OT: Top 10 things sports related you have seen live

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In no particular order:

1. Michigan-UConn: My first ever home opener was an awesome experience. I started tailgaiting on the golf course several hours before the game. We had burgers, drank beer, ate chips, tossed the ball around. The game was amazing, especially the flyovers and seeing Brock walk.

2. The Big Chill: This day almost moved me to tears, I was that happy. I saw Denard, I saw a great game for Michigan. It was the first time the real lights were turned on for good. I bought an authentic #16 jersey. The fireworks display..Unreal experience

3. Detroit Red Wings vs Phoenix Coyotes, Game 1 in 2011: I have never experienced a Red Wings win. I was previously 0-2 lifetime. This game was something I will never forget. It might have been one of the most enthusiastic crowds I've ever been apart of.

4. My first Michigan game: Unfortunately, this was the Toledo game. However, I will still cherrish it's memory because it was amazing to feel the excitement of my first time entering the fabled Big House.

5. Detroit Tigers vs Texas Rangers, Sept. 17th, 1995: Sure we lost 5-0. But what 8 year old kid would forget his first trip to Tiger Stadium. That green grass. Those uniforms. That ballpark. The way baseball smells different than anything I've ever experienced. It's something Comerica can't quite capture for me.

6. Pistons-Sixers 2003 playoffs: Don't remember which game, nor do I truly care to look it up. Tay hit a layup at the buzzer to go to overtime where Detroit won. A.I. missed 2 free throws late in the game to keep the Pistons alive.

7. Detroit Tigers 2006 magic: I caught two of the most magical moments of the season, according to my memory. In May, Curtis Granderson hit a HR in the bottom of the 9th with two outs to tied the Reds. This is after Ken Griffey Jr hit a Grand Slam. *it's true, seeing him homer live is unlike anything I have ever seen. It was extra special in a way i can't convey in words* Anyways, the Tigers won 7-6 in 10. Later that year....

8. Tigers beat Cardinals: Sure, what would happen against this same team later in the year was awful. But on this night, Marcus Thames hit a 2 run bomb in the bottom of the 9th to tie it. Again, we win 7-6 in 10. Despite the World Series, this night was a magic for Tigers fans that can't be explained to those who aren't Tigers fans.

9. High school sports: I'm going to encompass this into one category. Our high school teams mean something to us that it won't mean to anyone else. Richmond High School 2005 is what I come from. Experiencing our run at a football title in 2003, my own personal teams cross country regional title, and my schools 5 state wrestling titles (of which I am now a coach) is something I am blessed to have witnessed.

10. WrestleMania 27: Sure I might catch flack for this. But if you love the WWE, which I will admit to, then you must attend a WM event. Seeing Triple H vs Undertaker live a couple weeks ago was amazing. The road trip with my cousin to the Georgia Dome, the touring around Atlanta...right on down to what is quite frankly, one of the best production value companies in the world. It was a weekend i will never ever forget.

So let's hear your personal experiences, MGoBloggers!



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1st My first game at the Big House. Only happens once, and it absolutely amazing.

2nd would have to be 2004 NBA Finals. Pistons vs. Lakers. We all know how this ended. A great experience.

The 3rd I did not particularly enjoy it, but none the less, one of the biggest upsets in the history of college football. The App. State game.

4th Lions vs. Browns 2009. Stafford hooks up with Brandon Pettigrew with 0:00 on the clock for his 5th and game winning TD.

5th would probably go to this years 3 OT win over Illinois. Great game and big win, during a tough season.



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1. Michigan vs MSU 2004 - The Braylon Show. Obviously an amazing game. Also my first time watching a Michigan vs Michigan state event live.

2. Michigan vs Wisconsin - 2008 - Obviously one bright spot in an otherwise dreadful season, but the excitement in the second half of this game was great.

3. Michigan vs Illinois - 2010 - Not a lick of defense played, but it was still fun. Also, I can say I've seen every triple over time game in Michigan Stadium history.

4. Michigan vs Notre Dame - hockey - 2011 - My first game in Yost. We won, which was great, but the experience went way beyond the score. I'd seen games in Munn, but this completely blew the lid off them.

5. Big Chill - The event was cool, but just not the same as being in Yost.

6. Michigan vs UCLA - Basketball - '07-'08 season. My first UM basketball game. I scored sideline tickets, Deshawn Sims had his shorts on backwards in the front half, I met Lloyd Carr at half time, and we had the lead for a bit. We ended up losing, but it was still a great time.

7. Wings vs Habs - Earlier this year - It was my first Wings game in a really long time and we came away with the win. Really one of the only professional sports games I've had fun at since I was a little kid. Lidstrom scored with less than a second left in one of the periods, so that was cool.

8. Michigan vs Uconn - 2010 - My first game as a student. Its definitely a whole different experience watching the game in the student section than it is in the rest of the stadium.

And those are the only really memorable moments I've been in attendance for. I've been to Pistons and Tigers games as well, but pro sports just aren't my cup of tea.


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I fully agree with your #1.  I remember myself hoping for that game to turn out the way it did.  My buddy claimed I was praying (even though I am Atheist) and demanded I go to church with him if they won.  I never did go to church with him.

Only other Michigan game that I was at that was close was the win over Washington.  My first Michigan game ever, my freshman year, and we win on a FG after missing a few.  I remember hugging so many random people.


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And lack the enthusiam, so I'll give you some tags. Ron Leflore, Lou and Tram, Billy Sims, Ricky Leach, Harlan Huckleby, AC vs IU, Bob Bergeron FG, Harbaugh to Kolesar, We Beat The U(Yay), We lost to the U (WTF), Ty Wheatley Rose Bowl, The Pose, Desmond 4th and 1, McNabb is Great...Brady sucks, Barry Sanders, Wings finally do it., Start the CLOCK MSU!, Kordell Stewart, Henne to Manningham, Phil Brabbs.

A small portion, in no particular order

Yes, Im old (40)

Now I'm Tired




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These damn kids today don't have any history!  Here's my highlights and lowlights:

1998 Rose Bowl - national championship!

The Hail Mary - I hate Kordell Stewart

Woodson's interception at MSU

Penn State Snow Bowl - I hate whoever hit Mercury Hayes with that snowball

1997 OSU Game - Woodson clinches Heisman!

1993 OSU Game - 22-0 blowout

1995 Purdue Game - those that stayed froze their a--es off!

Random:  Jose Oquindo plays all 9 positions for St. Louis Cardinals (198-?)



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God yours are terrible.

Try to top my top 3:

1.Mich-Washington St-1998

2.Pistons-Lakers game 5-2004

3.Mich-OSU 1997 

4.Mich-MSU:2004 3OT game

5.Mich-OSU: 2003. first (and only) win as a student

6.Mich-PSU: 2005-manninghands

7.Red Wings-Caps: game 4-1998?(whenever they won the cup)

8.Tigers-Cardinals game 1 world series-loss, but still pretty dope

9.Pistons-Nets game 7-2004: raped them, held JKidd to a big fat 0 points

10.Michigan-UVA 1995 (last second TD, my first real good M football memory in person)


April 20th, 2011 at 2:18 AM ^

In no particular order:

Michigan-Duke basketball 2008. Being able to rush the court was an experience like none other.

Michigan-Illinois football 2010. Just an amazing game start to finish.

Michigan-Notre Dame football 2009 and 2010. The two best football games I've ever watched in person.

Michigan-Northwestern Baseball 2010. Coming back from 14 runs down to win? Insane.

Michigan-UConn football 2010. For Brock Mealer. Such an emotional moment.

Michigan-MSU basketball 2011 (both games). To beat State on their home court was awesome enough. To lead from start to finish at Crisler was even better.

Red Sox-Indians 1999 playoffs. The Red Sox were down 2 games to 0 in the ALDS, they pulled game 3 out at Fenway and went on to win the the series.

Red Sox-Mets 2006. Pedro Martinez's first game back at Fenway. Watching him pitch in his prime was the most amazing thing. Unfortunately, he was past it at this point. But it was great to reminisce of the times we had. Also, Red Sox-A's in 2009. Nomar's return to Fenway. He was my childhood hero. I teared up during the ovation.

Michigan-Wisconsin football 2008. Great comeback and the first time I heard Michigan Stadium get REALLY loud. It gave me chills down my spine....though that game also eft me some hope that the 2008 season could be salvaged.

My first Michigan (and major college football, for that matter) game: 2008 vs. Utah. I was a freshman. Despite the loss, I had never experienced anything like that in my life. There is nothing like it.


Pretty much all of those are MIchigan-related. I consider myself so fortunate to be a part of this University every day and wish I could stay here for ever. Instead, I only have one year left. I gotta make it count. And yes, I realize I cheated because I really listed 13. 


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It's hard to rank Nos. 2-10, but I have a definite No. 1.

1. Tigers - A's in the ALCS 2006 - My father flew out from Michigan, and, on a whim, we bought some tickets on stubhub, grabbed a cheap flight from Portland to Oakland, and cruised down to watch the Tigers win. One of my best memories with my dad.

2. Pistons-Lakers in the Game 6 of the NBA Finals at the Silverdome. Crappy seats, but 40,000 for a game. 1988

3. Mich. v Duke - Wolverines rally from deficit to win at Crisler (1997).

4. Mich v Oregon - A loss to Oregon at Autzen, but that stadium and atmosphere must me appreciated. Incredible college environment. (2003).


5. Switzerland v. Romania in World Cup soccer at the Dome. Could care less about soccer, but what an environment. 1994

6. Tigers vs. Blue Jays, 1987 - Tigers made a late push to win the division, and needed some victories against Toronto (I think they were 2.5 back with a 4 or 5 to play). Sat in the centerfield bleachers with my best friends and some SoCo (god, that stuff sucks) in the stands. Tigers won on a Dave Bergman walk-off and went on to win the division.

7. 2010 - Comerica Park with my 4-year-old son for his first game. Enough said.

8. 1997- Michigan v. Washington State in the Rose Bowl.

9. Nebraska vs. MSU in East Lansing (1993?) - It was great to watch state get thumped, but I was blown away by Lawrence Phillips, who, along with Mike Williams (USC and Lions Flop) are the best college players I've ever seen in person.

10. Oregon State v. USC - Reser Stadium, Corvallis - 2006 - OSU friend and grad had an extra ticket and I sat five row behind Petey to watch Beavers beat USC for the first time in 30-some years. Never saw 50,000 people cry with joy until that day. Very cool, though I could give a rip about either team, really.



April 20th, 2011 at 2:18 AM ^

1. Michigan - Penn State 2005: best One second of my life. (thats what she said)

2. Every game at Yost, if Football wasn't my religion, i'd say I had more fun at UM Hockey games AND  Mr. Johnson was the only person who danced. Was also one of the people with the whiteboard along the glass who picked a fight with the Howell Band leader. JMFJ, Hensick, Porter, Kolarik, Patches were too awesome.

3. 2010 US Open at Pebble Beach, most beatiful golf course in the world with the worlds best golfers, you don't even need to be a golf fan to appreciate how 'effing good they are. Also standing 2 feet away from Tiger Woods a few times was awesome.

4. Moto GP at Laguna Seca, coolest sport on the planet, even more awesome when 1000cc motorcycles are screaming past you about 10 feet away. You also can't appreciate how fast and how low they lean those bikes into turns without seeing it in person.

5. Sharks- Red Wings spring break 09.  Went to Nemo's before the game and braved the Joe wearing my Sharks jersey, never in my life have I had so much shit talked directly to my face and if I wasn't 6'5" 300lbs, I probably woulda got my ass kicked. My Sharks lost but it is something I'll never forget.

6. Michigan - Miami OH - went to Oxford with my roommate who had a friend who went there.  Stood in line with the Miami students and used some freshman's ID to get in with everyone screaming "second form of id" while I unzipped my jacket and revealed my Michigan shirt.  After they intro'd Porter I yelled HOBEY BAKER, and got about 500 extremely dirty looks from those artards from Ohio, too awesome, And we blanked them 4-0 in the first period. Screaming OH ITS GREAT TO BE A MICHIGAN WOLVERINE with my boy in the state of Ohio is one of my proudest acheivments.

7. NHRA Nitro-Drag races at Sonoma, the loudest thing you will ever hear and feel in you entire life, even if you hate all forms of car racing you need to experince an NHRA drag race just once.

8. A few Tigers games in 2009, not a Tigers fan but went with some friends, I was there for the Ryan Raburn AND Clete Thomas Walkoff wins, also so Chris Chelios at Chelli's before the game while getting hamered.

9. Every Giants game at AT&T Park, in case you haven't notcied I'm from the Bay Area, and AT&T is the best looking ballpark in the country, Sometimes got to sit a few rows back from the 3rd base line so my Boy Barry Bonds was right in font of me!

10. Mich - Texas Rose Bowl. I've been to three Rose Bowls and if we hadn't lost all three (2 L's to USC, Leniart catching the QB wheel route td, and Dwanye Jarret pwnage)  they'd be number 1 as the Rose Bowl is the best sporting event I've been to. Vince Young had my jaw dropped twice as he slipped about 4 tackles AND outran our entire secondary. And of course I've been to two OSU games, but ...yeah......

can't wait for: First Sharks Stanley Cup finals, 2012 F1 Grand Prix in Austin, First Rose Bowl/Big Ten Championship game  Under Hoke (hopefully with Denard)


April 20th, 2011 at 11:23 AM ^

Question...are you the guy with the other whiteboard in 06-07 along the glass? I was trying to think who in my group was 6 foot 5 300 pounds. Too bad they never put us back on the glass, probably the most entertaining hockey season. And the Howell Band is still the Worst Band (Director) Ever.


April 20th, 2011 at 2:29 AM ^

1997 Rose Bowl:  My dad managed to get the whole family tickets and we flew out for a few days.  Disney Land and Universal were great, but even though I was 10 I can remember that game like it was yesterday

Michigan vs. Wisconsin 2008:  Even the worst season in our history still had a pretty amazing bright spot.  And yet even more evidence that Wisconsin is always overrated

Michigan vs. Penn State 2005:  Hands down the single craziest moment of job I've witnessed while at a sporting event.  The entire student section was going absolutely nuts, I almost feel off my bench just jumping around so much.  Too bad so many students missed it because they went home for the long weekend... losers.

Game 2 of 2008 Stanley Cup Finals:  I've only gotten to go to a handful of Wings games, but managed to have seats in row 4 in a great win.  Good to see a part of the team that won it all that year.

Michigan at. Michigan St 2005: Freshman year by friends parents had MSU season tickets and had a ticket for their other son who couldn't use it.  I got to sit and watch a Michigan victory surrounded by MSU fans and one or two other Michigan fans within high five range.


I cannot add either the Toledo or the App State games since this is a TOP 10 list... but being there for the App State game was the most shocked with disappointment I've ever been.


April 20th, 2011 at 2:32 AM ^

of watching some of your moments on TV close to my heart. I remember rooming at CMU with a bunch of MSU fans and watching the Wisconsin game in 2008 on my lonesome. The 2005 PSU game, I roomed with a fellow Michigan fan and we jumped all over our dorm.

There is something about being a Michigan fan at CMU that I loved. Going crazy while others wondered what the big deal was is a unique experience.


April 20th, 2011 at 2:44 AM ^

Michigan at Ohio State, 2006.  Unbelievable atmosphere.  

Michigan Hockey vs. Minnesota-Duluth in St. Paul.  Again, atmosphere.  

(now that the heartbreakers are out of the way) 

Red Wings at Blue Jackets, Michigan at Ohio State in the same weekend 2010.  First away Wings game, and another good atmosphere at OSU.  

Michigan at Notre Dame, 2006.

Michigan at Penn State, 2006.  

Michigan vs. Ohio State, 2003.  

Michigan vs. Wisconsin, 2008.  

Big Chill at the Big House, 2010.

Michigan Basketball vs. Duke, 2008.  


April 20th, 2011 at 2:58 AM ^

I've only attended games since 2008 (my freshman year), so I'll cut it down to 6.

Michigan-Illinois (2010).  Being bowl eligible for the first time as a student.  Myself along with 9 other trumpets formed bowling pins and we had another trumpet roll into us.  Man, that was a good day.

Michigan-Notre Dame (2009).  Big House went fucking crazy and I thought our team was finally legit.

The Big Chill (2010).  Hunwick shoutout over MSU and fireworks at the Big House.

Michigan-NMU (2010).  The hockey team overcome all odds to make the NCAA tourney.  My mancrush on Shawn Hunwick became a poorly kept secret.

Michigan-Duke (2011).  We may have lost, but holy shit does this team have heart.  The band and the players actually got to mingle a little bit.  McLimans seemed very interested in Minecraft.  I've never felt so strongly about a team going into a season as I do this Michigan BBall team.

Michigan-Miami(OH) 2008:  My first halftime show as a member in the MMB.  I'll never forget how "With or without you" sounded on the field during the Boy Bands show.  I swear I can still hear it when I listen to the band's arrangement on my MP3 player.

Michigan-Indiana (2010).  This was the second sporting event I've EVER been to without a band uniform on.  Being a student and not having to worry about a halftime show made the game that much better.  Plus, it was a hell of a game...sadly.

I've sadly never been to a Tigers, Pistons, or Red Wings game.  I've been to one Lions game a few years ago against Minnesota.  They lost badly.  Extremely boring.


April 20th, 2011 at 3:07 AM ^

There were some times I questioned it:  MICH vs. Utah in 2008 was when some guy wearing a bunch of Michigan gear SHOVED a percussionist onto the ground as he passed by right after we lost.  Wasn't the greatest impression on me at my first Michigan game ever.  Then there was the whole band fiasco a couple years ago that brought MGoBlog to my attention (something about we weren't loud, get rid of the woodwinds, not good fans, blahblahblah).

You're the type of fan I absolutely love playing for.  Somebody's who is willing to stay and watch the senior show after Northwestern 2008 and sing the alma-mater even when we lose.  I just wish every fan had your attitude.


April 20th, 2011 at 3:11 AM ^

I played trumpet in HS, so I understand the feeling of being unappreciated. But count me as one who hates RAWK music at college games. Hearing you guys is part of what makes the experience for me. I didn't go to Michigan (CMU alum and proud of it!) but I stayed after the MSU game this year because it hurt. Listening to you guys after the game is my tradition. I always move down by the field to watch and listen, no matter what the outcome. In fact, I was one of the final 100 people left in the Big House after the MSU game (let's just say, I knew what was waiting for me outside)....But don't ever feel un-appreciated. There really ARE fans who enjoy everything you guys bring to the experience.

Bando Calrissian

April 20th, 2011 at 3:03 AM ^

2006 NCAA Hockey West Regional, 4-seed Holy Cross beats top overall seed Minnesota in OT


2008 Justin Verlander no-hitter

1995 Michigan-Ohio State

2004 Michigan-Michigan State, 3OT

1995 NHL Western Conference Finals, Wings over Blackhawks, 2OT

~1997ish?  saw Mark McGwire hit a home run over the Tiger Stadium roof

Charles Woodson in a winged helmet

The Rose Bowl

1996 Jim Abbott pitching for the Angels in Tiger Stadium

Michigan Hockey at Yost, 1995-1998.  Went to a ton of games before and since, but nothing beats how exciting those teams were in that particular iteration of that building.  When I think of Yost, those weekends are how I picture it.


April 20th, 2011 at 3:09 AM ^

1. Dancing in the streets on Woodward after the Pistons won the NBA Championship by sweeping the Lakers in 2004.


2.  Kordell Stewart.  I was 10. It was in my end zone.  You didn't specify if they had to be good or bad.  I'll never forget the silence.


3.  The Maggs home run.  I'm stretching the definition of "live" a little bit here.  I watched the game on the top floor of the apartment across the street from Copa in a room filled to the brim.  We heard a cheer, but for a second we didn't know what it meant, more dancing in the streets.


4.  Hello Heisman.  I was 7, I wish I had known how special that was.  


5.  Braylon beats MSU.  I was a junior and had a lot of friends from MSU who came down for the game.  After we recovered the onsides kick. my one MSU friend turns to another and says, "I can't believe we're going to lose this game."  


6.  Michigan-Ohio State 1995 when a freshman named Charles Woodson told Terry Glenn that Michigan wasn't "a nobody."  The crowd around me started chanting Northwestern stuff because we sent them to the Rose Bowl for the first time in forever.


7.  Bo's vigil in the Diag.  I'll never forget Dierdorf.


8.  Woodson's 1997 season (except the OSU game, I wasn't allowed to go because I got an F in art class, yes, art class).


9. MSU beats Iowa State to go to the Final Four.  Had to put it in, I guess.


10.  I have two tied for the final spot.  Henne to Manningham against PSU and Brabbs for the win against Washington.  I both cases I couldn't believe what I'd just seen.  Neither of those wins seemed possible literally thirty seconds prior.  


April 20th, 2011 at 3:15 AM ^

...I was at Cedar Point waiting in line for the Millenium. At least half the line had Detroit Pistons jerseys on. We didn't know each other, but we were bonded through the Pistons. We passed along score updates and cheered together. All the while, Cavs fans jeered us. But we were too happy to care what those idiots had to say.

Point is, you don't need to be AT a game to have an amazing memory.


April 20th, 2011 at 3:25 AM ^

In no particular order:

1. Michigan-Illinois 2010

2. Michigan-Notre Dame 2009

3. Tigers-Yankees Game 4 ALDS 2006- Sadly, I was in the bleachers and missed the champagne bath.

4. The Big Chill

5. And every game at Yost that I've made.


April 20th, 2011 at 3:36 AM ^

1. Super Bowl XL: my beloved Steelers topped the Seahawks.  Awesome.*

2. UM-MSU: Braylon-show.

3. Tigers-Yankees (2006, I believe): Series clincher.  

4. UM-Duke: Basketball, rushing the court at Crisler. Great game overall.  I wasn't around for the Fab5, but I can imagine a jacked-up Crisler is easily comparable if not better than Yost/Big House  

5. Pistons-Lakers: Game 3.  We were pretty big underdogs in this series and took care of business pretty easily.

6.  UM-PSU: Manningham, one second left.  

7.  UM-MSU: Basketball at EL this year.  Going into the game with our season basically in shambles and being able to break their streak was awesome.  The looks on their faces...

8.  AFC Championship Game: This year, Steelers/Jets.  

9.  UM-OSU: Our last win vs. them.  Any win vs them is awesome.  

10.  UM-ND:  Football this year at South Bend.  Denard's amazing game and game-winning drive.  

Honorable Mention:

Big Chill-That was just a great experience, along with the slaughtering of State.

UM/Wisco 2008- Just a great comeback.  

UM/Illinois 2010- probably one of my top five most entertaining games.  

HS sports-Had the chance to play in a soccer state championship game.  The whole playoff run was nuts.  This actually should be a lot higher, but I'm sure nobody here really cares.  Ha. 


This list is affected by how young I am (18).  Yes, I've already lived a complete life in terms of sporting events.  

* This is based almost purely on the experience of being to a Super Bowl.  There's really nothing like it.  


Maize n Blue

April 20th, 2011 at 3:44 AM ^

I've been pretty fortunate looking at this list... in no particular order since I should be studying--

2004 NBA Finals game- I made a Rip Hamilton mask and bought his jersey (my friend had the ben fro and jersey) and I was approached to compete in a contest at some point during the game. In the 4th quarter I was on the court at the Palace, dribbling a giant basketball the length of the court and trying to make as many baskets in a giant hoop I could. I beat the Canadien (obviously) that I raced against and won a Pistons leather jacket. Haven't worn it since.

2005 Michigan - Penn State--- freshman year, under the lights, MANNINGHAM!... enough said.

97 NHL Finals Game 4- McCarty seals it, Yzerman hoists the cup.

Michigan- Notre Dame 2009-- Don't care so much for Tate now, but he was my savior after this game.

Verlander's No-hitter

High School- Junior year Track and Field regionals- There was a tornado warning so the meet got pushed back and ended up being under the lights. Kicked with 300 left and won the 1600m. Plus an assortment of basketball and football games I'll get too nastalgic writing about.


April 20th, 2011 at 8:08 AM ^

Was that regional in Bay City 2001 by any chance? If so I was there stretching by the start of the 110s on my back with my eyes closed. Sat up to see everybody running away from the track without me and a mini dust funnel cloud on the baseball field.

Oh yeah I ran a PR split in the 4x4 under the lights later. Epic meet.


April 20th, 2011 at 7:02 AM ^

1. Coached my daughter's softball team when we won 3rd place in the State in 2003

2.  Superbowl XL

3. MLB All-Star Game 2005

4. Stanley Cup Finals 1998  (Drank from the Cup afterwards)

5. Game 7 Wings vs Blues Stevie's OT goal

6. Game 2 or 3 1984 Tigers World Series

7. NHL Playoff Game in St. Louis vs Red Wings

8. Last game at Pontiac Silverdome (never watched a Lions game live again).

9. Tigers 2006 World Series Game 1

10. Michgan vs Iowa 1997 (down at half-time 24-0, won 27-24 to remain undefeated)


Indiana Blue

April 20th, 2011 at 8:32 AM ^

but the halftime score of the Iowa game in '97 was 21 - 7.  

Isn't our largest comeback win 21 points vs. Minnesota (at Minnesota) ???

Go Blue !


Top 5 list:

1)   The 100th game  (2003)

2)   Final Four (2000 & 2010)

3)   Indy 500 (every year since 1976)

4)   US Open, PGA and Ryder Cup golf (various years)

5)   Kentucky Derby  ( had to see it once .... check !)

5b)   World Series game  ( Reds vs. A's ... in the '90's) 


April 20th, 2011 at 7:14 AM ^

Most of my experiences would be from attending Tigers games, as I've only been to a handful of Wings/Pistons/Wolverines/Lions games.

Just to give my number 1, it would easily be Verlander's no-hitter. It was the first Tigers game for my then 3-year old son, and we weren't even supposed to be at that game. I had bought tickets to attend the 2nd or 3rd home game of the year, but it was cancelled because of cold weather and wind. Needing 7 tickets for the parents/siblings/wife/son, I couldn't get the seats I wanted for any weekend games in June, so I chose the Tuesday Brewers game b/c we were flying out of town already Wednesday morning.

I still remember to this day how angry my wife was when she returned in the 7th inning from some time at the ferris wheel with our son and, not being a baseball fan herself, had no idea why people were standing and cheering so much. She kept asking "What's going on? Why won't you just tell me!" I was deathly afraid that her or my sister would figure out what was going on in the top of the 9th and say it out loud.

A great atmosphere, a great story to tell my son when he's a little older, and I still get a little chuckle thinking about how angry the wife was when the game was over and I could finally clue her in on the no-hitter.


April 20th, 2011 at 7:55 AM ^

Mich - Wisc 2008 -  My first time at the big house and a huge comeback win

Mich - Western  2009-  Tate and Denards first game, just a great day overall tailgating and a the start of lithium energy

Mich - PSU 2009-  we lost but just seeing joe pa was cool

Mich- ill 2010-  No comment necessary

Tigers- Rays 2005:  drove up to the game 3hrs on a work night exspectin a 9 inning game, ends up goin 14 innings with a Granderson walk off to win.