OT: UF fans bitter about George Campbell

Submitted by Decatur Jack on July 28th, 2013 at 6:02 PM

File this under General SEC Schadenfreude.

Seems like a few Florida Gator fans are a little butthurt about George Campbell's commitment, and most are preaching that IT WON'T LAST! HE A GATORRRR!

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The butthurt is strong with this one:

To me, this commitment really doesn't make any sense. I get the interest in Clemson with the offense they run and WRs they can sell him on that they have produced, but Michigan? They threw for less than 200 yds a game.............in the Big 10. I'm sure they are selling him on the future and not the past the same as UF, but I don't get what he could have been told that put Michigan above Clemson or UF.




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Arrogant and overrated. Clemson is a perennial pretender. Michigan will provide George with a chance to flourish and play on the biggest stage in multiple BCS bowl games. George is a wise man. George is bigger than Florida and definitely bigger than Clemson. Southerners dont understand Michigan.....and thats fine.


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It is interesting how short memories are - UM is now perceived to be a spread type offense due to about 5 years of history.  I realize many of those commentators dont follow Michigan closely since it is SEC country but we did beat them just over a half decade ago with a pro style offense and prior to 2009 that was the base set for a few decades.   So yes looking to the future AND past... just not the very recent past.  Amazing how quickly perception changed of Michigan due to one 5 year period.


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This may be a little off topic for this thread, but speaking of Florida and Brady Hoke fans, Will Muschamp said on First Take (yeah, I know) last week that he's a fan of Hoke and basically admitted he intentionally referred to OSU as Ohio. And Skip B. approved. (Go to about the 2:00 mark.)

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"I don't get what he could have been told that put Michigan above Clemson or UF."

How about pretty much everything aside from the weather and what it means for female's choices in clothing?

Space Coyote

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And in all honesty, outside of a few crazies, it was pretty tame. Better than most fan bases, and I venture to say better than many on some of the other Michigan sites. Surely, even on this blog, there would be a few saying similar things if, say, McDowell committed to Florida.

These threads proclaiming "look how an SEC team has a few fans that don't understand how someone would pick another team over them" just simply aren't good schadenfreude, and pointing to them here is tired and petty.


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...their new coach who inherited a dumpster fire from Urbz, then turned it into an 11-2 team two years later?

Let's be real for a minute. We don't have much of a rivalry with Florida (if anything, there's some affinity due to a common hatred of Urban Meyer, as Muschamp's comments from last week indicate). We have no reason to indulge in Florida schadenfreude. Losing out on Campbell won't hurt them as much as it would have hurt a lesser program. Threads like this are silly and make us look like Sparty.


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You can't deny they had a good showing last year, and Muschamp seems like a stand-up guy.  I respect the way that people compare his ethics to those of Urban Meyer, saying things like, "Coach Meyer knows what it takes to win" (specifically, not kicking bad apples off the team).  And Muschamp earned some points in my book with his "Ohio" comment last week.  

I'd have no problem rooting for Florida in their conference games.  The only problem is that somehow both teams end up celebrating because the loser still finds a way to bask in the winner's reflective glory when the peculiar SEC!  SEC! chants get going.


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While on the whole the thread seemed pretty tame I have to admit its still nice to see SEC fans jealous of Michigan, even if it's only a few of them.


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They have a bandwagon. I live here and these "fans" jump from The U to FSU and back based on the season. I moved from PA and this state as a whole has the worst fans overall. No passion like you see with our fan base and Ohio , ND etc.

This is one fan base that you shouldn't care what they say at all.


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But there are plenty of hardcore fans. My wife is a Florida alum, and I can tell you because I've met a lot--the two hate each other. But the one thing Florida fans are more hardcore about than FSU is "SEC." They flaunt their SEC and their gator chomp everywhere.

My wife still drops Tebow references about the Braveheart/FSU game whenever my son gets his face half dirty. I cut that crap out quick.

They got passion. But I don't mind because she wants to watch college football nonstop, and that's pretty awesome.


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Yeah I've never lived in Florida, but friends who have lived there have said what I pretty much suspect: Florida has real fans and seems to sell their stadium out regularly. OTOH, it's FSU and Miami that have no real fans and can't sell fill their stadiums (especially Miami)