OT: Tigers Playoff Chances with 10 games to Play

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The Tigers (82-70) are 0.5 games up on Baltimore (82-71) for the wild card with 10 games to play. They have 3 at home against the Royals, then 4 more at home against Cleveland, and 3 at Atlanta to end the year. How is everyone feeling about the Tigers in the last week of the season? 



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Well, Baltimore has 3 vs. ARZ, following by a 7-game road trip at Toronto (4) and New York (3).  Baltimore and Toronto can't both win 4 games in their series.

The Yanks are 3GB, probably unable to get in it, so we're rooting for them vs. the Jays.


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As long as we don't get swept by KC, the last Cleveland series is going to tell the tale. If we can get a split there, I like our chances. We've got the Braves after that to close it out, but the Braves are the NL version of the Twins. But if Cleveland pounds our balls flat again, we're probably dead. 


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Big Tribe fan here surprised at their surge this year. I expected it to come next year.  As for the Tigers-Tribe series, I'd hope for the Indians to lock things up quickly and then rest the starters if I were you.  That said, Franconna may be angling for the no. 2 spot to get home field in the ALDS so he may keep pressing.  It's great for September/October baseball to be relevant again.


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Similarly, the Tigers could potentially lock things up for a Wild Card by the end of the CLE series/beginning of ATL series.  

Verlander scheduled for game 2 of CLE series and season closer. Hopefully the Tigers can skip his last start and push it to the WC game.


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Baltimore has 3 with the D-Backs this weekend at home, then they're at Toronto for 3 and then they finish it out with 3 in Yankee Stadium. 

Toronto is 1 ahead of us for the first WC. They have 4 with the Yankees, 3 with Baltimore (all 7 games at home), then they go to Fenway for 3 to close it out. 

Upon Further Review (not that UFR), we might still need 6 more wins. 


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I admittedly don't really care for the Tigers. Instead my team is the Giants who have absolutely choked on epic, historical fashion since the all star break. I don't really know what the hell happened (signs point to voodoo if you believe the local media). Any who, should be a fun next two weeks in baseball! Good luck to the Tigers.

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What is bullshit is they finish up in Atlanta with VMart riding the pine. No DH team should ever have to play the last series in a NL park. Post seasonn on the line, possibly, and the pitcher has a bat in his hand. Bullshit.

Mr. Elbel

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there's truth in that. and I don't disagree that I'd rather play an AL team than an NL team. just saying if we're going to play someone in the NL it might as well be one of the worst. Even with their second half swing they're not better than us. if we have to play an NL team, I'm glad it's them as opposed to a team also vying for a playoff spot in the final series of the regular season.


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But the Mets and ATL are kind of rivals, so they may have gotten up more for that game. Plus Tigers have historically done very well in the interleague games. The long and short is they need 2 of 3 against KC and at minimum a split with the Indians. Hopefully the Indians feel comfortable with their spot in Division and try to get some rest for their guys. Also helps that they are trying to figure out who can be a 4th rotation guy for the playoffs.


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Cleveland has been beating up on us head to head but hoping that playing 4 at home will change that.  Verlander has been the only sure thing.  Hoping we can pull it out!

rob f

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I fear in the wildcard race are two that right now trail the Tigers:  Houston and Seattle.  Other than facing each other for 3 games Monday thru Wednesday in Houston, both have ridiculously easy schedules.  Houston has the Angels at home this weekend before finishing at the Angels next weekend ;  the Mariners play at Minnesota ,  then finish by hosting Oakland next weekend.  

In order to get a wildcard spot, Detroit may have to finish ahead of both Toronto and Baltimore because I think either the Astros or Mariners gets in.


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This is a good point. Toronto and Baltimore both have tough schedules the rest of the way, including a 3-game series against each other. That series could eliminate one of them from the race - they both need to hope for a 2/1 series outcome, rather than a sweep. If a sweep does happen there, that will likely eliminate the loser and solidify the winner's playoff spot.

This is exciting, but I guess I don't have much faith right now that the Tigers can hold on.