OT: The Top 10 College Football Helmets

Submitted by DoctorDave on May 19th, 2010 at 12:53 PM

After reading Coach Schiano's MGoWords diary entry, it occurred to me that we need an off-season weigh in on the best college helmets. With no further ado, I present:

TIE 10. Washington State. One of the (very!) few logos that morphs the school’s name and mascot into a logo and doesn’t strain credulity. I like the WSU Cougar – and it’s the only scarlet and gray combo worthy of a top-10 ranking.

TIE 10. Kansas State. Kentucky, Northwestern, Weber State, Arizona, and Villanova all have Wildcat mascots. None of their helmets match up with the silver helmet and the purple Power Cat.


8. Florida State. Solid gold with a garnet and white spear and tomahawk feather. Not very PC. But definitely cool. 


7. Virginia. Love the V-sabres logo, with the classic V sitting atop the two crossed sabers. Neat, sharp and very cavalier. 


6. Georgia. Which came first: the Georgia “G” or the Green Bay “G”? It matters not to me, for the Georgia “G” is superior -- primarily because of its colors. The red helmet with the black Oval G bordered in white, even looks better when the dog bone decals are added. Love the sight of these helmets when the crowd joins the Redcoat band in "Glory Glory" and Uga takes the field.

5. Michigan State. I almost hate myself for admitting this, but I love little brother's helmet. And they did the world a favor when they abandoned the Block “S”. The Spartan is classic and would inspire an appropriate amount of fear and terror if only the heads under the lids weren't filled with mush.

4. Miami. The mascot mystifies but the helmet – with with the orange and green U – is memorable, distinctive, and classy. 


3. Notre Dame. Love the solid gold helmets -- no logo, no letters, no names. Polished and elegant; no frills, all business.


2. Texas. Solid white with the burnt orange longhorn logo branded into the helmet. The silhouette even shouts, “Hook ‘em Horns!”


1. Michigan. Not only THE classic winged helmet, but it tops the list in every category: tradition, uniqueness, and style. I’m not even sure how one would go about improving this helmet.


Your thoughts?

Extra credit: If you had to pick the best helmet in each conference, which would you choose?