OT: U of M researchers theory on the Cuba Sonic Attack

Submitted by Craptain Crunch on March 2nd, 2018 at 1:08 PM

Looks like the good researchers at U of M might have figured out what sickened  US and Canadian Embassy employees last year.


Interesting stuff should you get bored with sports today.




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As a former scientician, I approve the idea that the color red is nature's way of saying "poisonous, don't eat me!" while the color blue suggests "I'm good for you." 

That's why I always ask for the blue meth. Costs a little more, but you get what you pay for.


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With science. BeUtiful

EDIT:  missed the part about the blue meth.  meth is more of an off-white color, sometimes called peanut butter paste, when made.  they bleach it out to give it the customary white color.  as for the blue stuff, who knows what they use, maybe windshield washer fluid, maybe windex, whatever it is, i'm sure ti's safe. 

Schem Bobechler

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right before the NCAA Tournament.  I assume the research is being used to advance a Beilein Sonic Attack on our upcoming opponents.  I would definitely save it for the Big Dance.


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several years ago, the resident know-it-all in our department tried to convince me that he witnessed people immediately pooing themselves when hit with strong subsonic waves from a 'concert grade' stereo system. So maybe he had more of a point than I gave him credit for, but since the article talks about ultra-sonic waves causing audible waves as the likely culprit, I stand by my original bullshit call.


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Is how just about every US press source starts off with assumption that this was an "attack" by "the Cubans" when there is really little evidence of that. The only thing that is in evidence is that the Trump Administration - without conclusive anything in hand - simply used the situation to cut back on 60% (!!!) of its personnel in the US Embassy in Havana (which had near the highest, if not the highest, number of US State Department personnel of ANY US State Department facility in the world, since before the time it was an embassy at all and was rather an "Interests Section" - wonder why...), and to eliminate the execution of US entry visas for Cuba at that same Embassy. In other words on the last point, they basically shut down all of the consular activities at the embassy and now Cubans must go to the US Embassy in Bogota, Colombia to get a visa to come to the US. Oh yeah, that's a really easy thing for Cubans to do. So much for helping the "oppressed people of Cuba" get visas to get to the US so they can have "freedom." And several other measures.

Noteworthy that Canada didn't do much regarding their embassy in Havana or its personnel, they withdrew a few people who had complained of effects, amid press speculation that the Canadians had imagined it all.

The reason Trump et al did this was to placate the Cuban right-wing dinosaurs in S Florida. Period. Like Emma Gonzalez to Marco Rubio (and plenty of others) - I call BS.

And if it was - as this article suggests - some kind of accidental outcome of an attempt to engage in surveillance, why the hell aren't folks asking whether it was the US trying something that backfired and hurt State employees in the Embassy? I guess that simply cannot be a possiblity in the minds of some people, at least.

Maybe other MGoBloggers/Alumni who have lived or worked extensively in Cuba as I have can share their thoughts if they have not already.





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And it makes sense intuitively. Poor or old technology and / or poor implementation of technology in Cuba doesn't seem far-fetched.