OT: Tragedy in Russia

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Today was my first day of spring classes at CSCC here in Ohio. My earliest class started at 9:00 when I received a text from a foreign friend of mine over in Russia. The incoming text read "Gregori". I hit view and it read "they are attacking us now" Confused I replied "Who? What is going on?" He replied back "terrorist attack." I ran downstairs to turn on the TV and saw a breaking news bulletin that two women snuck explosive devices on a Russian subway and detonated them inside the tunnel killing 38 people. More than 60 have been reported wounded in the blasts. I was both shocked and stunned but somehow not surprised for as we all know that there have been attacks involving Chechen militants going after Russia for quiet sometime. If you don't remember Chechen terrorists held a school hostage years ago killing innocent children and teachers in an effort to fight back Russia's control of the Chechnya province. I am very disturbed though to hear only Putin's words in this attack instead of "President" Medvedev's words in this situation which is really not fooling anyone in believing that Putin is gone.


the_big_house 500th

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Because if you live in a popular city in a populated area this fear is one that looms over everyone either at airports, bus stations, train stations even harbors now a days. It really makes you question "how safe am I when I get on this plane, train or boat? I know security is tight here in America but that's why it is heavy, to save lives and keep us safe. It's also a major fear with the Olympics being in London in two years and their recent issues with bombing attacks.


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A good compromise may be to comment on the newsworthiness of the event but stay away from the politics, blame etc. This does look to be the major news story of the day. You will see the ramifications if you are getting on a subway/train in any major city. It is the world we live in.


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its kinda sad that there have been more posts here arguing about whether this should be on the board and how it should be discussed, than the actual tragedy itself.


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I think it would be interesting to add a 'MgoWorld' portion to the blog; easier said then done, and one might argue something like that doesn't belong on this blog, but it does sound avant-garde.

My condolences to the victims, how tragic to be involved in what is untimately a political statement. I


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Your stuff was probably fine. There were some posts that it was attached to that probably weren't. I tried to leave the important part of the post up without the political implications. Your comments disappeared because theirs did, and it left yours out of context, which might had put you at risk for politically charged rebuttal.

Apparently *cough* broad painting Muslims *cough*, that wasn't enough to keep the discussion in the "clear."