  Thanks for pointing it out, but if enough people think it's worthy of it's own discussion, I'm game. I thought it was pretty funny, and worth seeing the town in the background.

(Why did I never think to check out Halloween MORNING??)


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presumption is that I was posting it as "news"? That this thread is nothing more than a juvenile "FIRST, LOL" post?

I'm willing to bet more readers have been made aware of this content through this thread, than through their chance discovering it while perusing an unrelated and outdated thread.

Which is beside the point, entirely. The thread is created to allow readers to contribute and discuss the item of interest. Try it some time.


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I'm happy for the girl for all of the publicity she's gotten for this over the last two or three weeks, but It's a little disappointing because that publicity is what has lead to her actually having to apply for everything that goes along with having a real business.  It makes it way less funny and way more annoying for her than her intentions were.

Feat of Clay

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That video was far better than I expected.  I would totally sign up to be a driver for this. 

I am an old married hag, but when my family was in town for the Husker game, I told my younger relatives that I would stay up and pick them up after bar time.  When I pulled up to the curb, I reflected how it had been YEARS since I was amidst of crowd of drunken revelers stumbling out of a closing bar on South University and dare I say I felt nostalgic -- and maternally protective.  It was butt cold and if my car was bigger I would have packed it full of loud drunk freezing people to take them to their destinations in warmth.  I wouldn't even charge extra for the obligatory stop at Taco Bell.

Of course the first time a passenger puked, I suspect my enthusiasm for this endeavor would be quelled.


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What I find interesting about this business model is how the hell she plans on keeping it solvent. The Night Ride is financed by the AATA. Otherwise, it would not be possible to charge a mere $5 to shuttle drunks around town.

How is she covering her costs? Perhaps her provision of $5 Morning-After pill coupons may entitle her to some kind of subsidy through U of M, WCPH, or some such.