OT: Tuberville pulled Cincinnati recruits scholarships without telling them

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article over at CBS Sports.com  with less then a month to go till signing day Tuberville tells current Cincy recruits to "look other places"  some have been committed since July.  Massillon Head Coach says Tuberville not welcomed at school anymore.  Guy is a dirt bag.





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Was reported that e was out for dinner with a recruit (and family I believe) and he was in the middle of telling them how he was staying and selling the program when he got up to "use the washroom" and never returned. Reports then hit the web that he was taking Cincinnati job.


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The waitress brought our food out, and we thought [Tuberville] went to the bathroom, but he never game back to dinner...Then the next thing I know, the next day, he made an announcement that he's going to Cincinnati.

-Devonte Danzey, offensive line recruit [LINK]

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Weird. I feel like it's usually the opposite: new coach has to scramble to hold on to as many commits as possible. Not too often you see a guy chase recruits off.

Dirt bag or not, it's just a weird thing for a new coach to do.

Dutch Ferbert

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I do not understand why a coach would do this. How hard is it to have the balls to tell a high school kid that you are looking at someone else? In this situation where he's a new coach, it would be understandable for him to call people who committed to the previous staff and left them know why he is looking at giving a scholarship to another kid.

He probably tells his players about how he expects them to act like men too. Just another case of "Do as I say, not as I do."

If I had a son who was a D1 recruit, I would not let him go play for this guy.



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It's called professionalism. It's called communication. Two things Tubberville lacks. I'd be outraged too if I were the player or his parents. Tubberville just really played god with these kids. It's total BS


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...tack on the fact that recruits are 17/18 yr old kids.  They change their minds, they're making decisions to decide the course of their adult lives, the school they attend.  They have parents, friends, teachers and other players who have influence on what they choose to do and where they decide to go.  For a coach, it should not be so dynamic.  He also should be expected to act like an adult.  A Man. 

I'M A MAN!  I'M 40!!


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Because with few exceptions the school doesn't want a kid verbally committed to keep talking to other schools, so many of these kids have been off the radar for months since they committed.  The school, on the other hand, can keep recruiting kids all along.  So Cincy has been recruiting kids to replace these guys for a solid month without telling said verbal commits that their spots are no longer available.  And more generally, an athlete has far less leverage and power in the relationship between himself and the school; the school can almost always find a competent replacement, but the athlete usually has to go through the process all over again.


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Tommy Tuberville An Unfair Target?

“Yellow Journalism” is a term used in media for a situation where the reporter presents little or no well-researched news and instead uses eye catching headlines to sell his product. Tommy Tuberville may be the victim of such a tactic both in print media and the on radio..."


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It could have happened to any of their athletes.

I personally think the AD should tear up his contract on live tv if it happened that way.


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So, apparently, he left a dinner table in Lubbock in December in the middle of a dinner with Texas A&M recruits without saying anything to anyone, took the Cincinnati job (possibly through non-verbal means), and hasn't talked to anyone since except through representatives. What a precedent for open, honest communication he is setting in his regime - mainly, that there shall be no such thing.

I commend the Massillon coach for his statement - I am not sure how exactly coaching transitions work, but surely one could make the effort when entering into the position of talking to current recruits, introducing oneself and give them a general sense of what one is about and the philosophy and ask them if they would still like to be part of the program, but to say nothing and summarily pull their offers with mere weeks to NSD is an awful thing to do and says a lot (all of it negative) about how the program shall be managed.



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Tubberville is coaching at Cincy and Belima goes to Arkansas. 


I guess it shouldn't be that suprisng given that Boise St may be joining the Big East and Maryland and Rutgers are joining the B1G. 


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Why would he do that? They only have 12 commits now. Can't imagine him suddenly finding 13 kids in under 2 months worth burning bridges over. What a fucking douche.