OT - Tigers/Nationals matinee and MLB Trade Deadline open thread

Submitted by Butterfield on July 31st, 2013 at 1:05 PM

First pitch 1:08, Verlander vs. Gio Gonzalez.  I'm desparately hoping this is the start where JV looks like JV again and strikes out more than 5 guys for the first time in a month. 

Go Tigs!



July 31st, 2013 at 1:11 PM ^

I'd expect JV's numbers to start looking better just as a result of the competition over this second half of the season.  Not sure about today, individually.  I'm just glad my boss lets me have it up at work!


July 31st, 2013 at 1:14 PM ^

We are blessed that his off year he is still sub 4.00 ERA (barely at 3.99).  In addition we have the luxory of sliding him back in the rotation if necesary and roll out Max and Sanchez as a 1-2.  It is good to be a Tigers fan.


July 31st, 2013 at 1:15 PM ^

Go Verlander! I am so waiting for him to be his old self.

It's pretty weird that he scores the big contract then suddenly falls off. Has the money made him lose his drive? Did Kate really have something to do with it?

It's pretty much a quality 5 deep starting rotation now but when JV gets back to his normal performance level it's the best rotation in baseball.


July 31st, 2013 at 1:17 PM ^

JV off to another rip-roaring start.  Better figure out a way to stop wasting all that money, because his ERA is barely better than Rick Porcello's right now.


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That was a wicked pitch to get Laroche. I still cringe to see a breaking ball up in the zone like that, but it worked there. Just need one more out. This will be big!


July 31st, 2013 at 1:21 PM ^

Nice. That's the sign of an ace right there. You work yourself into a hole, but get right out of it with only 1 run given up. Just gotta keep up the momentum now.

Doc Brown

July 31st, 2013 at 1:35 PM ^

I do. The level of difficulty of the situation does not compare to say the A's or the Indians. If it was the Indians, JV would have given up at least two more earned runs. The OBP and BABIP of the Nat is pretty pathetic, especially the middle part of the lineup. 

When I see JV back with fastball command against a decent team, then I will start getting excited. 

I am actually not that worried if this becomes a bullpen game. For the first time this season I have more confidence in the pen than in Verlander. 


July 31st, 2013 at 2:13 PM ^

In case you're interested, I'm not the one negging you...

But I still don't care. I see it more from the angle of, JV needs to build confidence. Working out of a tight jam like he did can help build confidence. When JV is rolling, he can blow away any team, I don't care how good their offense is. I know he also needs to show better fastball command, I won't deny that, but I think it's a chicken/egg thing. Are pitchers good because they're confident in their stuff, or is their stuff good because they're confident in their ability to execute a pitch?

Doc Brown

July 31st, 2013 at 2:18 PM ^

i stopped caring about mgopoints when I realized I can't deposit them into my retirement fund. 

I don't deny confidence is key for a pitcher. However, I am just tempering my confidence in JV until he performs a quality start against a team that is not a complete tire fire. Last week's start against the White Sox was when my confidence in JV hit rock bottom. 


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OP you could turn this into a trade deadline thread too if you wanted. The Tigers are said to be in the market for another reliever still and the Tribe are looking for a starting pitcher.