OT- Tigers vs Sox 5-6-12

Submitted by WMUgoblue on May 6th, 2012 at 1:14 PM
Tigers going for the series win with Kid Rick on the mound for the rubber match, the Sox counter with Dylan Axelrod (since Sale went back to the pen for God knows why.) Large news about the lineup is that Dirks has moved to the 2 hole in front of Cabby and Prince, and that Boesch moves down to 8th. As I type this Dunn goes yard 1-0 sox.



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Atta way Ajax! Crushed a leadoff homer to left 1-1. Any sox fan can answer but I know Sale went back go the pen because of elbow tightness or something of that nature, why not just shut him down til he's better. You stretched him out to be a starter, going back to the pen seems like it could do more harm than good.


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I would prefer Avila in the 2 hole. Yeah he might not handle the bat/lay down the bunts or be all that fast, but might as well keep the guys with OBP up there and having some nice power.

Also i'd like to see Jhonny and Delmon swapped but thankfullly i dont have to bitch anymore as it sems Leyland told DY to shut up and DH. So i'd ideally look like this

1 Jax 2 Avila 3 Miggy 4 Fielder 5 Jhonny 6 Brennan 7 DY 8 Dirks and 9 Raburn/Santiago


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I like that lineup quite a bit, the whole Delmon NY incident might have just given Leyland the leverage he needed to tell Delmon he's the DH, or he could be slowly working him back towards the field.


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It still gives Leyland his lefty righty switch all the way through the lineup which he so desires. I hope that DY isn't working back to the field but it always is strange to remember he is just 25 years old.  However it seems that for defense you easily have and get it or do';t, and if the recent NY thing suggests anything he doesn't get it. (Which isn't limited to the field, and is true regardless of how trumped up and BS the whole hate crime/general incident is).

The part i don't understand since i never really played baseball is Leylands logic with Avila. He has said he doesn't want him to have the extra wear and tear of batting higher in the lineup. This seems BS to me since it would be better served by just giving him an actual off day once in a while. The wear and tear for Avila is going to come behind the plate, not standing at it. Am i missing something here?


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I mean, I don't know why anyone would move him from where he's at.  He's batting sixth in the lineup behind Fielder then Young.  That gives you a R-L-R-L heart of the order.  Avila is batting only .264 so far, so I don't see a huge reason to move him up. Also, judging by Leyland pinch running for Avila with Gerald Laird, I think we can safely say Avila is not a speedster, so we wouldn't him in the 2 spot.

I know last year he was on a tear and Leyland kept him lower, which I was ok with - why change what was working.


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That's why Detroit brought him back and Leyland has been spelling Alex behind the plate fairly regularly. Last year there was no choice but for Avila to ironman it out after Martinez couldn't catch ... i guess they could have thrown Inge back there and they did bring up a catcher when they could.


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But i'd rather see Young batting 2nd in front of Miggy and Prince. Young's been a bit better this year about actually watching some pitches and making a pitcher work, but he's always going to be a free swinger. He benfitted greatly from hitting in front of Miggy last year and i think the same would be true this season. That and i don't see why having L-R-L-R all the way through is so bloody important.

Blue boy johnson

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Porcello pretty sharp today

Tigers going to run away with the Central once the bats heat up. Leyland will rest his starters again in September

Verlander, Fister, Scherzer, Porcello and Smyly, with Jacob Turner on the horizon. Pretty sweet if you ask me.


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If they think Nick can make it to the show sooner rather than later, they might want to see if he can play second (he's not a defensive specialists at third anyhow) given that 1st and 3rd are pretty tied up with big contracts for the forseeable future.


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But given that it's harder to find quality infielders with a bat and he's still so low in the system, i'd try teaching him second base. The worst that can happen is that he ends up in the OF. The best is you might get a competent 2B with a big stick and some speed out of a hitting 3B with defensive shortcomings.


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It will be if Porcello and Scherzer can show some consistency and if Smyly proves this start is not an aberration. And if Turner proves himself at the big league level. That's quite a few ifs. I think that one of Porcello/Scherzer won't be on the team next year due to a trade.

Blue boy johnson

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Scherzer and Porcello are known commodities, not a whole lot of risk there, plus Porcello may be poised for a career year. Jacob Turner is not much of a risk either since they aren't counting on him.
Another unknown is who Dombrowski will add at trade deadline. Chances are Tigers will add a big name. It's a great time to be a Tiger fan


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Matt Garza, would be nice but would also cost Turner and maybe even Smyly or another top prospect. The downside to trading for a guy like Garza is that he's only under control for this year and next so it's a risk but the Tigers are in a window where they can challenge for a WS for a few years.

I'd prefer another lefty in the bullpen and another bat, whether it be a corner outfielder or a 2nd baseman doesn't matter. We'll see what Dombrowski does, but i'd be very surprised to see the Tigers stay idle at the deadline.


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We don't have the perfect rotation, but it's a very good - and young - rotation. Besides, Dombrowski's long-term plan has always been to develop starters in vast numbers because they're something that always has good trade value. I know Mr. I. wants a WS soon, but i wouldn't trade Turner and someone else (especially a pitcher) for Garza or any other starter.

I'd think about it for a young(ish) corner outfielder or second baseman. On the other hand, if this team is firing on all cylinders by the deadline i can see them standing pat or maybe a small trade for a lefty in the pen.


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Scherzer has looked wretched this year. But I don't think that will last. And Porcello does not have as high of a ceiling as we thought his rookie year. But I do think he has pitched fairly well this year and I think that may continue as well. But I still don't think this rotation is or will be elite. Verlander is obviously elite, Fister pitched out of his mind for us last year but I don't think we really know what we have with him, Scherzer and Porcello are your typical 3 and 4 starters and Smyly is doing great right now but who knows what happens the rest of the year or in the future.


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I can't wait to see the comments change from love to hate. That is at least hilarious when they lose. Hit the friggin ball Tigers! You are killing me!


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Hah thanks Beckham, that pitch was at your shoulders. Nice to win a close series, Fister, JV, and Smyly in Seattle this week and we don't see Felix so let's hope we get some W's.


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I sure hope he's just off to a slow start; if you're the first batter to face him, you are almost guaranteed to reach base. Then you are guaranteed to be able to steal second. I guess it's motivating for the team to get a couple base run lead knowing he's coming in to pitch in the ninth...


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Went to the game today and sat in absolutely gorgeous seats. A few thoughts:

Boesch continues to struggle but I still feel he’ll get out of it sooner rather than later. He’s too talented to continue performing how he is (.213 in 111PA).

THAT was the Rick Porcello we need to see more often. (6.1IP, 1ER, 5K, 2BB). Ricky just seems to own the ChiSox. People need to remember how young he is, too.

We’re 27 games into the season, is it safe to say that maybe ESPN over exaggerated how bad the infield defense is this year? There’s probably not a gold glover in there but Fielder, Santiago/Boesch/Dirks, Peralta, Cabrera are all solid enough… 


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I think that will inject a little enthusiasm into the pitching core. If everyone (Porcello, Smyly, and Scherzer in particular) keeps pitching well and Fister is healthy, we're going to have a good pitching rotation. Below has earned his stay in the big leagues and when Marte comes off the disabled list, the relievers will be looking pretty good as well. With all these arms, Jacob Turner, our best pitching prospect, might be traded at the dead line for a good bat; this would give us a good run for the Pennant, and a possible World Series Championship.


May 6th, 2012 at 9:00 PM ^

I don't see a trade for a starter unless DD sees serious collapse in the rotation. If a quality second baseman is around, he might pull the trigger on that but i think it would have to be a fairly young guy with a lot of upside to be worth parting with pitching prospects. Could see a trade for a reliever, but i'd think that will be a second tier deal rather than a blockbuster.

The question will be VMart's rehab. He could be back towards the end of the season. That leaves DD in a tight spot since VMart's under contract next year. It can't be an aging power hitter who can only really DH ... unless it's a clear one-season rental, and how much do you want to give up for that? If VMart is coming back this season, i see no serious moves.