[OT: Tim Lincecum no hitter]

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As the clock struck 10:00 pm PST, Tim Linecum no-hit the Padres.  4BB, 13K.  He only had 4 wins to this point in the season and has had control issues for the past season-plus but he pitched a gem tonight.  Congrats to him (it's his first of his career)


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I'm here in San Diego, and I almost feel sorry for my friends who are life-long Padre fans.  Almost.

I'll never forget the Tigers beating the Padres in 1984.  I was really young, but I remember the electricity felt throughout the whole state of Michigan. 

Alan Trammell, Sweet Lou Whitaker, Chet Lemon, Kirk Gibson, Jack Morris, etc.  Good times.


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Point taken.  The fact of the matter is, though, there have been many a sh**ty teams trotted out to the field for 162 game-long seasons yet very few have been No-Hit.  "Luck/Chance" plays a big role in the game of baseball but at the end of the day these are Major Leaguers, a struggling Lincecum one of them, too, and it is awfully damn difficult to throw a No-Hitter, regardless the "competition".


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I hear ya.  Baseball especially seems to be a sport where frustrations arise easily...like, JUST HIT THE DAMN BALL!!  As a Braves fan I get worked up after one game's worth of strikeout after strikeout and failure to get guys in from third base with 1 out, in.


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Other than Galaragga's bittersweet 28-out perfecto, this is the only time I've managed to watch a no-no while it was happening. Pretty cool.


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Free Dominos Pizza for all* 

*If you are MLB.tv subscriber and register whenever they do that No no thing

Good for him. Last time Bailey threw his no-hitter, I was able to get a free pizza, and I will hopefully be able to get another one this time around. I heard they're stopping the promotion after 2 no-hitters, which is sad. Then again, companies have to make money


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but the title seems like a reference to george zimmerman and trayvon martin, which is just a sad story regardless of whether one agrees with the verdict.

i think a better title could have been chosen, such as "breaking news - padres still suck" (raised in SD)

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I am younger, but I had not heard of a no hitter pitch count getting that close to 150 (148 or 149 was the final count). Good for the guy, and I'm more impressed with his stamina for his outrageously high pitch count.


July 14th, 2013 at 1:38 PM ^

The pitch count for Johan Santana's no-hitter last year was 134, and it might have even been the cause for his season, possibly career ending injury. There isn't a right answer for pitch counts during no-hitters/perfect games, but for certain pitchers it might be wise to not tax a pitcher that already has violent mechanics, time will tell for Lincecum.


July 14th, 2013 at 8:28 AM ^

I am sure most pitchers, teammates and fans would be upset if the manager yanked him with a no hitter going on.

Of course, if the pitcher  wanted to stop then that if a different story.


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Predictably, ESPN flogged this severely for several minutes at the start of the show. (Understandable, I suppose, as it's a slow time of the year for sports.) Just when I thought they'd move on to something else they brought out Tim Kurkjian to talk about it some MORE.


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That's why Mgoblog exists - cuz sportscenter refuses to discuss Michigan recruiting on any day but signing day! and even then only briefly in between flogging SEC recruiting. ..
Imagine ESPN spending so much time talking about a No-No when they hadn't even covered Jeter's return to the DL yet that show. Weird!!!