OT: Tigers v. Twins 8/16/11 [New lineup again - Avila moves up]

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JV on the mound, so kinda a must win game (not really, but please win the effing game).











What are the opinions from the lineup criticizers out there?  I like this lineup (I think the 3 hole is overrated and most stats back that up), so I like this as the defensive lineup.  I might prefer, depending on the team we're playing, to have the power lineup in there, replacing Kelley/Santiago with Betemit/Raburn, then using the former as defensive replacements.



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sorry for thread hijacking, but todays my 22nd birthday. I just got the under the lights hoodie (badass) and then my mom turned around and gave me her ticket for the ND game!!!! Was speechless, thats all, Go Tigers!


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Yes, Avila moves up. And Peralta moves DOWN while the new guy who's having the bad year gets the gig at #3. Leyland is still a gutless, superstitious old hick.

Betemit is hitting well enough to justify an everyday presence, defense be damned. Don Kelly should be replaced on the roster by whomever the Tigers feel is their most MLB-ready catcher in the farm system so Avila can have a real backup, not a valuable hitter whom the club is admittedly terrified of getting hurt behind the plate.




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Um, what???

You realize rosters expand in two weeks, right?  It'd be ridiculous to remove anyone for a third string catcher.  The Tigers have something good with Avila catching and DHing on days off, switching with VMart.


The #3 spot is vastly overrated.  There's a ton of stats to back this up.  Peralta has been struggling.  I'm good with him staying in the second half of the lineup - he can be more productive there than he can at #3 (the argument that he may get one more AB every 3-4 games is crazy).


Young may not be having a great year - but I like him at #3.  As mentioned, #3 is kind of overrated - he's either going to be batting with two outs, no runners (so you want someone who can go yard, but don't want to waste a high BA w/o runners on) or he's looking to extend innings to Cabrera.  I like it.  The #5, #6 hitters are far more important than #3.

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Santiago should be the primary 2b for this team. Plays a smooth second base, switch hitter, and i think he's a veteran hitter who is steay, can bunt, hit two homers this week. With the rest of this lineup you can afford one weaker hitting defense guy. Why Betemit is not starting five out of six games is beyond me.