OT: UCLA Bruin fans shaking fists at the sky.

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Isn't this stuff supposed to happen to Purdue?

If there ever was any question whether UCLA would be competitive for the 2011 football season, it has been answered decisively today:

OG Stan Hasiak dismissed, academically ineligible.

Senior Sean Sheller began spring ahead of Hasiak but moved to left tackle when junior Jeff Baca broke his left ankle. Sheller, who subsequently went down with a broken hand, is expected to begin fall camp at left tackle and remain there until Baca returns, perhaps in October. The only other guards listed on the end-of-spring depth chart are redshirt freshman Wade Yandall and walk-ons Sam Saultz and Jay Barlow.

Only one of UCLA’s four incoming freshman is projected to play guard — Ben Wysocki (6-4, 265) of Los Alamitos High. Another option might be JC transfer Albert Cid (6-4,320), who verbally committed to the Bruins in May after playing for Citrus Community College in 2010.

Neuheisel is 4-8, 7-6 and 4-8. And still nothing set at quarterback.




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That is very unfortunate for Neuheisel.  I guess the prodigal son in really in the hot seat now.

For QBs, they do have RIchard Brehaut who I thought would be the starter this year. 


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According to Rivals, here is how UCLA's recruiting classes have ranked in the Pac-12:

2005: #4

2006: #2

2007: #6

2008: #2

2009: #2

2010: #2

2011: #7

Based on those numbers, UCLA should at least have the talent to be doing much better than they have been.  I don't follow UCLA enough to know whether the problem is in a lack of player development, or poor schemes and game management decisions, or what--probably it's a combination of things.  But the bottom line is that Neuheisal is a lousy coach.


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That's what they get for hiring that slimy guy as coach.  Neuheisel is like John Calipari, except he doesn't actually win. 

Schweddy Balls

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Besides typically having mediocre teams, the problem with UCLA right now is that the school can not spend to the degree that USC can for football related things such as facilities etc. Public Schools in LA are toast as there is just no funding at all.


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Despite playing in the Rose Bowl and living is SoCal (okay two pretty good points) I don't know why a player would choose UCLA over USC. I went to a game 2 years ago and it was the worst game day experience. Pretty much nullified the fact they play at the Rose Bowl.


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Aziz Shittu

Seems to be a genuine interest
Him and RJS are on twitter communicating which I think is great recruits need to help recruit others..They will be at the Nike Opening together next week as well





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...Offensive Line Hating God has reared his ugly head. Perhaps he's the same guy as Angry Michigan Secondary Hating God and this means he's moved on to new challenges. One can hope, can't one?