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Begins at 1 pm EST. Pryor speculated to be going in 5th by teams like Bengals or Raiders. Lions being pushed by some to pick up the RB from Georgia to try to Leshoure up their backfield. Thoughts? Comments? Don't give a damn about anyone but Mchgan? Discuss.

Update: Pryor to the Raiders in the third.

Update 2: 


AdamSchefter Adam Schefter 

Terrelle Pryor was only player selected today. No other players were drafted; those players are now free to sign with any team.



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How long does the supplemental draft take?

I know that teams submit a list of what round they would take those players in, but how long do teams have to submit that list? It would be really quick once they are all submitted to see who would bid highest on each player.


The Raiders or Bengals taking Pryor both would be the end of his career imo. He needs a good coaching staff/ownership to support him or else he will just flame out ala Jamarcus Russell.

As for the RB from Georgia, I didn't see much of him in college (I heard he was pretty good though) so a late pick spent on him to provide some backup to Best (not sure about his health or the other RBs on the roster) wouldn't be the worst decision the Lions could make.

Number 7

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I don't give a damn about anyone but Michigan, but I hope neither the Lions nor the Pats has anything to do with TP. Wherever he goes, I'd advise him not to invest in a tat of their logo -- at least not until he's found his proper CFL home. He looks like Roughrider material to me.


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I'm not a huge Browns fan but I hope he doesn't go there.  They seem to be turning things around and the last thing they need is a distraction like he'd bring.  Cleveland needs something to root for, especially after getting swept by the Tigers.


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I'll put the over/under on Pryor's career NFL QB starts at 1 1/2 and take the under.  No matter where he goes or how long he sits the bench, he'll look so bad that even his supporters will have to wake up and he'll never get a second chance.  I really can't see him playing another position either because he doesn't like getting hit and his lateral movement isn't very good.  He did run a 4.3 ish 40 so I'm sure Al Davis is giving up a first rounder for him.

Edit:  Third rounder.


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I just hope that before whatever team is about to overbid for Pryor they take a long, hard look the Jamarcus Russell/Ryan Leaf pictures they keep in their offices to remind them "Never Again".


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I loathe Pryor with a passion and hope that he ends up having to work for a living some time soon.  I also think he's going to be a lousy NFL QB due to the mental aspects of the game and emphasis on timing. 

With that being said, I do find it curious that Cam Newton was the #1 pick, is getting lots of media love, and seems a lock to start.  Is he really THAT much different than Pryor as a prospect?  Would Pryor have duplicated many of those same feats if he ran a spread offense and not Tressel ball?  Didn't Pryor have a fairly significant amount of success at a top college program just like Newton? 

I guess what I'm saying is that Pryor probably isn't going to be quite as awful as we think but also that Newton isn't going to be as good.  They seem like very similar players to me, with Newton maybe having an edge with maturity.   But I'm not really sure WHAT to think - thought I'd throw it out there for discussion.


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The hype is dying down a bit for Newton after two lackluster showings, even here in NC.  Anyone watch that Miami game?  66 yards in a half of play, two completions to tight ends, pressure --> incompletions, a few short gains on the ground and an RB screen pass 5 yards deep with some good YAK.   I don't know who is impressed by Newton at this point.   Now with Pryor entereing the league we'll be treated to a fresh round of punditry fawning and scandal respin.  The next thing I want to hear about those two is how they got destroyed by Suh / Fairley. 

Mark your calanders:

Nov 20 Panthers / Lions

Dec 18 Raiders / Lions



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TP is no Cam Newton. Cam Newton is a better passer, a better runner (albeit slower) and has a better head for the position. Plus, Cam Newton is a winner. TP won a lot of games by being athletic and having a great defense. TP never wowed anyone with his arm.

I'm not saying TP can't be successful if he switches positions, but he won't be a good NFL QB.


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Also, this draft is just a conference call with the teams where they pass over and over and over for each round until some team decides they're willing to give up their pick next year to take one of these guys.  That's why there is no real coverage other than some tweets from UM Alum Adam Schefter. 


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The Raiders taking TP is such a cliche pick that I thought the person who posted it was kidding.  This pretty much guarantees that he will have an "opportunity" to QB a shitty team, and won't become a TE as he should.  

I know we "hate" TP here, but I see a potential all-NFL TE if he works his ass off.  In Oakland, he'll flounder at QB and someone will decide it is "too late" to teach him how to be a TE when he realizes that's what he should have been all along.

He'd better hope that Rosenhaus can get him some endorsements besides tat parlors and Cadillac dealerships.