OT TMZ on the Kiffin case

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Things are about to get really ugly for Lane and USC. Remember what they dug up on Tiger?

Reportedly Lane Kiffin, Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, and Kiffin’s brother-in-law David Reaves were all snapped on last year meeting up in a local Knoxville bar after hours for a few drinks and whatever else with a few ladies. The rumor mill is spinning that the ladies also had an apartment so that they could hold their little rampage affairs.

On another occasion, an accident occurred where Lane Kiffin had female co-eds in a rental car loaned to him through the UT program. Lane Kiffin is stated to have crashed the car, while possibly intoxicated, and left the scene of the accident by vamping off with a neighbor who came to his rescue leaving the ladies in a limb. The story goes on to say that someone dropped the loaner car off which is stated to have extensive damage and now the Knoxville car dealership (Lexus) wants their money since he plans on jumping ship and he nor the school has paid up.




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Also: I hardly doubt Kiffin's wife would be stoked about him hanging out with co-eds at a party. Hell, MY wife wouldn't really appreciate it sooooo if he's figured out a way to trick the world into believing his coaching superiority AND tricked his wife to be okay with this, I'm calling witchcraft.


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Thank you, Germany, for coming up with the word Scha...uhh, schaden....the joy one receives from the suffering of others.


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It just never ends with Kiffin. How he is still employed and looked upon positively by some circles I don't understand, but I have a feeling we're all going to look back at this time period in college football and ask, "What were you thinking??"

Blue Ninja

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He can't seem to stop himself from screwing up more and more. Yet he always comes out smelling like roses. Hopefully stories like this, if true, gain steam with the mainstream news media and end up biting him.


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This is nothing more than Kiffin holding auditions to be a Tennessee Ho-stess. I don't see who in their right mind would hire this guy (except USC).


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First of all there's nothing concrete in that link. Secondly I don't see why Lane Kiffin's personal life should be subjected to our scrutiny. The fact that all this is mostly unconfirmed innuendo makes its publishing even more irresponsible.


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At Tenn, he was probably the highest paid (with tax and tuition $) state employee. As a football coach at a crazed football school who makes millions, you better believe his personal life is and should be scrutinized by all of the fans, students, employees, and residents of Tennessee.

As college football fans, if he broke the rules (as the TMZ article suggests) then he should be held responsible.

This is a dirty coach going to a dirty football program and they are going down!


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What are you talking about? There is no TMZ article. I understand there's some level of scrutiny to be expected, but that shouldn't rise to the level of "OMG Lane Kiffin talking to a woman and that's it at a bar"= NEWS.


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When a parent is choosing to send his/her son off to college, he/she should be aware of how that coach behaves in his personal and public life. If he were CEO of a private company, I might agree. But he's a football coach and role model for hundreds and, eventually, thousands of young men. If he's cheating on his wife and/or driving drunk and/or not taking responsibility for crashing a rental car, then I'd say that information deserves to be divulged.

This is even moreso for public institutions, but USC is a private school.

I didn't read the article, so I don't know if it mentions whether Tomlin is married or not. Even if he is, that's a slightly different story, since he works with his players and coaches on a professional level.


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Even if I were to grant that parents of recruits have a right to know this stuff and that somehow translates into it being a bonafide OMG NEWS story for mass consumption, there's no cited proof that the story is true. All they have is a picture of Kiffin sitting across a table from two women at a bar. They have no quotes, anonymous or otherwise. It's incredibly irresponsible journalism.


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Understand your irritation, but you will never win points with a post starting "What is wrong with you people?" (I did a YouTube search and came up empty looking for that line from the movie Office Space.) Unless it feels really good, it doesn't pay to answer a neg in anger.

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Yeah, you're totally right. It really is frustrating sometimes though, especially when you post something that couldn't possibly, under any circumstances, warrant a negative reaction from anyone. I really don't like the whole "neg" thing in general because it really just personifies anonymous cowardice. If you don't like what someone had to say, dispute it with a contrary argument. But yes, you're definitely right.


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Like I said, I didn't read the article. I'm not jumping to conclusions that Kiffin is guilty of anything. What I am saying is that if these allegations are true, they should be publicized.


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This is not the usual high quality Lane Kiffen post I've come to love and adore. But, like the last foamy beer out of the keg, I'll take it and like it.

Go Blue Toledo

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Sports by Brooks(not the greatest source but better than this link) had a post either yesterday or the day before and he confirmed that the blonde in the photo sitting across from Kiffin was his wife.

Let's let the Lane Kiffin media storm fizzle out...I don't care anymore.