OT: UF and NU coaching searches

Submitted by Clarence Boddicker on November 18th, 2017 at 4:19 AM

Gator fans believe that Chip Kelly is signed, sealed, and picking out drapes for his office at UF. Of course there's been no hint of this anyplace else. As we know so well however, coaching dreams can come true.

Some Bleacher Report guy says Frost and NU are close to a 7year $35mil deal. (The link is not to Bleacher Report. I wouldn't do that to you, dear reader.)






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With the number of high profile head coaching positions that will be open by season's end, it will be interesting to see who ends up where. The only certainty seems to be that there will be some huge salaries paid out.


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Nebraska's historic identity has been as a power running team and you'd think Bielema could get that done, but his conference record at Arkansas is a craptastic RR-like 11-27. Unless he takes a job at a non-Power 5 school, I think Bert's looking at a few seasons as a DC before he gets another major HC job.


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Speaking of coaching searches, I was listening to playbook on ESPNU radio today on the way to work.. and they said Arkansas fans really want to go after Gus Malzahn. Which could get interesting.. He did play for Arkansas back in 1984 before transferring to Henderson State.


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so my guess is that not too far from wherever it is that the huskers play there is some pretty serious deer hunting.   

no, my calling is to stay up north and torment my family.  i am dedicated to this proposition.  


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I hope Nebraska gets a good coach and becomes relevant again. A good friend of mine is from Nebraska and his family and friends have made two trips to Michigan for the Nebraska Michigan game and I went there in 2012. Great group of fans.


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I am not a Hoke apologist, but pulling the interim tag off Hoke might not be a bad idea and heres why: hes going to be relatively cheap I bet he would accept 3 mil, instead of the 5 everyone else would want. Hoke is a proven recruiter, and lastly I think he may have learned his lesson about offenses. His last two positions have been under spread coaches, he might have been converted. All he needs is an innovative O coordinator, and he might be succesful.


November 18th, 2017 at 10:46 AM ^

"He'll come cheap" isn't an argument a big-time football program should be advancing.  

It's possible that there will be no good outside options and keeping Hoke as a quasi-interim coach through 2018 (like Minnesota did with Tracy Claeys after Kill resigned) might not be a bad idea, but making him the permanent hire right now would be a tough sell to the fanbase.



November 18th, 2017 at 9:57 AM ^

I just hope someone hires Kevin Wilson away from OSU. He's actually turned OSU into a pretty good passing outfit, despite having to work with Barrett, to go along with their already great running game. I'd really like to see OSU go back to being a mostly one dimensional offense.

He might not get another Power 5 gig right away but maybe UCF will go after him when Frost leaves for greener ($$$) pastures.


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I want to unconditionally hate Nebraska for '97, but I just can't completely pull it off.  
I'd like to see Frost go there.  It would be good for that program.


November 18th, 2017 at 11:05 AM ^

outside of MGoBlog thought Harbaugh was going to end up at Michigan at the end of November/beginning of December of 2014.  I wouldn't be shocked if those two ended up at those places.