OT: Titus Young Sr imploding

Submitted by O Fo Sho on January 25th, 2013 at 10:13 AM

Have you guys been tuning into the ongoing Titus Young train wreck?  I believe the lions haven't "KUT" him yet, because they are hoping to get something for him.  Maybe in this upcoming draft, however the last couple of days he's pretty much diminished any value he had remaining. 

Titus even hinted at "#halloffame".....does the CFL have a hall??  The Lions could trade him for a 6-pack of Molson.




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I think they are unable to cut him at this moment due to some NFL rules. However, they should look into releasing him when they are allowed to. He is a waste of two draft picks. His own, and then reaching for Broyles last year. Could've had Lavonte David :( :(


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I mean, I know NFL teams and draft experts have different expectations and projections, but the draft experts had him going around the 4th round. Regardless, the fact they were lucky enough to have Lavonte David drop to them, and they passed on him really upsets me. And now we have Levy and Durant with expired contracts. And it really is all Titus Young's fault and the Lions for picking him. A waste of two 2nd round picks... ugh. 


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97.1 the ticket this morning. I was cracking up at that hall of fame bit. It was almost as outlandish as his Barry Sanders comparison at the start of the year.

Heinous Wagner

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The behavior of Titus Young Sr. imperils the future of Titus Young Jr. Those tender father-son teaching times will no doubt include such nuggets as "Don't be disrespected," "Learn how to handle your bidness" and other phrases intended to excuse sociopathy. A pox on him. Trade him to the Raiders.


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This guy is one of the dumbest players in the NFL. He could have made a living playing across from Calvin Johnson. Instead his ignorance and arrogance got in the way. They should cut him and I hope nobody signs him.


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"Like I said I never been selfish but if I'm not going to get the football i don't want to play anymore" - Titus Young, in his own words

So, if I understand this correctly, it essentially reads, "If you don't want to play with me, I am taking my ball and going....oh....wait...."

After reading the article, I would have to agree with that if he isn't released soon, then it cements the message that discipline is impotent at best and non-existent at worst in the Lions organization. One of the many shames in this is that it means even more well-meaning, serviceable players who want to contribute to a team and who might otherwise consider Detroit now will likely not want to come here. If there is no leadership or chemistry in the locker room and no one knows what is expected of them, then it is exceedingly difficult to get the best out of your players. It puts the Lions at an even greater disadvantage on several levels if they do not address the culture of the organization and soon.


His Dudeness

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Fuck cutting him, I still say the Lions have every legal right to void his contract. He openly admitted to sabotaging his own team by running the wrong routes. Why should we be on the hook to pay that guy another dime? I would simply not pay him another dime and if he sues then bring it. What a piece of shit. Why is it WRs who are always batshit crazy?


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if the Lions don't cut him now they have no hope for the future.  This is exactly the kind of player they need less of.  I hated the pick when it was made and I hate it even more know.  Mayhew is Millen 2.0.


January 25th, 2013 at 12:12 PM ^

The article that is referenced is making it Schwartz and Mayhew's fault that Young isn't released, but I fail to see how giving Young what he wants constitutes "consequences."

They need him to suspend him without pay and let him rot for the remiander of his contract.


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I feel like his teammates need to say something - Staff or Megatron. And publicly. The only people commenting are people he has a problem with - Swartz and Mayhew. Leaders of the team need to tell him to shape up or fuck off.


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This is another great example of the Lions drafting dumbasses and letting them run wild.  JS refuses to be a disciplinarian and the players get to do and say whatever they want without any fear of consequences.  Mayhew and Schwartz need to go, and they can take their idiots like Suh and Young with them.  Maybe Mayhew's replacement can find a QB that won't throw sidearm interceptions all day.

His Dudeness

January 25th, 2013 at 2:21 PM ^

Actually, Suh is a really great guy. Super nice, smart, etc. His reputation of being dirty on the football field is way over-hyped. To compare him to guys like Hayensworth is not fair ( I know you didn't but I feel like people do). Hayensworth looked down on a guy on the ground without a helmet on and cleated him in the face. Suh was frustrated and wanted to get free of a pile, kicked his leg and kicked a guy in the arm. We can argue all day about how I think Suh isn't the evil beast people claim he is, but he is flat out one of the best interior DL's in the league and in my opinion that makes his actions tolerable.


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Look, TY sounds like an a-hole, but he's not as bad this writer; blasting the GM and coach for not having the required 'moxy', accusing TY of 'waving his middle finger', describing  Schwartz as "afraid" and "wrong", before hinting he thinks both the GM and coach should probably be fired.  Please.

These are grown men. Schwartz is handling TY's frustration, petulant and unprofessional as it is, the right way.

This kind of thing is why sportswriters have a bad name.  Not worth linking to.


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Titus wants out of Detroit. I'm sure Detroit's plan is to get him out of Detroit. I'm sure they just hoped he would keep his yap shut and they could get a draft pick or something out of him by trading him. He is a good receaver and if he wasnt a drama queen worth quite a bit to the right team.


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I as possed when we drafted him with so many bigger needs but he did have several big time catches in clutch comeback situations last year. This year he really tailed off. The reason for that is apparent now. If he gets his head on right, he could be an asset in the slot, but that Is a huge if now


January 25th, 2013 at 3:09 PM ^

He should have been Belichick'd the day after being told to go home for running the wrong routes and lining up in the wrong spots.  This is why the Lions are who they are.

Bangkok Soiree

January 25th, 2013 at 5:27 PM ^

and suicidal tendencies. Not joking.  That's why the Lions have been treating this situation delicately (i.e., they don't want a reoccurence of the Kansas City Chiefs situation).  They're going to cut him, but taking careful steps along the way. 

03 Blue 07

January 25th, 2013 at 10:39 PM ^

Sunk Cost. They need to re-evaluate his value to the team; sounds like this "we don't want to admit we were wrong" bullshit is ridiculous. I'm not a Lions fan; this would incense me if I were, on multiple fronts. I'd be mad at the player and the team. Trade him for a dollar, cut him, whatever- just cut ties.