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August 15th, 2011 at 4:17 PM ^

Related note, different sport:

Todd Bertuzzi. Hated him. Now I at least trust him as a Wing and a different person. And he was a full 10 years older than Young when his incident occured. The incident was completely different, of course, in a less gentlemanly game and against a player instead of an official. But the part about learning to trust someone is similar, non?

kevin holt

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Both are still pretty much hotheads, but can be forgiven partly because of the healing effects of time, partly because they get older, wiser, and more in control, and partly because they contribute to the team. When you're winning, it's hard not to forgive people for the past. It helps if they contribute off the field, too, either cooperating or leading with the team.


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he has admittedly not hit anyone with a bat, as far as I know, since he was 19.

He has, however, acquire a pretty terrible reputation independent of that incident. Not of violence, but of just being an ass.

There's a reason why a guy who was the #1 Prospect in all of baseball to every single service (stat-oriented ones like Baseball Prospectus and Scouting-oriented ones like Baseball America) has been given up on by 2 teams at the age of 25.


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Young made a mistake while he was young and learned from it.  Since it wasn't a pattern or something that involved a premeditated or prolonged attack on someone, I really don't see holding on to all of that emnity for so long.  

But, hey: if we all thought the same, the world would be a total bore.


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You're right they are two different things, but still an example of a player making some terrible decisions, then able to learn from it and be able to come back and excel as a ball player. Hamilton did some hard hard drugs, not like Josh Howard who likes to blaze before games.


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His OPS was 17th of the 42 starting AL outfielders.

That's moderately above average.

You're acting as if I have something personally against a player that I've never met, nor followed particularly closely.

He has, at best, been moderately above average. In his other 4 years, he has just been bad. He DOES have a poor reputation for taking coaching. There is a reason he's available to a division rival for peanuts.


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Well, I figured "approaching OK" is the same as "not there yet."  I don't see how I get accused of hyperbole when you're calling his power "poor."  Averaging 15 HR and 36 2B per 162 games is not poor; I mean, it's not like we'd be asking him to replace Cabrera.  Victor Martinez averages 20 and 38 per 162 games, respectively, so what do you want us to trade for, Hank Aaron?

The team the t…

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when you watch him injure himself trying to catch a routine flyball.   He has a great arm, but is one of the worst fielders I've ever seen.  It's been painful to watch here in Minneapolis.  He has a ton of potential, but I don't see much motivation for him to be more than a .250 avg guy.


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Young is having a bad year...But still batting 40 points higher than Fagglio! I'd rather have Demtri Young playing than Mags, he is gosh damn awful on the field and at the plate. My 83 yr old grandmother has more pop at the plate than him. Delmon is also 12 years younger than fagpipes.

I have an unhealthy hatred for mags, hudler, rip hamilton and rafalski...1 down