OT - Tough week for Texas Football.

Submitted by BlueCube on July 25th, 2014 at 11:59 AM

According to Yahoo Sports, Texas has dismissed three players from the football team. Sophomores DB Chevoski Collins and RB Jalen Overstreet were both dismissed for violation of team rules. Senior Joe Bergeron was also dismissed. It appears he may have been for academic reasons.

Also Junior WR Kendall Sanders and Sophomore WR Montrel Meander were indefinitely suspended for sexual assault. Sanders also faces a charge of improper photography so I think there could be plenty of evidence against them.  They also were texting each other during police interviews to get their story straight. Expect them to be dismissed also.


There are more details on the sexual assault here.

Here is the link to the police report on the sexual assault. 


Edit: Since this was posted Senior Safety Josh Turner and Senior LB Kendall Thompson have also been dismissed. We are now up to 5 dismisals and 2 indefinite suspensions.

Edit 2: Kendall Thompson was dismissed because of multiple concussions.




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How dumb does someone have to be to text during police interviews? Or even before interviews... 

I nominate both for the Darwin award. 


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Eh, it's easy enough to make the argument that Strong is still cleaning house and setting the new culture in the post-Brown program.

I did just have a thought. I wonder how much of Muschamp's continued problems at Florida are from him cleaning house a little too vigorously. I think Meyer's program had a much more rotten center than Brown's UT program, for sure, but didn't Muschamp dismiss something like 20+ players over the first two seasons he was at Florida? I wonder how much of his struggles are because he brought the hammer down too hard, too fast, and if Strong might be putting himself in a similar situation (not just dismissing players, but making the entire team leave their apartments and move into dorms is pretty extreme for a program that didn't seem to have any more discipline concerns than your typical large program).


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One of my favorite sideline interviews ever is still one with McConaughey during some UT game (don't remember which), and he told the reporter that it was "the best game I've seen on grass." There was a good pause while the reporter mulled that over before going back to the booth.


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As others have noted, some of these moves were obviously forced on Strong, but it does feel like he's cleaning house while also (maybe unintentionally) doing some roster management givent the scholarship situation.

Regardless, good to see him laying down the law on some of these kids.


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Yeah it is. In the alleged situation, I hope someone is there for the alleged victim. The girl agreed to have sex with one of them but he had to try to hook his boy up who wasn't good enough to have a lady of his own have consensual sex with him. He should have gone home and masterbated.

I'd bet they've done this before. Just an assumption, but I know or have known guys who were just like that.

Avon Barksdale

July 25th, 2014 at 2:02 PM ^

I have no evidence or first-hand knowledge, but something tells me the Charlie Strong experiement in Texas is going to end like Rich Rod's tenure at Michigan. He just does not seem like "Texas" to me,  and that's coming from someone who thought the "he's not a Michigan Man" crowd was insane.

I hope I'm wrong, because I like it when Texas is good; furthermore, I love when A&M is bad. If I had it my way, I'd like to see a four team playoff every year of: Michigan, USC, Texas, and Ohio State/Notre Dame - but that's just me.


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I believe that Strong dismissed two additional players during the Longhorns' spring session as well, which would up the total to seven dismissals since he took over. In addition, BurntOrangeNation mentioned that Overstreet and Collins are repeat offenders when it comes to whatever rule was indeed violated, so there is that as well. 


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That's true, and true of most groups. My issue is the way they circle the wagons whenever one of them does something bad. If good cops were more willing to hold bad cops accountable like they should, then I'd be more inclined to be convinced by the couple of bad apples argument.


July 25th, 2014 at 3:07 PM ^

There could be more bad news on the way that isn't officially public yet. A couple of key players supposedly had dinner with an agent a few weeks ago. I'm sure UT fans can't wait for this summer to end.

Prince Lover

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Is able to recover from this sexual assault. I couldn't imagine trying to carry on after something like that. I mean, she had to just give up. I wish I didn't read those links!


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This is completely unacceptable behavior for anyone. These guys definitely deserve whatever legal consequences are coming their way and I feel incredibly bad for the poor woman. Just an awful situation. Hope these guys enjoy prison-what a bunch of jerks.