OT: Top 10 things sports related you have seen live

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In no particular order:

1. Michigan-UConn: My first ever home opener was an awesome experience. I started tailgaiting on the golf course several hours before the game. We had burgers, drank beer, ate chips, tossed the ball around. The game was amazing, especially the flyovers and seeing Brock walk.

2. The Big Chill: This day almost moved me to tears, I was that happy. I saw Denard, I saw a great game for Michigan. It was the first time the real lights were turned on for good. I bought an authentic #16 jersey. The fireworks display..Unreal experience

3. Detroit Red Wings vs Phoenix Coyotes, Game 1 in 2011: I have never experienced a Red Wings win. I was previously 0-2 lifetime. This game was something I will never forget. It might have been one of the most enthusiastic crowds I've ever been apart of.

4. My first Michigan game: Unfortunately, this was the Toledo game. However, I will still cherrish it's memory because it was amazing to feel the excitement of my first time entering the fabled Big House.

5. Detroit Tigers vs Texas Rangers, Sept. 17th, 1995: Sure we lost 5-0. But what 8 year old kid would forget his first trip to Tiger Stadium. That green grass. Those uniforms. That ballpark. The way baseball smells different than anything I've ever experienced. It's something Comerica can't quite capture for me.

6. Pistons-Sixers 2003 playoffs: Don't remember which game, nor do I truly care to look it up. Tay hit a layup at the buzzer to go to overtime where Detroit won. A.I. missed 2 free throws late in the game to keep the Pistons alive.

7. Detroit Tigers 2006 magic: I caught two of the most magical moments of the season, according to my memory. In May, Curtis Granderson hit a HR in the bottom of the 9th with two outs to tied the Reds. This is after Ken Griffey Jr hit a Grand Slam. *it's true, seeing him homer live is unlike anything I have ever seen. It was extra special in a way i can't convey in words* Anyways, the Tigers won 7-6 in 10. Later that year....

8. Tigers beat Cardinals: Sure, what would happen against this same team later in the year was awful. But on this night, Marcus Thames hit a 2 run bomb in the bottom of the 9th to tie it. Again, we win 7-6 in 10. Despite the World Series, this night was a magic for Tigers fans that can't be explained to those who aren't Tigers fans.

9. High school sports: I'm going to encompass this into one category. Our high school teams mean something to us that it won't mean to anyone else. Richmond High School 2005 is what I come from. Experiencing our run at a football title in 2003, my own personal teams cross country regional title, and my schools 5 state wrestling titles (of which I am now a coach) is something I am blessed to have witnessed.

10. WrestleMania 27: Sure I might catch flack for this. But if you love the WWE, which I will admit to, then you must attend a WM event. Seeing Triple H vs Undertaker live a couple weeks ago was amazing. The road trip with my cousin to the Georgia Dome, the touring around Atlanta...right on down to what is quite frankly, one of the best production value companies in the world. It was a weekend i will never ever forget.

So let's hear your personal experiences, MGoBloggers!



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  1. Tigers/Twins Game 163, 2009 @ the Metrodome.
  2. Tigers/Yankees 'till Guillen's walk-off at 3:30 a.m. in '07. Clemens was coming in exhausted from a cross-country flight and there was no way we weren't playing that game!
  3. Sosa's corked bat.
  4. Cecil Fielder's 50th and 51st (not that those matter today)
  5. 2003 Michigan-Ohio State
  6. 2010 Michigan-Illinois
  7. Big Chill
  8. Rainbow over Yankee Stadium in '06.
  9. 1999 Michigan-Notre Dame
  10. ...will have to think about it -- so many great Michigan games.

As for attendance at historical sports events, most people on this board probably witnessed The Horror.


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1. 1969. An obscure Detroit Lions football game outdoors at Tiger Stadium in the snow against the 49ers. I was 10. It was the only sporting even I ever attended with my Dad before he died.

2. Nolan Ryan's 5th no-hitter in Houston in the early 1980s. Got free box seats for that Saturday game of the week on NBC. Arrived alone, but left with amazement.






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1) capital one bowl becuase i went with my gf and all her friends who graduated from UF

2) cold war, even though the ending sucked

3) Big Chill, much better ending......and weather

4) The U of M vs. MSU hockey game where ryan miller became the all time ncaa shutout leader

5) redwing vs. colorado in the early 2000's.  it was the second game in a row the wings played the avs and matthew barnaby had gotten his ass kicked in the first game and had a black eye. i sat on the glass next to the player tunnel and made fun of him after they lost

6) the 1995 U of M vs. OSU game where biakabutuka destroyed them, i also believe there was a streaker at that game, not sure though, i was only 12

7) My first wings game in the 90's, it was vs. the sharks and McCarty and McSorley got into 3 fights and the wings won

8) my first U of M hockey game at yost, it was vs. waterloo 2 years ago, not a terribly interesting game, but i'll always remember my first time there

my gf is making me take her to work so ill stop at 8


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Michigan @ Ohio State 2006 "Game of the Century"


I know we don't like the outcome, but if you appreciate the sport, the experience was surreal seeing it unfold live.

Kermits Blue Key

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the 1995 Virgina game.  Thank you, Mr. Butterfield.

2.  97 Ohio State

3.  98 Rose Bowl

4.  Det-Chi Winter Classic at Wrigley

5.  2008 Red Wings Opener - banner raising and lots of hardware

6.  2011 NHL All-Star Skills Competition in Raleigh, NC


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1.  U-M v. Washington State, Rose Bowl 1998.  A scary game because we went all that way, spent about $500 all told and they were almost down 14-0 in the first quarter.  Woodson with a huge interception in the endzone to get us out of our own end.

2.  U-M v. Ohio State, 1997.  Woodson's punt return was the loudest Michigan Stadium has every been for me.  A really intense, electric game.

3.  U-M v. Illinois, 1988.  First game in the Big House.  Future #1 pick Jeff George got his ass handed to him as we won 38-9.

4.  Red Wings v. Capitals, regular season game.  Sergei Federov had five goals.  Just a wild game and one of the last sports memories I can recall with my dad (he passed in 2004).

5.  U-M hockey vs. somebody, some time ago.  The game where the Zamboni broke down in the middle of the ice, and they tried to tow it with the other Zamboni but the rope wasn't hooked up properly and the second Zamboni just drove away without towing anything.  I doubt I've laughed so hard in my life.


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My Top 11 list:

Michigan 21, Washington St 16 - 1998 Rose Bowl - Clinches undefeated season on my only trip to a bowl game.

Michigan 3, Colorado College 2 (OT) - 1996 NCAA Championship Game in Cincinnati.

Michigan 4, Minnesota 3 (OT) - 1996 - Come from behind win at Munn with Mike Legg's amazing goal to tie it right in front of me.  Was intently watching and still couldnt believe it.

Michigan 28, OSU 0 - 1991 - Desmond "hello heisman" moment.

Michigan 24, Notre Dame 14 - 1991 - First win against ND since 1986 - Desmond spectacular catch on 4th down

Colorado 26, Michigan 24 - 1994 - Stewart hail mary to Westbrook right in front of me. 

Miami 31, Michigan 30 - 1988 - My first game as a student was unfortunately an epic collapse, blowing a 30-14 lead in the final 10 minutes.  Yes, I was one of the students taunting the Hurricanes.  Miami was defending national champion. 

Duke 88, Michigan 85 - Lost  in OT - Dec. 1991 - First time for Maize uniforms? Fab 5.

Michigan 20, OSU 14 - 1997 - Clinches undefeated regular season.

Michigan - Cornell - 1991 - Went to all 3 games of our home series first round NCAA tournament game.  Michigan's first time in essentially forever.  Michigan lost in OT on Friday night, then won a close one on Saturday and then a blowout on Sunday.

Michigan 38, ND 0 - 2003 - Both were top ranked teams coming in and Michigan hadnt beaten ND by more than 10 points in almost 20 years.

It is a little depressing that all of the highlights are 7+ years ago - hopefully Hoke, Denard, Beilein, Darius Morris and Red change that soon! 



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In no particular order:

1. Michigan-Notre Dame 1989: FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T KICK TO ISMAIL AGAIN! It rained, Ismail killed us, but it was my first game in the MMB, and as an Ann Arbor kid, I couldn't believe I was on the field in uniform as a freshman.

2. Michigan at Frozen Four 1996: Red finally getting over the hump with a resounding win over Boston University in the semis and an OT thriller against Colorado College in the finals.

3. Michigan-Washington (Jan. 1) 1993: Senior year in MMB, going out with a victory in my third Rose Bowl. Tyrone Wheatley running roughshod on the Huskies.

4. NCAA Indoor Track Championships 1995: Kevin Sullivan runs two sub-4 minute miles in one afternoon, winning the indoor mile and anchoring the distance medley relay, which held the world record at the time (iirc). This may be the single greatest athletic performance I've ever personally witnessed.

5. Detroit Tigers-Toronto Blue Jays 1985: Darrell Evans hits his 40th home run to become the first player to do it in both leagues. Kirk Gibson follows it up with an inside-the-park home run in venerable Tiger Stadium.

6. Michigan-Notre Dame 1994: Remy Hamilton kicks the field goal to finish the come back that Michigan fans have seen Notre Dame get seemingly every year. This game seemed to really put paid to the "luck of the Irish" at the end of games.

7. Michigan-Washington State (Jan. 1) 1998: National Championship in football. In a five month period, Michigan won national titles in my favorites sports (football and hockey) and my first child was born.

8. Michigan-Ohio State 1990: Feeling the air go out of Ohio Stadium after stuffing the Buckeyes on a late 4th down and then kicking the game-winning field goal at the gun. As band members, we got to spend New Year's in Florida (best bowl trip ever)  while OSU had a crappy Christmas bowl game in Memphis. And it rained on them.

9.  Michigan-Notre Dame 1991: Desmond Howard in the end zone on 4th and 1. After dong punches the previous two years, it was great to get a win over the Irish.

10. Ironman World Championships 2009: Held in Kona, Hawaii. I was lucky enough to get a lottery slot, so I got to see it "from the inside" so to speak. I can still remember almost everything about that day and the week leading up to it. The top Ironman competitors are absolute freaks. And many of them are absolutely great people.

Edit: 11. Michigan-Ohio State 1992: Beat the Buckeyes in OT in Lexington to go to the Final Four. Can't believe I forgot that.


April 20th, 2011 at 10:15 AM ^

My favorite running moment was at the Chicago Marathon seeing Haile Gebrelassie break the world record in the marathon. 

I have also gotten my ass kicked by Dathan Ritzenhein many times during high school during both cross country and track. His family are friends with my uncle. His Dad is a state cop and my uncle was his superior officer until he retired. 


April 20th, 2011 at 8:46 AM ^

1971 OSU at Michigan Football - 10-10 tie.  Thought we were going to the Rose Bowl but got jobbed.

1977 Michigan basketball beat the eventual national champion Marquette in A2


April 20th, 2011 at 8:47 AM ^

1) Probably my favorite sports moment ever - to date - Michigan vs. PSU - Manningham (need I say more)

2) 2009 Michigan vs. ND - Tate's TD pass to GM

3) Rose Bowl vs. Texas - we lost on that dumb last second fg but it was a great experience

4) Tigers vs. Cardinals WS - this sucked but at the same time it was the WS and I was one of the lone Tiger fans in Busch during game 4, but when Granderson fell in the outfield my heart dropped

5) 2011 Masters - One of the best experiences of my life but certain hometown big moments pass this by just a bit.

6) Michigan vs. Notre Dame NIT game where Harris hit a 3 as time expired in double overtime.

7) 2007 - Michigan vs. Michigan state, Michigan comes back to win 28 - 24 at EL

8) Tampa Bay lightning playoff and stanley cup run - I lived in Tampa a while ago and they were giving out tickets to the first 100 people for $8 so me and a couple friends would stay the night in front of the stadium every night.  Was a great time and got to see a lot of good hockey and the stanley cup.

9) 2009 -- Michigan vs. OSU - your first big game has to be in there somewhere and this was actually a pretty close game

10) Sweet 16/Elite 8 in St. Louis - Florida, Butler, Oregon, UNLV (Florida won it that year)

extra) Kind of cool St. Louis Cardinal stuff - A couple walk-off HRs when I worked for the Cardinals and Rick Ankiels grand slam when he came back to baseball, and seeing Stan Musial in person.


April 20th, 2011 at 9:05 AM ^

1984 World Series, game 5 - The Tigers beat San Diego and win the world championship. I was in the lower bleachers at Tiger Stadium. The MMB played before the game. Gibson's 8th inning home run iced the game.

1973 M-OSU 10-10 tie - I swear Lantry's 60+ yard FG attempt in the 4th quarter just missed.

1985 M-OSU - Harbaugh to Kolesar bomb iced the game.

2004 M-MSU - Braylonfest

1995 M-OSU - Biakabatukafest

2010 M at Notre Dame - There was hope (for a short time)

2007 M at MSU - Dantonio looked so smug with a 10 point lead in the 4th quarter

2011 M at MSU basketball - My MSU friends all received a scoreboard picture from me

1985 M at South Carolina football - South Carolina was ranked in the top ten. Michigan won 34-3.

1999 Florida State at Miami - FSU lost on a wide left FG.


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Good lists. 

1. Stanley Cup Finals Game 1 at the United Center Last year. You wings fans can hate on my Hawks all you want, but 23,000 people singing chelsea dagger in a 6-5 win over Philly was amazing

2. Michigan - Penn State 2005. New Math. My freshman year

3. Bo's death. That week is etched in my memory.. I know the "rivalry" has been down/less competitive recently, but both sides showed SO much class/respect/etc. that it was moving. I remember seeing Bo's funeral procession on Washtenaw. I remember the OSU band "The Dead Schembechler's" changing their name (i think only temporarily). I remember Lloyd's speech at the Big House. 

4. The Cubs' Collapses in 2003. I went to quite a few games that year, none in the playoffs. I don't blame Bartman, I blame our damn shortstop who flubbed a grounder on the next pitch.

5. The only reason this isn't higher is because I was young... but I saw Michael Jordan quite a few times at the United Center and Chicago Stadium. I remember in 1996 we would check the paper, not to see if the Bulls won, but by how much they won. That was truely amazing.

6. The National Anthem at Chicago Stadium. Chicago Stadium was torn down in 1995 when I was 7 years old. My dad took me to a game right before. The area around the stadium was shadier then, I remember my dad parking on the street and giving some guy who was hanging out around there a couple bucks to watch the car. "If you don't pay them to watch it, something bad happens to your car" my dad said. We had upper deck seats, and they had cameras on the outside of the building presented on the jumbotron. Between that image and feeling the concrete under my feet I was ready to sprint out the fire escape, it was that loud that the building was shaking. Literally. That's why they had to tear it down. But for the rest of my life I'll Remeber the Roar


April 20th, 2011 at 9:11 AM ^

10.  1993 - Michigan 28, OSU 0 - This game was so satisfying to attend just because Michigan wasn't ranked at the time and OSU was 5th and Buckeye fans were VERY vocal before the game since it seemed a slam dunk win for them.  This game really gave birth to the Cooper can't beat Michigan meme of the 90s.

9.  1985 - Michigan 27, OSU 17 - My first Ohio State game and man, was it ever a good one.  Harbaugh to Kolesar.

8.  2010 - The Big Chill

7.  2003 - Michigan 5, Colorado College 3 - Midewest Regional at Yost.  Michigan beats No. 2 CC to advance to the Frozen Four.  Loudest I have ever heard Yost.

6.  2004 - Braylonfest

5.  1991 - Michigan 24, ND 14 - The Catch.  First win over ND in 5 years.  I sat in the stadium for a half hour after that game just smiling.

4.  2010 - Michigan 5, Miami (OH) 2 - Michigan comes to the Joe needing to win the CCHA championship to get a tourney bid and destroys one seed Miami.

3.  1994 - Michigan 26, ND 24 - My first trip to South Bend and we come back in the last minute and win on a Remy Hamilton FG (sigh, we used to make field goals...).  Irish fans were soooo quiet after that.

2.  2006 - Tigers 6, Yankees 0 - First baseball playoff game in Detroit in 18 years and Kenny Rogers just befuddles the Yankees.  The atmosphere in Comerica was unbelievable

1.  1997 - Michigan 20, OSU 14 - woo?  woo.  Big time.


April 20th, 2011 at 9:19 AM ^

1. 1988 - Bulls v. Cavs: Jordan hits the shot over Ehloe.

2. 1997 - Michigan v. Ohio State: Charles Woodson

3. 1999 - Final Four (UCONN, Duke, OSU, MSU in Tampa): I had ridiculous seats and sat next to Roger Clemens and John Wooden, right behind Duke's bench.

4. 2002 - Poland High School v. Akron St. Vincent St. Mary's: My high school team reached the State Final Four in Ohio and played LeBron James & Co. I got to guard him and he subsequently killed me/us but it was in front of state record crowd (this was right after his SI cover came out).

5. 2005 - Michigan v. Penn State: Super Mario

6. 2006 - Michigan v. Ohio State: Terrible Outcome but the build up to #1 v. #2 was incredible.  

7. 2008 - NCAA 1st Round Tournament Games in Tampa: Both 12 seeds (Villanova, Western Kentucky) and Both 13 seeds (San Diego and Siena) upset the lower seeds. The games included 2 buzzer beaters and a triple OT.

8. 2007 - Red Sox v. Indians Game 5: Red Sox down 3-1 in the series. Beckett takes the mound and dominates. Plus this led to an epic drunk night.

9. 2002 - Michigan v. Washington: Phil Brabbs

10. 2004 - Michigan v. Notre Dame: Best combination of tailgating, seats, and after party at a game. Plus it was a 38-0 win.

Bonus -1998 - King of the Ring: Mankind v. Undertaker (the infamous hell in a cell match)


April 20th, 2011 at 9:51 AM ^

I was going to post with the old folks (46 myself) but saw you started in 1988 so eh...

#1. I was 4 years old when my Father pleaded with security to allow me to sit on his lap and to this day I remember the tears on my Father's and Uncle's face when Michigan beat Ohio State in 1969.

#2. 1985 Chicago Bears Vs. New York Giants-I had waited in line the night before the game until 2AM and was sitting in the end zone where Sean Landetta wiffs on the punt at Soldier's field and Bears defense shut out the Giants.

#3. Again 85 Bears-Waited in line again and watched Mike Singeltary just stuff Eric Dickerson on 3rd and 1.  Bears defense shuts down the Rams and Bears go to the SB.

#4. As a kid I use to go to Angel Gaurdian gym where the Bulls practiced before the NBA just blew up and fetch loose balls for Bob Love, Reggie Theus, Artis Gilmore.  His first year I could just walk up to Micheal Jordan and say hello-that soon changed.

#5. Ditching school and taking the A-Train to Wrigley and sitting in the bleachers, having a coke and a dog for $5.

#6. 1997 Rose Bowl-HAIL2THEVICTORS

#7. 1986 Super Bowl-DA BEARS

#8. My HS wins the 1981 Illinois 6A State Football Championship

#9. 2010 Stanley Cup.

#10.  RESERVED (for next Michigan Football National Championship and/or Cubs World Series)



April 20th, 2011 at 9:22 AM ^

1) Lions-Browns 2009 - Wasn't a meaningful game by any means, but the crowd was so loud, even have half of the half-filled stadium left early.

2) Any game at Yost. Greatest venue in all of sports in my personal opinion.

3) The Big Chill - Really cool event. Wouldn't like it if we did more than once every few years though.

4) Game 4 Detroi vs. Phoenix  2009 - I have been to regular season games at the Joe, but the playoffs were a whole different animal. Great atmostphere.

5) Lions-Cardinals 1998 - I got to see Barry Sanders play live. I was only in third grade, but he was my favorite. And even though the Lions lost and Barry didn't have a great game, I'll never forget it.

I haven't been to a ton of live events, but I feel that the ones I've been to have been pretty good. Have yet to make it to the Big House for a football game, and I don't know when I will because tickets are so expensive. I've been to a few Pistons games and a ton of Tigers games, but none that really stood out.


April 20th, 2011 at 9:28 AM ^

No particular order:

1996 Michigan/MSU - 45-29 win, first game at the Big House. Little did I know that god was coaching MSU that day. Yay for statues in Bama!

2001 Cold War

2010 Big Chill (also went to Camp Randall game, which doesn't compare)

2003 UM/Colorado College in West (?) Regional. Win to get to FF in Buffalo. Loudest game I've been to anywhere.

2002 CCHA Finals. 3-2 win over MSU at the Joe to take the Mason Cup in what I believe was Mason's last season.  

2004 Braylon hat trick. I was in the band and it was my birthday.

2002 Michigan/Washington. Brabbs.

2003 Michigan/Ohio State.

2004/2005 Rose Bowls. In the band, Rose Parade is too long. In-n-out is great!

2003 to 2005 (not sure) Tigers/D-backs. Carlos Pena grand slam in the bottom of the 9th to win 9-5.



Hardware Sushi

April 20th, 2011 at 9:36 AM ^

1. Michigan - Ohio State 1997: Charles Woodson to the endzone. As a twelve year-old (or any age for that matter), unbelievable.

2. Michigan - MSU 2004: Freshman year. 3:30 game started about at 80 degrees, ended at about 35. Started with my trash talking high school butddies that went to MSU, ended with them just holding their head in their hands. Henne to Edwards again and again in triple overtime. Wow.

3. Michigan - Penn State 2005: Henne to Manningham FTW!

4. Red Wings - Pittsburgh Stanley Cup Finals Game 2 2008: Not really a close game but my only Finals game ever. The atmosphere is almost unbeatable at the Joe in the Finals.

4. Michigan - Lake State hockey 1998: My first game at Yost during our national title season. I loved the cheers from the student section.

5. Big Chill at the Big House: Such a cool thing to be a part of.

6. Michigan - UConn 2010: To be a part of the largest football AND hockey crowds ever, in a span of about 4 months, is awesome.

7. Little 500 2005: If you can make it to Indiana, you should do it at least once in your life.

8. 2002 Michigan HS Football D1 Championship at the Silverdome: My high school lost but we roadtripped and tailgated. Probably better trip than sporting event.

9. WWE 2004(?) in Grand Rapids: Goldberg vs. The Rock (Officiated by Steve Austin whaaat??). Stone Cold started chugging beers at the end and tossing 'em to the crowd. Doesn't really count but still awesome/rad/hilarious.

Honorable doesn't really count mention: Magglio's walk-off homer to win the ALCS in 2006. Doesn't really count because I was at Hockeytown Cafe drinking but everyone ran outside and started going crazy.

10. Detroit Tigers - Royals at Tiger Stadium (mid-90s?): Was 3/4 size bat day. We Will Rock You came on and I thought Tiger Stadium was going to implode because everyone on the upper deck was hitting their bats on the steel flooring. BOOM BOOM SSSHT!


April 20th, 2011 at 9:32 AM ^

1. 2003 NBA Championship clinching game vs. Lakers

2. 2006 World Series - there for the "foreign substance"-gate Kenny Rogers game.

3. 1997 Michigan/Ohio State - best Michigan game I've ever been to in my entire life

4. 2004 Michigan/Michigan State - Braylon went ape shit on little brother... 

5. Seattle @ Green Bay - 2007(?) divisional playoffs; perfect weather (just at freezing) and it snowed in buckets... Great experience on the Frozen Tundra.

6. NYG @ Green Bay - 2007 (?) NFC Championship game

7. Men's CBB - Kentucky @ Vanderbilt 2010; great game and one of my favorite places to watch a basketball game.  Vandy had a shot to win, but AJ Ogilvy missed a "Christian Laettner" type shot and lost to John Wall/Demarcus Cousins.  I'd highly recommend Memorial Gym to any CBB fan. 

8. 2006 Wild Card Round - Detroit Tigers defeating New York Yankees... You would've thought we won the World Series then.  It was the craziest I've ever seen CoPa.  My buddy caught a champagne bottle cork from Kenny Rogers as he was spraying it on himself and everyone in the crowd.

9. 2005 MLB All Star Weekend - HR Derby was crazy to watch Abreu go ape balls.  I swear the bats were corked and balls were different, because to this day, I have yet to see a HR hit remotely close to where those guys were launching them that day... Up on the Pepsi Porch???? Come on... The game was just OK, but still, was real cool to see all those guys at once. Regardless, the whole experience was awesome. 

10. Michigan vs. Iowa - 1990 - The only reason it was memorable was because it was the first time I ever saw Michigan lose in person.  At the ripe age of 9, I was destroyed watching the team I obsessed over lose.  I cried and told my grandparents it was just because I didn't feel well.  That sucked and every time since that day, I'm pretty much the worst person in the world if Michigan loses.  There's been plenty of other opportunities for me to remember other games in the Big House, but my first loss witnessed in person stung pretty damn hard. 


April 20th, 2011 at 9:52 AM ^

1. Michigan hockey versus ND in 08 - when we won with 30 seconds left and Yost felt like the roof was going to blow off

2. Michigan hockey versus WMU in 2011 - Carl scores the tying goal in the final seconds and then the game winner in OT. Being senior night made it extra special. 

3. Big Chill - Kicking sparty's butt and the fireworks inside the Big House made it a perfect evening with friends.

4. Red Wings/Ducks game 5 of the second round in playoffs. It was my first wings game at the Joe. The place was rocking. Especially after the Mule scored

5. Michigan hockey vs BC at Yost in 05. JMFJ took the BC's goalie's mask off with a massive slap shot from the point.

6.  Michigan football versus PSU 2005 - Henne to Mario, enough said

7. Michigan football versus Wisconsin in '08. Only big win of the year. 

8. Michigan football/WMU in '09 for Denard's TD debut

9. Michigan/UConn in '10 - Seeing Brock Maeler walk across the field and touch the banner made me tear up. 

10. Michigan/Illinois in '10. Basketball on grass. It was like watching a real life EA sports NCAA football game. 

Honorable Mention:

- This doesn't count since i was not physically at the game, but Joe Vision for clinching the Stanley Cup in 2008 was awesome. Everybody was hugging each other. The Joe Louis parking garage was nuts after the game. 

Pistons/Heat Eastern Conference Finals in '06. I went to game 1. The Palace was rocking until the heat openned a massive lead.

-Pistons/T'wolves game in '06. Pistons kicked the T'Wolves butt. What made it memorable, this was over super bowl weekend and good portion of the Steelers were at the game along with Donovan McNabb, and Kid Rock. 

-Michigan/USC rose bowl. We got our butts kicked but I had a blast in LA with my friends.

-Michigan/Miss State Gator Bowl - I had a lot of fun with my friends in Jacksonville. The Mississippi State fans are some of the most laid back fans I have met. Sure the cow bells can get annoying but they were great to talk to and hang out with after the game. 

-Retiring Jim Abbot's number at Ferry Field. Abbot was one of my heroes growing up. It was awesome seeing him in person. 

-White Sox/Tigers '06 . Granderson hit a grand slam in 7th inning to put us over the white sox. 


April 20th, 2011 at 9:41 AM ^

My first game was also Toledo! I was doing the college tour, and my dad and I decided we needed to catch a football game at the Big House. Guess the rest is history.

Let's see. Other than that, I haven't seen too many things live, so this list is very recent Michigan football heavy, but still:

1. Big Chill

2. Uconn-Michigan 2010. More meaningful for me because I am from CT and my family (including my 80 year old grandfather) came out to see it. Something I will remember for the rest of my life.

3. First game at Fenway. I'm not a Sox fan, but I was proabably 8 or 9 and I sat right on the third base line with my dad. I even caught a foul ball!

4. Michigan-Illinois this year

5. Notre Dame last year.


April 20th, 2011 at 9:48 AM ^

1. Michigan - Ohio State, 1997:  I was 13-years-old, and I will always remember Chuck's punt return.  I met him at Pizza House last year and told him that game elevated me from a huge fan to a diehard, lifelong follower of the maize and blue. I still remember the weather, the tailgate food, etc. 

2. Michigan - Penn State, 2005:  Henne to Manningham on the last play. The Big House erupted. That was one of the best days in college football that year (Bush push at ND happened while our game was being played).

3.  There are others, but those two stand out above the rest.


April 20th, 2011 at 9:53 AM ^

The two times that Michigan has played Bowling Green at the Big House, I've been there.  Last year I was lucky enough to be in the second row and it was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Aside from those two experiences I've also got:

1. Tigers vs. Brewers 2007 - Verlander throws a no hitter against the Brew crew. This was especially sweet since I go to school in Wisconsin and have a lot of friends who love the Brewers.

2. Lions vs. Jets 1997 - The game that Barry Sanders went over 2000 yards on the season.  It took him forever during the game to get there, but he did it and I was there to witness it.


April 20th, 2011 at 9:56 AM ^

1) Every UM football game I've been to - from my first and only UM-OSU in the 80's to watching the 3OT victory against Illinois play out right in front of my N endzone seats this year.

1) (tie) Watching my 11yo son run a 70yd TD to win his rocket FB game this past fall.  (projects as a WR at collegiate level, at least in his mind, already has a #1 UM jersey)

2) Jack Morris no-hitter against WSox April 7, 1984 in Chicago.  Shut up those obnoxious Sox fans but good.

3) Cubs/Phillies ultimate slugfest April 17, 1976.  (I was a kid, OK) Cubs were up 13 to 2 after 4 innings, but lost 24 to 19.  More than 10 homeruns, including 4, yes 4, by HOFer Mike Schmidt.

4) 2013 BCS championship game.  GO Blue!



April 20th, 2011 at 10:04 AM ^

I lived in Nebraska during the 90s. And all I can say is - The 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers.  I went to about four games that season... and that team was unbelieveable. Maybe the best college football team of all-time

As for in person and Michigan sports related - I would say the Braylon Mich - MSU comeback. Also enjoyed the Phil Brabbs FG over Washington.


April 20th, 2011 at 10:32 AM ^

  1. 2003 ALCS Game 3 - Sox vs. Yanks.  Memorable for Pedro tossing Don Zimmer to the ground and reliever Jeff Nelson fighting a groundskeeper in the bullpen.
  2. 2007 AFC Championship Game - Pats vs. Chargers.  Memorable for being the last win of the undefeated season and for Tomlinson sitting on the bench sulking with his helmet on for most of the game.
  3. 2003 ALCS Game 4 - Sox vs. Yanks.  Less drama but a Red Sox win.
  4. 2006 AFC Wildcard Game - Pats vs. Jets.  Not particularly memorable because I was in standing room only and couldn't see very well.
  5. 1999 NHL Playoffs Round 1 - Bruins vs. Hurricanes.  A Bruins win.


Damn, that's kind of a depressing list.  I also saw Arsenal play twice in London but they don't make the top 5 because I only saw 1 goal in 180 minutes of socer.  I need to step my game up.  My first trip to the Big House is gonna be awesome.


April 20th, 2011 at 10:56 AM ^

1.  UM/OSU-2005-1st OSU game with my dad, and something we had been talking about for YEARS.  My cousin gave us his and his roommates student tickets, the loosing not withstanding it was an awesome day.  We also got to experience the '07 game and hopefully we can finally attend one in which we are #winning

2. The Big Chill-2010-I have been to games @ Yost and nothing can match that atmosphere but being outdoors with 40 of my family members and hearing the crowd start to learn the chants by the end of the game was something special, on top of being a world record. 

3. Pigskin Classic-UM/Virginia-1995-My 1st UM game, went with my Dad and Uncles.  Blistering hot game and I was 9 years old and not paying attention because we were getting our ass's kicked, key word being were.  18 unanswered points later (and one happy 9yr old), we walked out of the stadium Victors.

4. UM/Uconn-2010-Season Opener, what with the unvieling of the super human poward by Dilithium and Brocks Walk whats not to like? I think I talked to my wife more about Brock that day then I did about football.  It wasnt just a touching moment in regards to Michigan football,but a perserverance over odds and we can only imagine how good it felt for the Mealers and also the family of Elliots girlfriend who also passed away that fateful night to see someone who was hurt in that tradgey walk again.  I also had the opportunity to have a pair of season tickets last year so knowing that it was the 1st of many games was exciting. 

5. CMU Motor City Bowl- All 3 years but whatever year we actually won it was better-Being a lifelong Mt. P resident, I remember going to games during the DeBoard era and literally there being less than a 1000 people in the stands.  Being an undergrad during our winning years was something special and I wish people would have realized that sooner.  Having LeFevour, Brown, Staley, Bellore, Benning, and even JJ Watt for a year was the most NFL talent this city will have and probably ever see, especially now that idiot from East Lansing is the headcoach.  5. UM/Miami(NTM)2008 football and UM/UNO 2009? hockey-  Apparently my wife (then girlfriend, then fiance) is hella good luck.  Her record stands at something like 5-0? But the above two games were the 1st games that I took her too.  Obviously, she got to experience 1/3rd of Michigans wins during the '08 season, this game is also memorable for me forgetting the propane for the grill :( and the UNO game Michigan absolutely destroyed them with the majority of the goals coming at our end.  I would bring her to a OSU game but she has this nasty habit of rooting against whoever I like, and love only gets you so far on gameday....

6.UM/Miami(NTM) '08 and UM/UNO hockey '09?- These were the 1st two games I took my wife (then girlfriend, then fiance) too.  Apparently she is hella awesome good luck as her record is like 6-0 at this point but she got to witness 1/3 of Michigans wins that year, and the UNO game we absolutely destroyed them with the majority of the goals coming @ our end.  I would bring her to a OSU game but she has this nasty habit of rooting against whoever I want to win and well love only gets you so far on gameday....

7. Syracuse/Kansas-NCAA Champ 2003-I have always been a huge Syracuse basketball fan (dont really know why, think I just picked a team one year and it stuck), and to finally watch Boehim get his championship and a team that included Hakim Warrick, Melo, and of course my favorite Gerry "Gmac" McNamara was just awesome.

8. USC/UT Rose Bowl-Easily the best championship game I have ever watched, watched it with 20 friends and man was that a great game.  The attitude that Vince Young had to win that game was just unbelievable.  It also helped that I won the Bowl Pick Um that year as I had Texas winning it all.


Note: I really hate pro sports, which is why none of my memories feature them and I also despise baseball, if ever there was a game that I wish wasnt invented...its baseball.  I would rather watch a nail clipping contest then baseball. 



coastal blue

April 20th, 2011 at 11:10 AM ^

1. Until I witness something more incredible in person, it's gonna be 28-24 at Spartan Stadium in 2007. Showing up to the game in a grey hoodie because I was nervous of wearing Michigan colors in the student section. Realizing during warm-ups I didn't give a fuck. Buying a maize Michigan shirt off a dad with his kids for $20. Strolling back down the aisle as the abuse rained down on me. Talking shit - with a smile - all game. Everyone chanting "asshole" and pointing at me, so I called my Dad and had him listen (He was so proud). The girl in front of me getting hit with those plastic spears all game because everyone's aim was so off. Going down 24-14 and confidently stating to all the MSU fans around me "I garauntee we win this game". Being the only person standing on a bleacher seat in a sea of stunned, sitting Spartans, arms outstretched screaming at the top of my lungs after Manningham made the catch. The defeated kid who had called me a "stupid fucking faggot" after MSU went up 24-14 walking off sullenly, muttering about "lucky pieces of shit" as the game ended. It's tough to top a victory deep in enemy territory.  It was just one of those great days to be a Wolverine. 

2-10. TBA I was either too young to remember, losses or entirely forgettable games. 


April 20th, 2011 at 11:19 AM ^

No particular order:

1. Steve Yzerman jersey retirement ceremony.

2. Braylonfest against MSU in 2004.

3. UVA beats Duke in basketball, 2001, last-second tip-in.

4. UVA over GT in football, 2001 - 4th quarter had seven touchdowns and the last on a hook-and-ladder play.

5. Vermont vs Air Force, hockey tournament, 2009.  That was the game Michigan would've played in if they hadn't gotten Volkeninged, and I wanted to use my tickets anyway, so I went, and the game went to OT or 2OT and ended about five minutes earlier than the final whistle because a shot went through the back of the net and nobody realized it until the refs spent fifteen minutes reviewing it after the next stoppage in play.  Craziest thing ever.

6. Stanley Cup Finals, 2002, Game 3.  I wasn't technically there because it was in Carolina, but I went to JoeVision and the atmosphere was live-ish, so it counts.  Igor Larionov scores the game-winner in 3OT and the place went from dead silent to a madhouse in an instant.  Sounded like a bomb went off.

7. Any of the Detroit Grand Prixs.  Used to watch from my dad's office window when it was downtown, and I went to a few on Belle Isle too.  Always an awesome party atmosphere.  I miss those.  Saw Helio Castroneves climb the fence for the first time.

8. UVA beats VT in football, 2003.  (sigh) last time that's happened.

9. Harlem Globetrotters at the Palace when I was like 9.  Man, basketball never gets any awesomer than that when you're 9.

10. Any UVA baseball game that I played hooky from a discussion section to go watch with some buddies and smuggled-in beer.  I'm sure there's no better way to spend a spring evening.


April 20th, 2011 at 11:44 AM ^

1. 1984: Tigers Win World Series - Gibby, baby

2. 1991: "The Catch" - Desmond vs. ND - sat in row 1 right in that corner

3. 1987/88: Hall of Fame Bowl - Jamie Morris Last Gave

4. 1997: UM-ND Football - National Championship Season - all the action in my endzone

5. 1999: Augusta National - Awe inspiring (unfortuately only a practice round, but still)

6. 1985: UM beats OSU - lights fading, Kolesar 4th quarter bomb, i was a student

7. 2007?: Tigers at Braves - my son's first live ball game, verlander unhittable

8. 1978: Red Wings vs. Canadians Playoffs - old Olympia, lost badly, met Gordie Howe

9. 2007: Patriots in Miami - Brady's perfect half, 11-11 with 5 TDs, perfect passer rating, year he threw for 50+ and went 18-1.


April 20th, 2011 at 11:53 AM ^

These are in no particular order:

1.  1996 Penn State Vs. Michigan - This was my first game ever at the Big House and I was very impressed with the size of the stadium.  I went with a friend of mine.

2.  2007 Tigers vs. Mariners - It was during this game that Granderson got his 20th steal to become the second person in baseball to get 30 doubles - 20 triples - 20 home runs and 20 steals in a season.   And of course:


3.  Last year Michigan Vs. Connecticut - That was the first time I'd ever gone to a home opener at Michigan Stadium.  It was awesome...Flyover by a B-25 and A-10's, Brock Mealer walking to touch the banner and the convincing win.  You know where to get pictures.

4.  July 2008 - Yankees Stadium - My love of baseball has centered around two teams - The Tigers and the Yankees.  I've liked the Yankees ever since I was in the 4th grade (don't know why....I've lived in Michigan all my life but they had Reggie and I loved those candy bars).  I found out that the House that Ruth Built was being torn down and replaced by the House that George Built, so I had to go.  I was amazing.


5.  Sometime when I was in college.  My roommate and I went to a game at Yost.  Don't remember the teams except that one of them was Michigan and I had a blast.

6.  Last year - San Francisco Giants and the Mariners - I took the mother of all train trips last year.  I had stops in Seattle and San Francisco and I caught games at both stadiums.  In Seattle, I got to see the dome get opened and then closed as it started to rain in the 3rd inning.  I also got to see them play the Tigers.  In San Francisco, I got to see a one hitter.

7.  Again, my memory is hazy on the year, but my dad and I went to the game in the Silverdome where Barry broke 2000 yards.  it was both exciting and sad as shortly after Barry set his mark, the Lions had to take a player off the field as he got really injured.

8.  The second to last game at Tigers Stadium.  I liked Tigers Stadium but it was definitely showing signs of its age.  I have not been able to find a place that replicates the coziness.

9.  September 1987 - Rynearson Stadium - This was my first ever college game.  Not quite the same experience as my first Michigan game but hey whatever.  I wish I would have been able to go to the Cal Bowl that year though.



April 20th, 2011 at 12:01 PM ^

1 - Michigan-OSU '97

2 - Buehrle's perfect game '09

3 - Michigan-MSU '04

4 - Michigan-OSU '95

5 - Michigan-Notre Dame '09

6 - Michigan-Colorado '94

7 - Michigan-Iowa '97

8 - Michigan-Washington '02

9 - Michigan-Notre Dame '91

10 - Michigan-Virginia '95


April 20th, 2011 at 12:05 PM ^

Super Bowl XL

1997 Michigan-Ohio State Game (Michigan goes on to win NC in Rose Bowl)

1995 Michigan-Virginia Game (Dreisbach to Mercury Hayes)

1997 Stanley Cup Finals Game 4 vs. Philadelphia (Wings win Cup)

2002 Stanley Cup Finals Game 5 vs. Carolina (Wings win Cup)

1991 NHL All-Star Game in Chicago

2003 MLB All-Star Game in Chicago

2005 MLB All-Star Game in Detroit

2006 MLB American League Championship Series (Detroit wins AL)

2006 MLB World Series Games 1 & 2

2003 NCAA Final Four (Syracuse wins Championship)

1996 U.S. Open at Oakland Hills

2003 U.S. Open at Olympia Fields

1995 Orange Bowl National Championship (Nebraska vs. Miami)

1994 World Cup in Detroit (Sweden vs. Russia)

1989 NBA Finals Game 1 vs. Lakers

1990 NBA Finals Game 2 vs. Portland

2010 Big Chill Michigan-Michigan State


April 20th, 2011 at 12:50 PM ^

As I read some of the earlier ones I was feeling very old... Here are top 6

1. Detroit Tigers v. New York Yankess, August 11, 1982: My first ball game at Tiger Stadium. I attended with my family including my grandfather who saw his first game in 1926, Cobb's last season with the Tigers. The Tigers won 3-2 in 12 innings. It was Morris v. Righetti and Morris went 11 freakin' innings. Wow.

2. Detroit Tigers v. Kansas City Royals, September 26, 1999. My last ball game at Tiger Stadium. I attended with my my Wife and Grandfather and my Dad. I cried leaving the stadium that day. I barely remember the game other than the fact the Tigers won, and as I walked out the stadium, the main entrance. (We parked at the Checker cab company parking lot) I looked back at the stadium and the sun was just over the top of the stadium shining into my face slowly sinking down. My grandpa and I went to several more games over the years at Comerica, but it wasn't the same to me. He passed in 2005 I haven't been back since, someday I will, but not yet.

3. University of Michigan v ND, 1991. The catch. 'nuff said.

4. U of M v Maryland, 1990. Meaningless game, cept I got to go with my Grandpa. That was before they got so rough with non-students using student tickets. Great stories about Crazy Legs Hirsch whom Grandpa saw at the stadium.

5. U of M v U of M, 1988. Ugg, it's here cuz it was my first game at the Big House. As a Freshman reserve in the MMB. I sat there as the crowd was chanting overrated to the Hurricanes saying quietly under my breath.. it's to early.. it's to early. Anyone who was there and sober remembers that 4th quarter. It's the stuff of nightmares.

6. U of M v U of W, August 31, 2002. Woo, I stayed until the end, and boy was I glad I did. Brabbs misses the first two then nails the third for the victory.. Yes!

There are so many others that jumble together, both good and bad.


April 20th, 2011 at 12:56 PM ^

1. USA-Ghana world cup.  A loss, but there's just something about being present for an event that tens of millions of your fellow countrypersons are watching back at home.  Plus, I met Kobe Bryant, and my damn block M flag was proudly displayed on TV

#2-10 involved some Michigan sport.  Penn State '99, Orange Bowl 2000, Brabbs, OSU 2003, 3OT Illinois from the skyboxes, getting kicked out of Wisconsin for body tossing, writing my name on the tunnel my last time out with the MMB...the list is endless.

Michigan Arrogance

April 20th, 2011 at 1:02 PM ^

IDK about 10, but I did go to an amazing Angels game back in... oh 87 or 88 I think it was. Back when they had Reggie Jackson and were just the California Angels. Anyway, they were playing Seattle. This was right around the time the Mariners changed their unis to the S from the wierd trident M of the early-mid 80s. The only reason I remember this is b/c that day they didn't have logos on the batting helmets. Must not have gotten the decal order in time for the road trip, I guess.The Angels weren't that great and Seattle was turrible, but the thing that stuck out was the home plate umpire. Just a terrible day for him, with a capital T. unbelievably inconsistent all day. I swear, at some point, he just stopped calling strikes against Seattle hitters.The pitcher (Dave Spiewack IIRC) was really getting pissed off. I'd say the ump was on the take, but the guy did the moon walk on called strikes against Seattle early in the game. In fact, now that I think about it, when Steel (the Seatlle pitcher) gave up that 3 run homer, I saw the ump jumping up & down. IDK, the guy was awful.

Oh, and then Reggie Jackson tried to assasinate the Queen of England. Great game.



April 20th, 2011 at 2:26 PM ^

1. UM-CU '94. Freshman year.

2. Rose Bowl '98. Senior year! See also UM-OSU '97

3. The old Detroit Grand Prix (through the streets)

4. Rockies-Red Sox world series game. I can now cross off "Go to World Series" from my bucket list (thanks, Brian(NTB)).

5.Avs-Wings playoff games. Avs fans are obnoxious.

Wide Open

April 20th, 2011 at 3:02 PM ^

1) 1993 Ohio State at Michigan

2) 1996 Michigan at Ohio State (heh heh)

3) 1997 Ohio State at Michigan (god I miss Cooper)

4) 1998 Rose Bowl

5) 1996 NCAA Hockey Championship

6) 1990 Reds at Padres, Roseanne Barr "singing" the National Anthem.

7) 1988: Dodgers at Reds: Tom Browning's perfect game (where the rain delay was twice as long as the whole game)

8) 1998 NCAA hockey regional M vs North Dakota

9) 2010 AFC Championship game: Jets at Colts

10) 2003 Ohio State at Michigan (WE OWN YOU TRESSEL!!!1!)


Missing the cut since they didn't happen: The '94 Colorado thing, the '95 Maine thing, the '11 UMD whateverthatwas.


April 20th, 2011 at 3:14 PM ^

I was lucky enough to get invited to the Olympics and Atlanta with super-preferred sponsor-level tickets.  So, I'll mix a number of those in with other things:


1. Gold Medal Hockey game between Canada and Russia.  Canadians started singing O Canada with sixty seconds left and the game no longer in doubt.  I'm tearing up right now just thinking of it.

2. Michigan vs. Wisconsin hockey at the old Olympia in the NCAA championship game, circa 1977.  UM and UW fans were totally dispersed, so you were sitting next to your buddies to the left and Cheeseheads to the right.  Everybody was more than civil, just sports fans with complete respect for each other.  The bands competed throughout the game.  It went into overtime.  I honestly don't even remember who won -- Everyone.

3. Sarah Hughes nailing it to win the gold in Utah.  Cinderella story.  Outta nowhere.  I don't even really like figure skating.

4. A Mark Fidrych gem at Tiger Stadium.

5. Al Kaline day at Tiger Stadium, one of his last games before retiring.

6. A Tigers saturday doubleheader against Oakland in the 60s.  Rick Monday had an inside-the-park homer and my Dad informed me I'd never see another one.

7.  Women's track and field finals night in Atlanta.  I sat in row one, the finish line right in front of me and the athletes' entry tunnel about 10 yards to my right.  Those women's bodies were not so much super-human as non-human.

8. The Masters.

9. Michigan football vs. Colorado, 1997.

10. At an Athletico recently when I was getting some therapy on an injury and there happened to be a dancer, late 20s also doing some work that involved oh, you know, bending over.




April 20th, 2011 at 10:08 PM ^

No particular order:

Michigan over OSU, Harbaugh to Kolesar 1985.

Michigan vs Duke 2011 NCAA tournament.  Maybe the best UM sports atmosphere ever! (despite the loss)

Redwings over Caps 1998 Game 4 to sweep Stanley Cup in DC.

Pistons over Celtics Eastern Conference finals game 5 1989.

Masters 2004.Mike Weir wins in Sudden Death.

Mark Fidrych 1976 at Tiger Stadium.

Michigan over ND 2009, Go Tate!

Tigers over Toronto Blue Jays Friday night of final weekend of 1987 to get to playoffs. Doyle Alexander tosses a gem.

Michigan vs UCONN, new stadium opens, club level seats, Brock Mealer.

Michigan over  Miami, 1984 season opener.  Miami came in ranked #1