OT: Troy Smith released from Steelers (surprise, surprise)

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It seems the Heisman curse continues to plague college football's so called "best" players. Troy Smith in my opinion was the most overrated quarter back during his years at Ohio State. The WRs he had to work with including Beanie Wells at RB is what made him look awesome. The National Championship game against Meyer and the Gators showed how overrated he was. Dominated completely and only completed 4 out of 35 passes in the 2nd half to lose 41-14. Watching the Buckeyes getting their asses kicked in that game pissed me off at the loss we took in 2006 so bad. I will go to my grave always believing we should never of lost that game. Would of been amazing to go to the national title game that year. I honestly believe we would of given Florida a game had we of won in 2006. We always seem to do well against the SEC. I was honestly worried about going into the Rose Bowl cause our record against USC is not that great. Smith was never going to be good in the NFL and his NFL resume is proof. He did nothing in the NFL.



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I'm sure he will, it's hard to not make a roster as a QB.


 I don't know if I would call it a Heisman curse lol. A lot of Heisman trophy winners go on to have good careers , even great careers. Charles, Eddie George and folks still have a spot for Reggie Bush just off the top of my head.


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forget Rookie of the year Cam Newton... a QB... or Charles Woodson.. he turned out pretty OK.

I think people forget that the Heisman means you had one badass season in college and that you were at least a junior when you did it. That usually requires a surrounding cast and a deep offensive line. 

Incidentally, Heisman winners usually go extremely early in the draft, which means they end up on the shittiest teams. You have to be quite the player to make an impact in that scenario.,


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Not surpised.  Buckeye QBs have a bad track record in the NFL.  I can't even remember the last time they produced an NFL starter at QB.     


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osu beat us fair and square tht game and smith did whatever he wanted (just as he did in 04 and 05 against us). if it wasnt for his fumbles in 2nd half it wldve been a rout. i hate ohio as much as anyone but lets be honest that on that night they were the better team and smith was the definition of a michigan killer.


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Crable's penalty late in the game is what irks me the most about that loss but I knew he would never be able to do what he did in college in the NFL. The hype around him is what pissed me off the most. I live in Columbus and that's the only name you heard from 2004 to 2006 it drove me nuts. I knew he would tank in the pros. Just like Archie Griffin. Was amazing in college only to realize he wasn't good enough to play pro.


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That penalty did cost us plenty! But Jim Herrmann is the reason that we lost that game. Ohio came out in a set that we couldn't cover with a regular nickle package. We were too stubborn to make any changes until the second half. Giving up 28 first half points was the game. They were too good to be shut down completely, but the lack of adjustment was our undoing.


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After Jamar Adams (or Barringer, can't remember which) got hurt in the first quarter, we were always going to be screwed in the secondary. The next guy up was Johnny Sears, who never proved ready for game play. Secondary depth was the one glaring flaw in that otherwise amazing defense. Blame the failure to get Justin King or Jai Eugene or just another couple corners in the years previous. It was a good move by Tressel to recognize and take advantage of a flaw. But there was really very little the coaches could have done given the injury situation.



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the week before fair and square.

Well, they beat us anyway and the rest is history.

I actually think we would have done better against USC if we had been knocked from #2 the Sunday after the Ohio game. USC had screwed their own pooch weeks before, were laying in the weeds, and had everything to gain from proving themselves in a Rose Bowl they were glad to be in. We on the other hand limped in pissed off at being in the also ran bowl with a coaching staff in some sort of suspended animation.

I also think we were better set up to take on Florida, however Ohio rippped a gaping whole in our defense that Florida was sure to take notice of.

Anyway, what a great season only to end in total dispair.


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The turf is the underrated factor in that game, particularly given what happened to OSU's OTs against Florida. I have a hard time believing that those tackles that played that poorly on a fast track would have held up as well as they did against Woodley and Crable without the torn up turf.

Both teams... yadda, yadda, yadda, but I think it definitely hurt us more than them.


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I (obviously) never liked Smith in college and also thought he was grossly overrated. But who ever said a Heisman trophy equates to NFL success? It's a trophy that for the most part means for one year, you were the most outstanding/exciting player on a team that was in the title picture. Nowhere on the trophy does it say "Most likely to succeed" and you'd also probably be hard pressed to find a rational Ohio fan (I could end this sentence here...) who truly thought Smith had a true shot at becoming something special in the NFL. In other words, this isn't Troy's first time being released and this is far from being threadworthy.

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I agree with you for the most part except for the Heisman.  It's supposed to go to the most outstanding player in college football.  Period.  I think we can all agree though that it's turned into nothing more than a popularity contest, and if you aren't a RB, WR, or QB, you can forget about winning it. 


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Florida got pretty lucky that Ted Ginn got hurt. Losing him really screwed over OSU, and threw their entire offense in a funk. Combine that with a hole at LT and it's no wonder Smith did so poorly in the game


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He was a 5th round pick.  I would wager to say he has (is) lasted much longer than the average 5th round pick in the NFL.

Although I'm not sure how his lack of performance in the NFL in any way is a reflexion of how overrated he was as a college football QB.  Kellen Moore didn't even get drafted, and he is one of the most accurate passers in college football history. 


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Troy Smith was a wonderful college QB, he had exactly one blemish on an otherwise spectacular career. Far and away Tressel's best quarterback, and he did it despite being an afterthought of a recruit.

Not everyone succeeds in the NFL. so what? Pat White had a mediocre nfl career, but was a legend at WVU.


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Smith is pretty athletic, he likely would have had a better career if he's converted over to another posistion in the NFL.  As it stands though he'll find work in the UFL or something.   


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The new version of the USFL, coming in 2013, plans to play mostly in college towns that don't have NFL teams.  Columbus would be a natural.  Smith was never going to succeed in a conventional NFL offense anyway, but I'm sure there are options for him.  He probably wouldn't be a bad hire by the networks, either.  

M Fanfare

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I went to a Reds game once and saw a guy with Troy Smith's name tattooed on his inner wrist.

I guess there's nothing quite like getting a tattoo of a man's name who you've never met.


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To be fair, Troy Smith was a pretty decorated college player beyond the Heisman as well, including being the Fiesta Bowl MVP in 2006, a consensus All-American, AP Player of the year and I believe he won the Walter Camp award once too. As others mentioned, he also handled us well  enough too. If he was overrated in college, a lot of people evidently missed it or were watching another Troy Smith.

He may not be starter material in the NFL, but I don't doubt that he will spark enough interest to perhaps find work elsewhere, even if in another league.