OT: Tigers trade Doug Fister to Nats (Lombardozzi, Krol, Ray)

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Source: #Nationals get Fister from #Tigers. Return not yet known. First reported: @ChrisCotillo.



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Source: Lombardozzi, Robbie Ray among names potentially in Fister deal to #Tigers.
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Other names possibly going back to Detroit: Taylor Jordan, Ian Krol, Robbie Ray or Steve Lombardozzi.


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Obviously, we need to see what we get in return, but I tend to like this. Fister was not as dominant this year and he may be trending down. With 3 of the most dominant pitchers, Smyly, and Porcello, I still think they have one of the best rotations in the game, especially if Porcello keeps moving forward. Buy low and sell high.


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Huh.  Guess this puts Smyly in the rotation.  Fister's a really solid pitcher and I'll be sorry to see him go, but if Smyly and Porcello pitch like they did for most of last year, they'll be fine.

Best and worst random tweet: "If the Tigers traded Fister for late-inning relief help, I am going to take Dombrowski for a ride in a shiny red Porsche Carrera."


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Per this CBS article here - LINK . 

Mike Axisa writes:

"Washington has been looking to bolster its rotation behind Stephen Strasburg, Jordan Zimmermann and Gio Gonzalez this offseason while Detroit was shopping a starter in an effort to free up cash and a rotation spot for Drew Smyly. Matt Swartz of MLB Trade Rumors projected Fister to earn $6.9 million in his second trip through arbitration."

It is a developing story, so they ask people to "stay tuned", if you will. 


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I'll wait to see what the return is, but getting rid of a consistent innings eater and a #3 starter doesn't sit well with me. That said Dombrowski has earned the benefit of the doubt, and probably made a financial decision he feels comfortable with.


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I'm hearing Storen along wih Lombardozzi and Ray. Storen has had success as a closer -- until game five of the 2012 NLDS. Lombardozzi is a good utility player. Ray is a longshot to ever have more than a cup of coffee in the majors.


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I hope they get some bullpen helps return. They need different arms back there. You can't go into the season with the same relievers as last season. I'll miss Fister. he was solid, but not dominate. He always seemed to have a bad in Inge early in the game. M

Don Kelly got re- signed....so its World Series or bust now!


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The Furbush-Fister trade is going to be hard to top.  Best I could find on the Nats 40 man roster was Brown-FIster or possibly Hairston-Fister.


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The #Nats have acquired Doug Fister from the #Tigers in exchange for Steve Lombardozzi, Ian Krol & Robbie Ray: bit.ly/1as4ZeB
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The Nats acquired Doug Fister from the Tigers for Robbie Ray, Steve Lombardozzi and Ian Krol, per a source.
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You cannot say if this is a horrible trade until we learn what is done with the money that was going to Fister.

Fister is a guy who has a huge blinking neon light above him that says "Career on decline."  He's still, obviously, a plus pitcher.  However, the gap between him and Porcello is no longer that big.  For the sake of argument, let's say they're even.  You shouldn't be paying that salary to your #4/5 starter.  Give Smyly a run, free up $$$ to resign Scherzer as well as get some 'pen help.

Also, don't overlook the fact that Lombardozzi is a significant upgrade over Hernan Perez as the bench infielder.


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Porcello's season needs to be evaluated without the 9-run disaster he gave up against LA in April.  Without that outlier his ERA is 3.87.  That and a 1.28 WHIP is awfully solid, especially for a still-improving 24-year-old pitcher.  Easy to forget he's still at an age where a lot of guys are just barely making their debuts.


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i would have traded porcello two years ago when teams still may have thought he had huge upside.  i've never been a big fan and i definitely like fister and smyly over him.

rob f

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he seems to have slipped a bit each of the last two seasons, not seeming to be nearly as consistant from one start to the next.  Porcello has had that same problem ever since the start of his career, but more and more seems to be overcoming that.  As I see it, these are two pitchers that are somewhat similar in what they bring, both relying somewhat more on ground balls than the other Tiger starters, but pitchers that seem to be trending in opposite directions at this point in their careers.

With Porcello being more of a sinkerball pitcher and abandoning his ineffective slider, I'm actually kind of excited that he's about to reach his full potential real soon, especially with the upgrade defensively that the Tigers have undergone in the infield.  Don't be surprised to see about 15-18 wins annually out of Porcello in the immediate future.


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I'm now hearing that the ?Tigers are getting Ian Krol, rather than Storen, along with Lombardozzi and Ray. Not at all impressed with the return, but we won't know if I'm right for a couple of years.


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he has more than earned my trust. His track record with regards to trades have been stellar.  Remember when fans were upset when they traded away Granderson? What about Cameron Maybin/Andrew Miller? What about getting Fister in return? Dombrowski knows what he's doing.

It appears that Robbie Ray and Steve Lombardozzi are the two main players that Dombrowski wanted. Lombardozzi fills Infante's spot. Ray could fill in the bullpen with his power arm as a lefty.