OT: Tigers closer Joe Nathan out for the season

Submitted by The Mad Hatter on April 23rd, 2015 at 10:41 AM

The Tigers will lose the services of closer Joe Nathan for the remainder of the season, manager Brad Ausmus told reporters Thursday.

Nathan has tears in his ulnar collateral ligament and an elbow flexor tendon and will require surgery, Ausmus said.





Well, that escalated quickly.



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I would really like to see the mods get active about. Open, unadorned, and totally unclever hostility toward players, coaches. . . just degrades the quality of the site. I mean, make a freaking argument, tell us why you think this could actually be helpful, disguise your animosity behind even one clever quip and I am cool with it. But. . . garbage in, garbage all over these days.


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I was referring to last season coming into this season, prior to this injury.  I don't think anyone was expecting him to get back to 50+ saves this season and to throw 98mph, but there was a chance he could come back and be a solid contributor out of the pen.  


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He wants to be a closer and Soria was a better option even before this injury IMO.  It would have been hard for him to adjust to a 7th inning or 8th inning job.  

Plus, once he threw Castellanos under the bus after He gave up a walk-off HR and blew off the fans, I was done with him.  


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Are you fucking clueless? Nathan has done nothing but disrespect this fan base. From sucking ass on the field (dead arm in first month of season) to the chin flick last year (and the fucking ridiculous excuse of it being itchy bc he forgot to head and shoulders his beard that morning) to flat out saying he doesn't give a shit about the fans and what they think, he isn't there to play for the fans down at spring training this year.


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Just as a friendly note from the mods, actual human feelings are encouraged regardless of what you might think of Nathan's performance as a pitcher. Don't be afraid to express at least a modicum of sympathy for someone who has to face season-ending - perhaps even career-ending as Nathan is pushing 40, I believe - surgery. Your expression here is an expression of the sort of fan that no team really needs. 


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I hate seeing people get hurt but there comes a time when hearing fucking asshole making WAAAAY more money than he should even be making isn't going to be playing for your team anymore. He was a hated rival while in Minnesota and became even more hated last season (in my eyes anyways).

rob f

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pitch for the Tigers again.  I suppose he goes out on a high note, having gone 1-for-1 in save opportunities this season (though it was somewhat questionable that he was actually credited with a save in that game AND he got some major help from the ump for strike 3 on a checked-swing by Torii Hunter).


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Unless he has a supernatural will, that might be it for Nathan's career. Thanks for the good times, though I doubt many Tigers fans will be distraught over this news. Soria (or trade) uber alles.