OT: Tuberville pulled Cincinnati recruits scholarships without telling them

Submitted by newfoundhbomb on January 11th, 2013 at 2:54 PM

article over at CBS Sports.com  with less then a month to go till signing day Tuberville tells current Cincy recruits to "look other places"  some have been committed since July.  Massillon Head Coach says Tuberville not welcomed at school anymore.  Guy is a dirt bag.





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But this is total horse shit. Where is your honor as a man? You dont have the sack to call a kid? So weak. Another example of why no matter how many questionable calls we make internally with game plan etc, character really matters.


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I used to feel bad for this guy after the Auburn AD went behind his back to interview Bobby Petrino while Tubbervile was still their head coach. I don't feel so bad for him anymore.


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The stupid thing, there is an easy and classy way to handle this.  Just tell the kid "Of course we'll honor the scholarship.  Also I'm introducing a new system and here are some ideas I had on how you can prepare for it."  Said ideas can be a gentle nudge to convey "The odds of you getting playing time in this system are near zero."  Then the kids can move on to new landing spot and no one's feelings are hurt.  

Just get that message out within a week of your hire so the kids have time to reopen recruitment.  


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Why doesn't Butch Jones Recruit these kids to Tennessee? He was the previous coach who recruited them, am I wrong? So why not give them a ring and say hey, "I know I recruited you for Cincy, but since [insert "Jack" and "ass" here] revoked your scholarships, I will honor them" as he was interested in them enough to play for him at UC, why not join at UT?


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But just because Butch recruited them for Cincinnati doesn't mean he has to recruit them for, what is supposed to be an upgrade in team and conference, in Tenneesse. Without looking at Tennessee's current recruiting class, I would believe that he'll be looking at his recruits first at Tenneesse, but if he's desperate you never know!


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I just figure, those were guys you wanted in your system at UC, they could definitely help, if nothing else, in establishing a pipeline from Massilion... Which is not a bad school to pull from Ohia into Tennessee... Just a thought on what I would do if I were him, but I'm not so it's a moot point


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Dude, out of all the Ohio H.S football programs to piss off, you chose Massillon!?


Still, Tuberville is getting quite a few new commits into Cincy since he was hired.





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No kidding Markusr.  I live just a bit north of Massilon and pissing off their coaching staff is NOT a good idea for anybody wanting to recruit in Northern Ohio.    Good luck to him.


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He coached at Auburn, for one. He physically assaulted an assistant coach, he bailed on recruits at a dinner like a coward, and now this...the actions of a small man. As a young coach he is everything I never want to be. I hope someone puts up 50 on him, and may fate deal him a terrible hand. I hate TT.

Ball Hawk

January 11th, 2013 at 10:44 PM ^

Same thing happened to my cousin at Indiana when they hired their new coach 2 years ago. He pulled some of the recruits schollies and then their A.D. made him honor the recruit's schollies but not a 1 of the recruits stayed. So now my cousin plays for Ball State now and was their highest recruit 2 yrs ago. Why would you want to play for someone that doesnt want you in the first place. Good luck to the Cincinnati recruits, things will work out for them.

Mr. Yost

January 12th, 2013 at 7:55 AM ^

I've already checked the Cincin recruiting class, we don't want any of their players. (And not because they're not good, because there best players are all JuCo transfers).

Yup, I'm THAT guy.