OT: TWIS Followup - ND Schadenfreude

Submitted by imdeng on October 27th, 2010 at 9:56 PM

The TWIS this week is full of win, but Brian had to go to EDSBS for the ND side of things, rather than the usual source of ND misery - NDNation.com. However, NDNation did have some wonderful schaden this week. Here is my favorite - the poster is comparing ND's defensive performance to learning to ride a bycycle - with Diaco, the DC, as the person trying to learn. Enjoy the quote:

Last weekend, Bob Diaco detatched the front wheel of the bike and repeatedly rammed the front fork into his own nuts. He then loosened the bolt on the handlebars and methodically raised it and lowered it, slamming himself in the teeth over and over again. Once he tightened the handlebars, he attempted to ride the bike without replacing the front wheel, causing him to flip head first over the handlebars and down a cliff. After he climbed back up the cliff, he removed the bike seat and sat down with as much force as he possibly could. There's a reason people want Diaco to step away from the bike for a little while.

You can follow the discussion here: http://www.ndnation.com/boards/showpost.php?b=football;pid=145623;d=all



October 27th, 2010 at 10:05 PM ^

I usually enjoy seeing someone else's message board explode after a loss, but after the tragedy that happened to their athletic department today, I really don't take any pleasure in seeing ND down at all. I think we ought to let them be for a bit.