OT: Tyrann Mathieu and Jordan Jefferson arrested

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Tyrann Mathieu and three other former LSU football players were arrested Thursday on drug-related charges. 

Mathieu and former LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson were charged with simple possession of marijuana, the Baton Rouge police department said in a release.





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"new breed" is changing that a little.  This medical grade stuff (both pill and leaf) is both different from what they had at woodstock and much more easily available than any "illegal" drug has ever been.  True, that drug like material that you used to buy in high school from a guy named  Tony, Chase, or Marty that included one part lettuce and two parts parsley was not the least bit addictive, but I don't think you can say the same about what is out there now.


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I'm 28 years old; I don't know what kind of mexican bush weed they were smoking at Woodstock, but I smoked the good shit in college on a daily basis and had to quit for work when I graduated. I was grumpy for 2-3 weeks. That was it. Weak psychological addiction and nothing more.


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older than that and know about "the good shit" you are referring to.  It has gotten better.  And whether or not it is addictive does not turn on whether you term it psychological, physical, mental, physical, or otherwise, it depends on internal and environmental factors unique to the individual.  I do not discount the fact that Matthews could actually be "addicted" to weed, just as I don't dismiss the fact that Tiger Woods could actually have been addicted to sex.  And I have seen weed addiction, it does not look like meth addiction, but it can shape lives.


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Your first argument was that the new breed of stronger and readily available weed factors into its addictive qualities. Now you're arguing that it's internal and environmental factors.


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first argument was that weed had gotten stronger.  You argued back that you had smoked good weed and did not get addicted, therefore, weed is not addictive.  I argued back that you cannot declare weed to be not addictive based on the fact that you, yourself, did not become addicted.


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I'm using myself as an example. There are plenty of studies that back that assertion. The effects of marijuana withdrawal are extremely minor when compared to other drugs, including alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine.

And I never claimed it's not addictive, just that it's a weak psychological addiction


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Is that a serious question?  There are murders and wife-beaters playing in the NFL.  I'd wager every team has at least one player with a "serious" conviction (say, DUI and up).  Hell, Michigan has consistent marijuana abusers playing.



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"Police say they were called to the apartment complex after receiving a complaint about a man, who later was identified as the 22-year-old Jefferson, forcing his way through the security gate before going to Mathieu's apartment." - from the article

Because the way to keep all this secret is to have someone do something conspicuous which results in a complaint,  right? I would have to think that Mathieu and football and perhaps even college have just now parted ways, at least on a level where anyone would take notice (e.g., D-1 football). It is really a waste, but he doesn't seem to have any self-discipline to speak of. 


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First couple times you think, no big deal, just a kid, a pseudo- superstar, he'll learn. Next few times he's caught its: Wtf are you thinking? You're royally blowing it here, kid. Kicked off the team and going to rehab, seemed like a total waste of talent, but maybe he can turn it around. Now? He has to be about the dumbest kid in America to blow such a golden opportunity on something so trivial for the same reason over and over again.

Jim Carrey has some advice for you:



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Yea when you keep getting caught for the same thing, leave it alone. Its plenty of people who smoke weed everyday and have never got caught. He needs to change his circle and start making better decisions. I hate for talent to waste itself away like that.


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What a talented little F-up. So, those rumors of Petrino on a motorcycle heading down I-75 to Gainesville with the Honey Badger in the sidecar apparently weren't true. And I wonder if Jefferson will continue to play for Montreal after his arrest.


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Wasn't he just in rehab and getting treatment?  Yeah, don't feel bad for this loser at all.  He had all the advantages of getting help and getting his life on track and blew it. 

Two Hearted Ale

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It's true Mathieu has advantages not afforded to others because of his athletic ability but he was dealt a losing hand from birth. His father has been in prison for murder since Mathieu was very young and played a very limited role in his life. His father also had substance abuse problems that derailed a promising football career. His mother couldn't handle the situation and gave him to his grandparents and later his aunt and uncle. By all accounts, his aunt and uncle gave him opportunity but he hasn't been able to capitalize on it because he remains loyal to friends who are going nowhere.

It seems like a simple choice to a responsible adult; friends and lifestyle that guarantee a life similar to his father or the straight and narrow with an education and a chance at NFL millions. Not a simple choice to a kid who remains loyal to friends who were there when he had nothing. Especially when he is predisposed to substance abuse.

Mathieu isn't guaranteed to go down the wrong path but his decisions over the past year (and probably before that) are rapidly closing the window of opportunity that his athletic talent opened.