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Wow did you take the words out of my mouth.  For a while there I wondered what had happened to Wolverines Devotee cause his posts had turned so negative and angry until I realized it was two different people.  

Wolverines Dominate had these cheerful thoughts to share with us lately.......


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27 min 13 secago stupid


1 hour 6 minago There is nothing wrong with

There is nothing wrong with opening a thread to say "this is stupid."

1 hour 48 minago As far as I know, the band is

As far as I know, the band is not part of the athletic department AND they usually fund their own operations, so I'm not too sure they can really afford to make those long trips. The band will make trips to MSU, ND, and Ohio every time we play in their stadiums, but not all road games are definite for the band.

1 day 2 hoursago I think a quick search on

I think a quick search on your TV guide will answer your question.

1 day 2 hoursago Love how even when playing

Love how even when playing FAMU, their fans think of M.

Also, I will never set foot in that shit hole stadium, especially on a game day. They are the most unbearable fans in the country and it really is not even close.

1 day 16 hoursago I am so irritated. I just

I am so irritated. I just want a game like Ohio had today.

1 day 17 hoursago As much as I love night

As much as I love night games, the long wait is unbearable. Almost time though.

1 day 23 hoursago I see this thread weekly. The

I see this thread weekly. The link posted above is also the first reply every time. Save it.

2 days 14 hoursago This is clearly a lie.

This is clearly a lie.

2 days 15 hoursago No one cares what you are

No one cares what you are drinkin



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In different ways and to different degrees, though.  Devotee tends to be well-meaning.  If at times insufferable, he's not trying to be.  Dominate is just actively anti-social and hopefully mentally unstable so that there's an excuse (and some medication) for being a prick.

If you had them at a party, Devotee would be that guy bouncing from conversation to conversation going "oh man you think that's crazy let me tell you about the time I had at the Akron game."  Dominate would do nothing but bitch about the free beer, and wouldn't have brought anything to pass.


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i never had this urge. It's fascinating. Used to live in Provincetown and every spring they have a cross-dressing gala there. A lot of the guys are straight; a lot of them come with their wives. They do little fashion show and burlesque numbers, and some take it quite seriously, bursting into tears after their performances. I totally approve of anyone's compulsion to cross-dress or just doing it for fun, but I still just totally don't get it. 


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It's not like they're choosing to do this.  If they didn't go along with it, they'd be viewed as a prima donna dick in the clubhouse.  Remember that whole thing with Dez Bryant not carrying Roy Williams' gear off the practice field.  Not that that really had any long lasting effects on his career or reputation (that we know of), but he got quite a bit of bad PR about it at the time.