OT: Trey Ziegler transferring again

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Looks like Trey Ziegler, after transferring from CMU to Pitt after his dad was fired, has decided to transfer again.  He has 2 years of eligibility remaining.  If some of you recall, Michigan recruited this kid pretty hard a few years back.

Freshman/Sophomore - CMU, then dad fired as head coach

Junior - Pitt (received waiver to play right away), decides to transfer

Senior - probably redshirt?




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Don't want guys that jump around like this. Attitude often seems to be be an issue with transfers (not saying that he DOES have attituted issues just saying that it's often a problem). He had his chance and he didn't want to come here.

david from wyoming

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I'm not saying you are a moron, just saying that people that make sweeping assumptions tend to have mental issues.

Before this gets negged, this is not as much fun when random people on the internet are badmouthing you without knowing a damn thing about you.


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Mmm...it's a pretty sweeping assumption. He left CMU, where he was a star and the focus of the team, because they fired his father. He's leaving Pitt because he's a role player who doesn't really fit the system, and who won't make it to the next level, even in Europe, if he doesn't go somewhere he can be the focus of play again.
Is this sort of thing normal? No. On the other hand, there are rational, non-dramatic reasons for both moves. I add, for what it's worth, I rode on a megabus from Ann Arbor to Pittsburgh with Ziegler, and he struck me as a humble, well-grounded and respectful person.


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then he didn't do his homework before transferring to Pitt.
Let's recap: Turns down a chance to play at Michigan and probably start as a Freshman and possibly be a star, to instead go to CMU and play for his dad (can't fault him for that) and make them the next Butler. Then transfer to a system that he doesn't fit into. He only has one shot left, I hope he does a better job this time or gets lucky.

His Dudeness

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"He's leaving Pitt because he's a role player who doesn't really fit the system, "


"and who won't make it to the next level, even in Europe, if he doesn't go somewhere he can be the focus of play again."

Disagree. If he were good enough he would be the focus of play. That's how coaching works.


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You have to invest just as much time to teach a transfer your system and then have to give them a scholarship to sit out for a year.  All things equal, the investment is the same but the payoff is less. They'll take a guy if the situation is right, but in most cases you're better off taking a freshman recruit.


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The kid turned down major college offers to play for his dad, then quit when his dad was fired. I don't see how that's an attitude issue, or even an indication of one. So he didn't like Pitt. Would you?

That said, I'm not sure how much, if at all, Beilein looked at him post CMU, and I doubt we have the scholarship for him now anyway. Not to mention the difficultly of transferring into Michigan.


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Speaking of Pitt and transfers, their running back Rushel Shell is transferring out, too.  Michigan didn't offer him, but he was a big-time recruit who had 600+ yards as a freshman.  I wouldn't mind seeing Michigan get involved, but I doubt they will.


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Ray Grahme was supposed to leave that year before he tore up his leg. Even then, he was 1. Recovering from an injury, 2. A different type of RB (smaller, shiftier) and better suited for division of roles, and 3. At worst leaving after one year instead of lining up almost exactly with your remaining eligibility.
Do you think these worse case scenarios are equal: backing up Ray Grahme for one year before taking the starting role vs. backing up Derrick Green for ywo years before competing for the starting role with whatever other backs an ascendent Michigan is bringing in?


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I don't think they're equal.  What I'm basically trying to say is that there's going to be competition everywhere.  If there's no established back there now, there very well could be after the 2013 season (which Shell will have to sit out while potentially watching another back take the reins).  Graham was established, and Shell played enough to gain 641 yards.  If you're an elite talent like he was, coaches are going to find a way to get you on the field.

It's probably a moot point, anyway, because Michigan didn't even offer him coming out of high school.  But I don't see him being terrified of Derrick Green, either.


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This is based on a false premise anyway. Whatever else, he wound up at PItt because he pulled a Touchdown Tony and knocked up his local girlfriend. He's abandonibg her and his newborn twin daughters to transfer, BTW, quite against her and his family's wishes.


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I am going to predict that Ziegler ends up at the University of Detroit.  UofD would be closer to home and he would have an opportunity to team with McCallum to help make the Titans a power in the Horizon league.


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I never harbored any ill will toward Ziegler for turning down Michigan to play for his dad; when the team you root for is in the Final Four, it's hard to feel emnity for anyone who didn't play.  I think Michigan has turned out just fine without him.

In essense, Trey Ziegler is still a young man who is trying to find success.  He has stayed off of the police blotter, and I don't remember him saying or doing anything stupid enough to put the media into tabloid mode.  If he was to go to UDM and have one year to study, followed by one successful year on the basketball court, I would be very happy that it worked out for him.


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"He has stayed off of the police blotter, and I don't remember him saying or doing anything stupid"

How many times have I told you not to rely on your memory? Ziegler was whistled for a DUI three days after we beat Pitt in the preseason NIT.