OT: UCLA RS Freshman Nick Pasquale killed in car accident

Submitted by Brown Bear on September 9th, 2013 at 7:42 PM
Really sad news in the college sports world as RS Frosh Nick Pasquale of UCLA was struck by a car early Sunday morning and passed away. Jim Mora Jr. was interrupted during his press conference by some idiot with a phone while talking about the young man. Mora stormed out and then met with the media later and gave a very nice remembrance of what seems like a very nice young man and heck of a football player. RIP Nick and condolences to his family and the UCLA community. Link for videos. I'm not embed skilled. http://ucla.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1547256 Link to story http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/college-football/news/20130908/ucla-pl… Edit: Sorry for horrible formatting, ipad posted. My apologies, maybe a mod can clean it up for me.



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Yeah, this is a bummer.  It's a weird story too - despite it being during the season, the kid was at home in San Clemente, which is a couple hours from Westwood (and a very cool town, btw).  And he was walking across the street at 1:30am.  I know kids go home during the school year, but during the season?  I'm not saying it's the kid's fault or anything, just that it's a strange story.

Brown Bear

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I agree that he handled it well. The fact that the idiot then has the nerve to tell him to "Go on" is beyond comprehension. Mora walking away was the right thing to do so it didnt escalate as I'm sure his emotions and everything were getting the best of him. The ten minutes or so he spoke with the reporters later on was really touching and show the compassion he has. Seems like a good guy that UCLA has there leading their program.


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that "reporter/media member" is an F'ing clown. I'd have gone nuts on him so kudos to Mora for not getting in an altercation. From the football comments here, I can say that I've always had a general liking for UCLA outside of when we would play. Mora is doing well and will run Lane Kiffin out of town if he doesn't do it himself by week 5.