OT- Tigers acquire Omar Infante & Anibal Sanchez

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Just heard on the radio, and has been confirmed on twitter that the Tigs have traded for Infante and Anibal Sanchez from the Marlins. Love the deal, there is also a chance that Sanchez could be retained at the end of the year, he's a Venezuelan guy who apparently is already on good terms with Miggy. 

Editing post to clear up what exactly was swapped

Tigers get:

  • RHP Anibal Sanchez
  • 2B Omar Infante
  • Marlins comp pick which comes in at 36 (i think)

Marlins get:

  • RHP Jacob Turner
  • C Rob Brantly
  • LHP Brian Flynn (AA prospect, don't know much about him)
  • Tigers comp pick which is placed somewhere in the 70's




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Two worst players in major league history on our team. Leyland thinks there good. They will go 1-4 once a week and then the next day (especially Bumburn) bats 2nd. I still don't know how Don Kelly was drafted, let alone made it to the majors. What's his tool, he sucks at everything!!


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I was gonna say, I've seen Rayburn save quite a few runs in close games these last weeks that Delmon Young would've had no chance with. His batting is terrible, but the only reason he's on the team is some of our good batters fielding is even worse...


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 It was just comfirmed on mlb.com.  Marlins deal Anibal, Infante for Tigers prospects

 The Marlins traded second baseman Omar Infante and starting pitcher Anibal Sanchez to the Tigers for Jacob Turner, Rob Brantly, a 23-year-old catcher who hit .311 in Double-A, and 6-foot-8 left-handed pitcher Brian Flynn, who is 8-4 with a 3.71 ERA at Lakeland, and 0-1 with a 9.00 ERA in one start with Double-A Erie.

 Along with the five players involved, the Tigers and Marlins swapped their competitive balance compensation picks between the second and third rounds in next year's First-Year Player Draft.


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As a Marlins fan, good for the Tigers. I have always liked Infante as he is a top flight defensive 2nd baseman with a solid bat who tends to be clutch. Sanchez is a good pitcher with the potential to be great, but he is too inconsistant. He will dominate the first couple innings and then just seem to hit a wall in like the 5th or 6th and give up a couple of runs. But he has the stuff to be shutdown, just look at his no-hitter his rookie year. Anibal was also going to be a free agent after this year and the Marlins probably were not going to pay him after the debacle this year with all the underperforming players under big contracts. 

Can I please get some insight on who the Marlins are receiving in this deal? 


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 I just posted stats above. Turner is Tiger’s #1 pitching prospect.  Signed out of high school a couple of years ago after he dropped in draft because he wanted over-slot money. Big strong right-hander with good speed and control for several good pitches and has progressed well. (Called up for spot starts several times this year.)

 Brantly, left handed catcher, has been very strong defensively, swinging a good bat with occasional power & just played in the MLB Futures game. He is blocked by our young catcher. Flynn is solid and has been progressing well (LowA last year, the HighA now AA this year.) since being drafted in seventh round last year.


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It seems odd that the Tigers would be considered one of the 10 smallest market teams when the Detroit TV market has over 5 million people and the state of Michigan (which almost unanimously roots for the Tigers) has 10 million.  Not to mention that the Tigers have one of the highest payrolls in baseball.  I won't complain about a free draft pick, though. 


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Said to be Turner, Brantly, and the compensatory pick they got last week. Expensive but if they can resign Anibal then it's a good trade z


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Peter Gammons ‏@pgammo
1st draft pick deal:A Sanchez, Infante and comp balance pick for Jacob Turner, Rob Brantly, , Brian Flynn and Det. comp pick. Fascinating


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Even if we can't, I'm down with it.  Getting a solid 2B and half a year from a good starting pitcher is worth it for a guy who has struggled to get out of our farm system. 

I'm surprised we didn't try to deal someone from the outfield though.  What happens in a year when Castellanos is ready to come up and Dirks is healthy, but we still have Delmon, AJax and QB?  Can't have one DH since that will likely be VMart. 


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Turner's young, but as a "hot prospect" he was expected to be in our rotation this year, not a guy who comes up from AAA when a guy gets hurt just to get shelled.  I know he pitched well against the White Sox (until the 6th when things got shaky) and the Cards earlier but he got absolutely rocked against the Angels. 

I'm not saying he should be a Cy Young candidate at this point, but Porcello was a full season starter as a 20 year old and did far better, and Smyly's only 23 and pitching much better. 

It's not like Turner has floundered around for years, but he hasn't exactly shown a ton of promise either, and his stats in 3 starts are actually a little worse than the 3 starts he had last year, which isn't what you want to see from a guy his age.


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if youre talking abt this year...

castellanos wont be rushed this year.  jax is not going anywhere from CF.  vmart is a maybe to even play.  Q will probably end up as a defensive replacement/pinch hitter/runner once he cools off (cuz honestly, as much as i love Q, i dont see how this lasts the rest of the season). so we'll have two OF spots for delmon, dirks, and boesch, which i'll leave to jimmy L to work out.  and if vmart doesnt come back, then delmon to DH, with some combo of Q, dirks, and boesch out there.

now next year is a different issue.


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Dirks started his rehab assignment last night in Toledo (I was there). From what I've read, it's going to be a little bit before he gets back. 

Berry may keep this up the rest of this season, but I don't see it lasting into next. 

Castellanos will probably not arrive until September, when the rosters expand. 


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Especially playing outfield. He's never played it before, and half a year of playing it in the minors does not a major league ready outfielder make.

He's 20, he needs to put some weight on, and he isn't close to being MLB ready defensivly. Still a hell of a prospect, I've seen a few people out there say he could have a Hosmer like impact in 2 or 3 years, but not next. He will get called up in september, get a cup of coffee, be really hyped up in spring next year, but spend most of the year in the minors again.