OT-U of M phone case

Submitted by WoodleyIsBeast on April 3rd, 2011 at 8:02 PM

Quick question for those that may be able to help.  I'm picking up the HTC Thunderbolt phone this week and haven't had any luck finding a U of M case.  Does anybody out there have one or have a website in mind that would?  Thanks for the help......



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Haven't seen any sport team cases at all for iPhones. I think there may be sites where you can get one custom made. I saw a commercial once, I think it was called skinz.com or something like that. Hope that helps!


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How did you get it to animate like that?
<br>Also I haven't really searched for a UM case since the one I have is really good but I guess I should have clarified earlier. I mean to say that I haven't seen any team iPhone cases in any of the stores i looked.
<br>But really, how did you make/find that google search animation?


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There's an iPhone 4 case on Mden as well.  http://www.mden.com/shopping/product.cgi?1082656245285149?1519?5409


Awesome case, but my Otterbox is a life saver.  I'll save the details, but I recently got into an accident with my phone on my dash and the case was shattered but my phone was as good as new.  If you want to protect your phone and your money, buy an Otterbox Defender.  Amazon has them for $25. 

Sgt. Wolverine

April 4th, 2011 at 1:03 PM ^

I haven't put it in any such hazardous situations (yet), but the Otterbox Defender is FANTASTIC.  After spending $200 on a phone, I wanted the toughest case I could find, and that's exactly what the Defender is.  I don't worry about my phone at all.

EDIT: As for the OP...they don't yet have one for the Thunderbolt, and they don't have any college logo cases anyway.  But if we're talking about getting the best case out there, in my mind Otterbox is where the conversation starts.


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Stay away from skinit. Girlfriend bought me one from here and it was nothing what they said it was. Was just a bunch of stickers to stick on a clear hard case that comes with it. The thing is just a piece of junk and a waste of money.


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very high quality.  They don't seem to have the Thunderbolt yet , but you might want to wait a bit;  they are an excellent product.  You can customize the skin with any photo and they will fabricate a skin to exactly fit your phone.  I had a  "touch the banner" photo on my first phone.  





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Skinit is pretty good quality stuff. I got a Michigan skin for my ipod and it looks pretty cool to be honest, but it doesn't really protect it.