True Blue Grit

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of the inside of the grad library stacks?  I'm still trying to forget about the long afternoons and evenings toiling in there! 

Always amazing to see how much State St. looks the same - even since the later 70's.  The businesses have changed, but the street still has the exact same look.  After all these years, even the Rocky Horror picture show is still showing.  I was never into that and resisted my fraternity brothers trying to drag me down there. 


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Never actually went to Zingermans.  Also don't know about number 13.  Never been to the "Stacks", not totally sure what that is either lol

Guess I was not a true Michigan Wolverine..

Cali Wolverine

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...but I don't know anyone that went there to actually study (when I wanted to study I went to B-School or law school). It was where you went when you were on campus for a quickie with your girlfriend or female companion...if there is a bag hanging over the window or paper taped over wasn't because someone was trying to focus on their studies!

That is a pretty good list!


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I lived in Ann Arbor for 12 years and attended Eastern. I love Michigan and Michigan was the reason I moved there from Houston by myself without knowing anyone. I lived with Michigan students and did almost everything on the list. I consider myself a Wolverine and no one can tell me any different. Those were the best times of my life and I would do it again. GO BLUE TILL I DIE!


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Oh Dominick's, how I miss you so.  Nothing quite captures the essence of a Michigan spring  quite like wrapping up your last finaland spending twelve hours sipping sangria amongst your closest friends in the fresh air after months of fighting through winter and classes.  I'm seriously about to cry I miss that so much.   


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That's a pretty good list, and I have had the fortune of experiencing this for most of my life having gone to Michigan as well as having been raised in the Ann Arbor area.

It does make a little sad to see the photo of Blimpy Burger, knowing that it is in its final months of existence of at that esteemed location. I should go there one last time before the summer when the University officially takes over the property. If nothing else, my own handiwork is at that intersection - the two steel utility poles near Blimpy's were my design.

I can also say that I have memories of typing many papers in the Fish Bowl and then consuming a fishbowl or two in order to promptly forget what I wrote. Obviously, it has not worked entirely.


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I've been dying to take my son to Angelos for breakfast.  Perhaps this Sunday when we bring him back. 

Every time I see the State St theater marquee, it stirs up a lot of memories.....and I've never set foot in there.

The stacks scared me.  I maintain that it's the perfect place for a murder.  Hide someone up in the stacks and they're likely to never be found.

I studied at the Law Library because it made me feel smarter.  The feeling didn't last.

Man I drank a lot at Ricks.  Holy smokes!

Ahhhhhhhhh yes.  The first warm, sunny Spring day on the Diag.

Personal computers were just becoming mainstream when I was freshman.  I think there was one guy on my floor (Taylor House - South Quad) who had an Apple IIe.  By the time I was a senior, the Fish Bowl was filled with school owned computers that we could all use.  It was glorious.  I felt even more smarter.



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It wasn't the law students staring you down for making noise in the reading room...we were all downstairs in the actual law library where it was even quieter


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Perhaps I am mistaken, but I always thought the "Fishbowl" referred to the glassed-in area where Mason Hall connects to Angell Hall, which you can view from the Diag--not the computer lab.

Also, I have to disagree with the Rick's slide.  I stopped going there altogether once I didn't have to use my fake ID anymore.


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Huh.  Well, thanks for clearing it up.

I actually used to be a writing tutor for the English Composition Board.  I don't know if it's still there, but we had a walk-in clinic adjacent to that computer lab, and I worked there for two years.  It paid well, but was only the second-best job I had at UM.  The first-best was when I refereed IM flag football games (which didn't pay squat, but was super fun).


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The glassed-in area was still known as the "Fishbowl" in the late '90s/'00s.  I'm not sure when the name came to apply to the computing site but it must have been sometime since then.  

CRISPed in the DIAG

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I always thought it was the view from the Diag that lent the term "fishbowl" to the area between Mason/Angell.  But what exactly do I know?  As my name suggests, I was rarely coherent when I took that particular walk during those particular years.


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except replace all the bars with a picture of the Media Union

replace all the libraries with a picture of the Media Union

and replace all the restaurants with a bowl of Ramen noodles or a microwaved hot dog

and I just laugh at 28 (never took a blue book in 5.5 years)


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You guys missed out.  I loved blue books - they were by far my favorite type of test.  You could just write and write and write on a topic and it didn't have to be super-coherent, but as long as some part of what you wrote satisfied what the instructor was looking for, you'd get a good grade.


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There should be a corrollary version to this for Engineering students.  The many, many sleepless nights in the windowless EECS computer labs with VLSI or EECS 311 lab projects overrides most of the stuff on this list.  48 hour consecutive all-nighters were a staple my junior year of college.



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when you pull an all-nighter on a Friday because you're just that fucked the next week.

Grad school numerical methods class in chemical engineering -- we had to write Fortran programs, but I hadn't done a lick of Fortran since freshman year's computing class.  So I basically had to relearn a semester of Fortran in a week, while having two midterms, and of course, homework in every class (profs can't let a week go by without homework, even with midterms and projects due).


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What's amazing is I graduated in 1981 and virtually ALL of the pictures stirred up the same feelings of nostalgia for me.  Not much has changed in 32 years believe it or not......


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Many memories writing Fortran programs using cards in that old building. Also CRISPing to register for classes. Drakes and Steve Lunch were iconic diners as well.

oriental andrew

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oh man, completely forgot about CRISP!!

They shut down NUBS toward the end of my time at Michigan.  Before that, they first outlawed gaming at NUBS because a fight broke out once (maybe over Doom II, or Warcraft, or Starcraft - I forget).  Everyone migrated up to the Media Union (or whatever it's called now).

And what about the EECS computer lab?  Had to learn UNIX so I could use those things.  I thought those laser mice with the reflective mouse pads were the coolest, most high tech things at the time (hey, it was 1994).

Also, the UGLi once did live up to its moniker, before the renovation. I remember coming back to campus one fall and thinking, "What the h*** happened to the UGLi?  It looks so nice!"

I was in Glee Club, so yeah, I've been to a concert or two. 

First time seeing Rocky Horror was when I was still in high school, on campus for 3 weeks or so for summer debate camp (yeah, that's right, I admit it). 

I can't believe they showed the Arb as a place to smoke weed rather than a place to go sledding with pilfered cafeteria trays. 


March 7th, 2013 at 4:17 PM ^

Some of my most fondest memories was going to the Arb to sled. Of course, I had never seen snow being from Texas. It was really fun until those damn people that owned the housing around the Arb started calling the fuzz. They might have had good reason being it was about 1or 2 in the morning. I could never really fit on one of those trays tho. I did try it but I ended up face planting myself many times. I felt nothing.  AHHH great nostalgic memories.


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Also story on CRISP name...Its creators first called it ‘Computer Registration in Spite of Problems,’ but the Data Systems Center people didn’t like that name. So they kept CRISP and thought up new words for the letters to represent. (Exactly the same thing happened just a few years after when some hobbyists developed what was called QDOS for ‘quick and dirty operating system.’ Microsoft stripped off the Q and improved the underlying words to ‘disk operating system’ and so launched one of the greatest corporate successes of all time.)... anyway standing in long CRISP lines for popular LSA classes was a total drag.

NUBS was definitely a nerdy place. I had a box of IBM punch card so I was one of them before becoming cool in B-School,lol...


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Computer Registration Involving Student Participation; not unlike the Bataan Death March IIRC.


The true "Blue" UGLI; a name well-deserved.

Whatever happened to Leftkofski's Deli? Their pastrami and swiss with coleslaw on rye was amazing.

And  does anyone else remember Geppetto's Pizza (on Main) and their spicy pizza sauce? Incredible.\

I miss A2.

Edit: I forgot Shaky Jake and Stoney Burke.