OT: Toledo Basketball Postseason ban

Submitted by preed1 on April 18th, 2012 at 7:20 PM

The University of Toledo mens basketball program will have a 1 years post season ban  including the MAC tournament and a 3 game schedule deduction due to low APR scores. 

I know they haven't been relevent in years (early to mid Joplin years for UT followers), but thought there might be some interest here.





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What's his name that they brough in after Joplin had to be canned was a joke of a coach. Sucked in every way imaginable. It'll take them years to crawl out from under that rock.


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The coach b/w Joplin and the current coach Koalycyazkeckakzka (sp) really screwed the program. I was very impressed they made the CIT this past season considering they barely won any games the previous three. This will sting next year as I think they had an outside shot at the NIT, but the program is moving in the right direction. Not surprised with the APR though.


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Think of the millions of TV dollars lost here by Toledo missing the post season. 

Seriously though, this is not a big punishment for schools who aren't good.


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Well, it's gotta hurt their chances at getting better, right? Other MAC programs can recruit about winning a conference championship next year, or having slightly more minutes in the non-conference season.

It won't sting like it will for UConn, but it could very well hurt their rebuilding efforts.


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As a Toledo student and fan this sucks! We have gone through so much crap as a program and none of these kids are to blame for it. Gene cross was a complete idiot. Banged the AD wife and now is lebrons personal coach or atleast he was soon as he left. I just can't get over that the men's team didn't get the other 2 scholarships back. This comes after 2 kids sign there LOI with 2 scholarships expected back we were fine. Now there is 12 scholarship players for 10 spots. The NCAA really likes making UT its whipping boy. Maybe those dickholes could of tried it on that school about 100 miles southeast.


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Part of the problem is with the way the APR is calculated.

Essentially, a player transferring somewhere else, player quitting school, and a player going pro are all treated the same.

We can debate about whether a coach knows a player is one-and-done when he is recruited, but can a coach really control transfers? Doubtful.


April 18th, 2012 at 9:36 PM ^

when his name is gene cross.  when you recruit players that is bound to become academically ineligible and/or leave ineligable and not get them into the proper courses/tutotring.

APR hits usually come a year after the issue, so this should only last one season.

Toledo has a brand new arena and the only games that were sold out were the inagural game vs Umass and the whole WNIT series last year and this year.  it'd be nice to want to see both men's and women's teams play decent non conference where they have a chance.



April 19th, 2012 at 8:39 PM ^

While what you say is true, if you live in Toledo, which I do, you know the Rockets struggle to sell tickets, even when the teams are doing well.

The problem is a number of teams have APR problems - can't just chalk it up to a "its Gene Cross" argument.

And the APR comes more than a year after - if what you said was true, it would be the current coach's problem (this was his second year).


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It's all about Cincy-Xavier if you aren't down for Ohio hoops in Ohio. CSU is taking steps as well. I offer this kind suggestion to our readers searching for local non-***keyes programs to follow.


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They fired Joplin for one bad year after he had gone 75-48 the previous four.  Since Joplin is from Milan only a few miles south of Ann Arbor, I am a bit biased, but I think they are getting what they deserve for getting rid of him.