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Jeez, lots of A's fans on here


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So, I responded to the second snowflakes thread today, and I got my first email stating that a post of mine has been deleted, and it stated "tread carefully lest you tempt the banhammer," does the ban hammer email state anything about Bolivia?

I figured id ask here because this thread is on a short path to nowhere.


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To me, home field advantage means that the higher seeded team that has earned the advantage should never be down in the series if the home team wins every game.  Along with that, there would be no chance of the lower seed having more home games in a series than the higher seed.

This has NOTHING to do with the results on the field so far.  It is, however, horseshit.  


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They do. Its called games 3-4-5.

Anyways the 2-3 format is this year only and only for the divisional series since they had scheduling difficulties putting it together somewhat last minute. Actually it could hurt the lower seed though, meaning there's huge pressure to win both games because if the A's would have split, it would be 1-1 with the last 3 games being home which would have been a HUGE advantage for them. That's why it was so important for Detroit to win both.

While it wont help your boys this year, next year it'll go back to the 2-2-1 format.


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"If the format has no effect on the outcome of the series, then there's nothing garbage about it"

No effect?  I said it didn't affect the first two games, which were lost fairly.  The format does, however, STRONGLY impact the series as the A's now have no momentum and are facing a seemingly insurmountable 0-2 defecit.  That should not happen to a team that earned a higher seed.  

Thank god they are changing the format back next year.  I'm angry because the A's are not a team that can afford to compete for the post season every single year (especially with our division).  But we had an incredible season to make it this far...and it's not quite over yet.  

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Baseball has a long history of shitty home field advantage.  Just asked the 87 Tigers who got jobbed by that f'ing Metrodome & the Twins.  I'm sure there are plenty of other examples from the old days too.

Aside from whatever intangible advantage the home field presents to the teams during the games, I'm surprised there isn't more talk about the economic advantage of a lower seed like Detroit getting to (potentially) host more games & reap the minor financial windfall of a sold-out stadium.  Or is there some kind of revenue sharing agreement that I'm unaware of?